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Letters to the Editor, March 2-5, 2015

Obamacare should be revisited, amended


How can we improve health-care reform? Is Obamacare legit or should it be changed in the current bipartisan Congress?

There are controversial provisions in the current legislation such as mandates for individuals to buy insurance by 2014 or demanding states to participate as the statue dictates. However, what we do need is a better emphasis on preventive medicine and research funding for doctors and scientists to find cures for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, or Crohn’s disease. My father, a physician, has spent many years as a pediatrician, shaping my impression and opinion of health care and the insurance agency.

Moreover, I think health-care reform should not require individuals via a mandate to purchase insurance. Since last year’s court ruling from the Supreme Court affirming the constitutionality of Obamacare was a nonbinding ruling, it should be revisited in the future and reevaluated for a binding resolution. I also call on Congress to reform the existing health-care law or start from scratch, consulting with appropriate authority and experts in the field, as we gradually advance to a pure, universal health-care system over time.

Zach Haskins

Park City

Hanton, Basin Rec crew deserve huge thanks


Since moving to Park City in 2010, I have been so encouraged by the generosity of this community towards the special-needs population. The obvious notables are the Park City School District and the National Ability Center. However, it is Brian Hanton and his crew at Basin Recreation whom I wish to thank here for providing a monthly outing called Playing the Basin Way.

Playing the Basin Way is an open field time for those in the adaptive population (physical, mental, or other limitation) and their siblings. For two hours, these children get to enjoy bounce houses, bowling, hula hoops, baseball, and other sports. Best of all, it is a drop-off. Not only do parents enjoy two hours to themselves, but, more importantly, kids experience independence. Did I mention that it is free?

My son has been participating in Playing the Basin Way for over a year, and he truly looks forward to it. He has made many friends there who also attend regularly. The sense of community that has developed between kids and parents alike, in addition to the physical activity, is invaluable.

Thank you, Basin Recreation!

Hillary Fiveash

Park City

Violating leash law doesn’t justify threats


After reading the article about an anonymous man threatening to kill a woman’s dog with a firearm in response to her dog not being on a leash in Round Valley, I am left concerned about the general attitude of Parkites towards other locals and visitors alike.

The leash law in effect on our beautiful trails is well understood, but fellow users of said trails and parks must have an understanding with one another that, occasionally, we will take the leashes off our dogs if the situation constitutes such an action. There is no need to intimidate someone with outrageous claims of ill will to make a moral stance on our community’s leash law. Such vitriolic behavior is troubling, and is reminiscent of the attitudes that seem to be permeating our political and professional landscapes.

If such a position arises that one does not feel comfortable with enjoying one of our many trails while an unleashed dog is on it, a friendly reminder of the leash law is adequate enough action in the short term. If dogs are consistently seen on our trails without leashes, then the issue obviously must be brought up with our city officials to review the law and its punishments if the law is not abided by.

I am an advocate of the leash laws because, for every 1,000 friendly dogs that are on our trails, there only needs to be one to snap at a passerby for a heightened level of discomfort on our trails to filter through all Parkites. Threatening to shoot one’s dog to make a stand, however, is uncalled for and illegal.

I love this city because I have always felt safe, but reckless Parkites brandishing unearned power cloaked under the guise of a firearm is not the way to settle our differences.

Kent Bonacki

Park City

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