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Letters to the Editor, March 22-24, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Park City Fire Chief: please take care of our firefighters


I am writing this letter to express my concern for our firefighters in Park City. In light of the tragic death of Kurt Peterson last month, it has left me concerned as to the emotional trauma our firemen and women often endure in this career.

We count on our fire fighters to save lives, and they always come through, putting their health and life at risk at any given moment on the job. It makes sense that as first responders to often devastating situations, they then bear emotional scars of those awful experiences. Firefighters are our heroes and our protectors and it is important to give them the support they need to ensure their mental and emotional health and longevity.

Please consider your crew of fearless men and women important enough to warrant a mental health counseling program for anyone who may be in need after a traumatic day on the job. Each and every one of them are worth whatever the financial investment may be, and I’m sure you’d agree that the cost of the program is irrelevant if it prevents another funeral of any one of your crew.

Melissa Nikolai
Park City

* * *

Too many moose on the loose


So what the heck is going on with all this moose stuff?

These creatures are breeding like 1000 lbs. rats and are showing up in my backyard yard in Park Meadows. My god, they are even walking down Main Street without ID. Last night one came onto my deck and asked to use our bathroom. And his mate, asked for a drink.

And, they are now bringing their friends; elk, deer and mountain lions. This is really pissing off my dogs, and my cat has left for Salt Lake City where she can at least get a decent drink behind a safe wall.

I think the mayor and former mayor owe us an explanation. I for one am about ready to stop driving in fear for my life…

Ken Lambert
Park City

* * *

Republicans shy away from health care bill


Ryancare: a bill so bad not even Trump wants his name on it. If passed, the American Health Care Act would reduce health care for the poor, the working class, rural hospitals and the elderly. It would pay for tax cuts for the rich and for large corporations. Paul Ryan believes it is wrong to tax wealthier people to pay for benefits to the poor. Donald Trump believes the government should help the poor. He just wants help withheld from immigrants and minorities. Republicans are worried whether the American Health Care Act is too cruel to get them re-elected. Watch how our Utah Congressmen vote.

Robert Morris

* * *

Developer wants to increase building heights at Canyons


TCFC with the help of Replay is attempting to amend the current SPA guidelines within the Master Plan for the Canyons Resort Village. They are currently submitting their changes to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioners (SBPC). As a homeowner within the Canyons Village, I am alarmed that they are proposing to change the SPA guidelines that limit the heights of any new buildings in Canyons.

Under the proposed new guidelines they will be able to increase the number of stories and the heights of future buildings over what is currently allowed. For example, they are proposing to build a 7-story building next to the Westgate that would be 25 feet higher than the Westgate where only a 5-story building is currently allowed. This is grossly unfair to the homeowners in Canyons who bought their homes counting on the present SPA rules to preserve their viewscapes.

The public hearing for amending the SPA will take place in April or May. Please come to the public hearing to protest any changes to the height limits of the SPA. If you can’t attend please send a letter urging them not to allow any changes to the current guidelines for height limits in Canyons to Pat Putt at pputt@summitcounty.org who will relay it on to the SBPC.

Please join in helping us stop this blatant effort to pick the pockets of Canyon Village homeowners by ruining our views for their own profit.

Thomas Sedgwick
Park City

* * *

Apparently rules are made to be broken

Dear Editor,

As reported in Friday’s Salt Lake Tribune, The Colby School has been housing 56 seasonal workers in violation of County code. “It appears the owners won’t face repercussions for housing the workers, despite not having the permission to host dozens of tenants,” according to Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt.

Why are Summit County officials turning the other cheek and not holding Colby School owner Hoffvest, LLC accountable? Why didn’t Hoffvest, LLC bring the building up to code and obtain proper licensing? The Colby School hasn’t been occupied in a nearly a decade. Are these kids living in makeshift classrooms sharing a few bathrooms? The innocent seasonal workers are being forced out in two weeks — what about their safety today?

The Tribune article also quotes Putt stating, “Something like this helps spotlight the community need for employee housing.”

It is outrageous to make this about the shortage of employee housing. It is about Hoffvest, LLC operating under the radar recklessly putting these young workers in harm’s way, while cheating the system to make an extra buck while their proposed expansion seeks approval.

So, let’s talk about Colby School’s proposed commercial expansion that adds 27,000-plus square feet to the existing footprint, virtually transforming the property into a large-scale destination resort. The proposed plan violates both Summit County’s General Plan and existing Rural Residential zoning. Summit County officials are presently searching for legal justification for the proposed expansion, in response to continued public outcry at the last public hearing I attended.

As Summit County residents, we rely on Summit County officials to both follow and enforce established rules and codes. I feel like Summit County is protecting and putting developers ahead of its residents. We should all feel concerned that they may not be playing by the rules.

Michelle McReynolds
Park City

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