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Letters to the Editor, March 22-25, 2014

Submissions from Park Record Readers

Bold Kimball design will enhance cityscape


In my 30 years as a resident of Park City I have seen this town transform from a worn-out mining town to an amazing community. Park City is a standout! There are examples of this in every aspect of our community. Our town stands out for both it’s historic character as well as the more modern aspects. We are lucky enough to boast a long list of extraordinary offerings in our community, including skiing amenities with world class resorts, unmatched hiking and biking trails, an excellent education system, a hard-working work force, non-profit organizations, and amazing festivals, performing and cultural arts, and concerts series. And, as we witnessed during the 2014 Olympics, our athletes are, well, Olympians! We don’t stop at "OK", we don’t settle for mediocre, we don’t blend in.

We are incredibly lucky to be able to train the best, learn from the best and be one of the most active and supportive communities around. We all come together to make Park City the experience it is and are lucky to live here! We should thank our non-profit organizations like Sundance, Park City Performing Arts, the Deer Valley Music Festival, and the Park City Kimball Arts Festival to name just a few of our more than 85 non-profit organizations for making our town a truly unmatched and world class destination.

The Kimball Art Center has enriched our community on so many levels for so many years. The staff and the board are always striving to give everyone the opportunity to experience the visual arts and are incredible supporters of Park City, enhancing the lives of both our community and our youth! Recently, they have asked for opinion and input for the revised design for a building that will give them much needed space for expanded art education programs, better studio space, the ability to continue to provide engaging art exhibitions and events in an amazing gathering place for our community. The new design is intriguing and bold. I encourage everyone to give this new design a chance, to review the renderings of the interior and exterior views in the provided link, or to visit the KAC to see the design first hand. Please consider whether you want a building that will just blend in, with a design that is just "OK". Or do we, as a community, want to strive for an art center that will take us to the next level, merging art and architecture, and provide a remarkable landmark. The new design by BIG Architects is just the standout that we need!

Heidi Peterson

Park City

* * *

Dog shooting brings back painful memories


Upon learning the news of Burley’s tragic death at the hands of an unknown assailant, my heart sunk. Not only because of the pain this family must be going through and the precious life of an innocent dog lost, but because an eerily similar tragedy happened to our family dog in Park City some years ago. Our beloved dog Jade was also shot and killed with a pellet gun in Park Meadows.

I felt compelled to write, not only to express my deepest sympathy to Burley’s family, but to express my concern for all the other dog-loving Park City residents who may think twice before letting their dogs out.

I hope law enforcement takes this crime very seriously and investigates the matter thoroughly. This act of violence is unacceptable and the person responsible needs to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Let us stand strong as a community who does not tolerate senseless cruelty to animals. To Burley’s family, you are in my thoughts and prayers…

Lauren Fine

Former Parkite

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