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Letters to the Editor, March 19-21, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Kimball Art Center wants your feedback


We would like to invite the community to join us at the Kimball Art Center for one of our upcoming open houses to view the architectural models and learn more about our expansion plans. Our staff and board members will also be on hand to receive feedback and answer any questions.

The Open House schedule is:

Friday, 3/21 from 2 4 pm

Saturday, 3/22 from 2 4 pm

Wednesday, 3/26 from 2 4 pm

Friday, 3/28 from 2 4 pm

Saturday, 3/29 from 2- 4 pm

The expansion plans for the Kimball Art Center will turn our community into even more of a compelling draw that will further cement our status as a growing arts destination. Since 1976, the Center has enriched our passionate art-loving community. I’ve lived in Park City for a long time and I am excited to be a part of this growth because there comes a time when measured growth, like this expansion, will improve our community.

Each year, we serve over 100,000 people, 11,000 of which are children, showcase up to 20 visual art exhibits, teach over 350 art classes, host free Art Talks, perform outreach to area students and teachers, and organize the annual Kimball Arts Festival. Our addition will not only increase these offerings but will also increase our ability to contribute to the community we love. The add-on will also inevitably draw tourists not only to the Center but to the businesses and galleries on Main Street.

Please join us in learning more about our future plans for the Kimball Art Center and our desire to make us all prouder to call Park City our home.

You can also check out the renderings at our website: http://www.kimballartcenter.org/building-proposal/.We encourage and welcome your feedback. Please send us an email atexpansion@kimballartcenter.org.

Thank you for your continued support of the Kimball Art Center, and we hope to see you soon.

Robin Marrouche

Executive Director, Kimball Art Center

* * *

Spring thaw has a doggy downside


We love our dogs, yes we do! We love our trails too. And during the spring melt, we see just how much. How much what? How much dog waste has been left on the trail system over the winter.

Last Saturday volunteers from BYU and staff from the Mountain Trails Foundation spent several hours removing dog waste from the Quinn’s Junction and Round Valley Way trailhead areas. The stinky result of this project was interesting – and disgusting. In the Quinn’s area about 10 lbs. of waste were removed from both "loops." However, at the Round Valley Way trailhead (Park Meadows), about 40 lbs. of waste were removed from a 150 yard radius from the trailhead.

This is staggering and disappointing because the Mountain Trails Foundation and Park City Municipal have gone to great lengths to provide dog-waste removal mitts, strategically placed trash-cans and reminders in the way of obvious signage.

The logical conclusion? Folks using the Round Valley Way trailhead are not tending to their dog’s doodies. This trailhead is the least used of the trailheads in Round Valley and is primarily a "locals" trailhead. It is shocking that this area is not better managed by the people who live near it and use it regularly. Let all dog owners be reminded that THERE IS NO POOP FAIRY! It’s your dog and your responsibility. Pay attention. Don’t pretend that you do not see what your dog is doo-ing.

Also, if you are a responsible dog owner/trail user, don’t forget that these are your trails too. In a friendly way, it is okay to call out those who put at risk your enjoyment of a pristine environment and/or your dog’s freedom to be on the trails. As much as Parkites like to pretend it is so, dogs are not "entitled" to be off-leash in this town. It is a privilege that is often overlooked by law enforcement, in part because it is not a big problem. If it becomes a problem (as in environmental/health risk), then the privilege could be lost for all. How sad that would be for all of our furry, four-legged friends and their responsible people. Hope to see you out there!

Lora Smith

Mountain Trails Foundation

* * *

Park City students win AP Olympics


I got caught up in Olympic exhilaration (and how could you not while beaming with pride at our town’s showing) and nearly missed an article on AP Test scores last week.

This is clearly the ‘Educational Olympics’ for Park City Schools. If you missed it, let me recap the significance of these numbers: 545 students at PCHS took 1,105 AP exams and passed 805 of them. That equates to 1 of every 4 students of the class of 2013 passing an Advanced Placement test making PCHS the top AP school in the state for two years running. That’s an Olympic Gold Medal big time, in my opinion.

AP and Honors courses aren’t the easiest to teach, although I’m still for ALL educators taking the podium. They require long hours of preparation and intense grading time. Perhaps some would say that behavior issues are less prevalent in "college level" courses, but teacher time and demands remain high. Bob O’Connor shared credit with TMJH where the foundation for Honors courses begins in 9th grade. I certainly would like to give much credit there, too. Also, I credit elementary and middle school educators who create a foundation of excellence early on for our students to carry as a mantle as they grow to mature students ready to tackle Honors and AP.

Our GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) teachers work tirelessly to add to that mantle. I am unsure if all Parkites really grasp the quality of our educational opportunities here. PCHS offers 25 different AP classes. That’s unheard of in 3A schools. We are 7th in the nation, tied with New York, in percentage of students passing AP tests!

Quality people make quality education. Honor our dedicated teachers in this district, and let’s please pay them what they deserve.

Laurie White

Park City

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