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Letters to the Editor, March 20-22, 2013

Those who pack guns should announce it


I wonder what level of paranoia is present in anyone walking out their front door (or back door), finding it necessary to pack a weapon, unless their uniform requires it? The conclusion I draw is that such persons are severely unstable and should be the last candidate permitted to carry a concealed weapon. In fact, I would like such person wear a large sign so that people have the choice to get out of firing range. More disturbing is that our illustrious legislators not only condone such actions, but promulgate a law that doesn’t even require basic scrutiny into the history and mental state of such "adults." I’d like to believe that our governor has the sense to veto such asinine legislation.

Liana B. Teteberg

Park City

Old Town recycling system is not working


Well, the citizens in Old Town have given the new recycle system a try. But it is not working. The city should be ashamed to have tourists by the dozens walking up and down our streets and have this (view of overflowing containers) be the sight they remember. It is appalling.

We need to have recycling picked up every week in Old Town during winter season, due to the number of rentals and turnover. Nobody knows when "every other Tuesday is," so they just leave it out on the street. The signs on the cans are ignored, everything is combined, as weekly rentals do not understand the system, it all piles up and neither company will take anything not properly placed in "their bin." It is left to accumulate and neither company cares about the aesthetic look or detriment it presents having garbage pile up week after week.

Drive up and down Old Town and you will see the same thing in multiple places. Somebody has to think outside the box. Every system in Park City does not fit everyone during winter tourist season. We look like the ghetto up here.

The city is doing such a great job in preserving Historic Old Town, but the garbage bins and trash lying in the streets are the only sights the tourists will remember. It is really bad up here!

Kyra Parkhurst

Park City

Consider becoming an organ and tissue donor


My son was born with half a heart. The only way to "fix" it is to get a new one. From someone else. Thankfully he’s not sick enough yet to be listed, and great doctors have bought him some time.

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone else will lose a loved one to save mine. The truth is it happens every day. While I never wish for someone to experience that pain, I am extremely grateful for those, who in the midst of a heartbreaking trial, give the gift of life.

I have personally felt the effects of this gift. My son is the recipient of donor tissue. I have watched children both receive and give life-saving organs. I’ve also watched families wait for that gift and not receive it in time.

Being a part of this "heart world," as we call our new reality, has opened my eyes and my heart. I was a donor before out of obligation, or maybe even guilt. I’m a donor now because I know what a gift life is.

Have the conversation with your families, tonight, including your children. Make your wishes known. Say YES! by going to http://www.yesutah.org.

Traci Bulkley

Pleasant Grove

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