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Letters to the Editor, March 26-28, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Women’s Giving Fund closing in on deadline


As we quickly approach our Women’s Giving Fund goal of getting 1,000 women to give $1,000 to create a $1 million endowment in 1 year, I must reflect on how powerful a community of women working together can be.

How did we do it? People lots of people willing to give the significant gift of $1,000. Special thanks to the many people that opened their homes to share the idea with their friends and neighbors. To those who joined, thank you for sharing your face to be on our marketing materials. To people like Lauren Vitulli and Beth Armstrong out in Promontory, Sharon Winders, Elaine Mullane in Park Meadows, Kristi Cummings and Melissa O’Brien from the Park City Day School, Emily Scott Pottruck in the Tuhaye communities, Alix Railton from Har Shalom, Carol Loomis, Anne Parker, Leslie Thatcher, Ngan Lee and Brandi Connelly, the list goes on and on. These women have been community builders by not just giving their dollars, but by investing their time and professional talent, sharing the mission of the Women’s Giving Fund.

I must say what started as a far fetched goal and has now become a reality. Women from infant aged to gifts in memoriam are now WGF members forever. The long term impact will be great for our Summit County community and for all of us who were lucky enough to be part of the planning.

Parkites, whether you live here part time or full time, get involved and stay involved. Our community if better because of YOU! It isn’t too late to join call today 435-214-7475 or google Park City Women’s Giving Fund and fax in your membership form. Be one in a Thousand!

Always Dream Big Thank you Park City!

Jody Maizlish Gross, WGF Co-chair

Park City

* * *

New Kimball plan is off the mark


I am a citizen quite concerned about the latest design planned by the Kimball Arts Center. I strongly feel that the front piece that over-extends the height limit is once again unacceptable as a part of the historic Main Street. It does in no way fit into the theme of an old mining town. The windows are also not within the historic regulations. I feel the Center needs to comply with the current codes. Exceptions granted to one organization opens up the "can of worms" to others who wish to break the codes.

I strongly feel the Arts Center is a needed entity in this town AND feel that there are other ways to cover that need.

Marilla Magill

Park City

* * *

PCMR has earned town’s loyalty


Thank you for publishing the two-page spread from Park City Mountain Resort in your newspaper a few weeks ago. It acknowledged longtime employees and their commitment to the resort — some have served 45 seasons with PCMR! That fact reminded me how much I appreciate PCMR as a member of this community. It sets a standard for excellence in grooming, attentiveness to guests, and medical aid. It cleverly balances the industry’s trends, graduating many Olympic skiers and now snowboarders too.

On the mountain this year, I’ve been impressed with the number of compliments PCMR has gotten — from locals and visitors alike. Its easy parking-to-lift access, excellent mountain layout, and welcoming topography make this resort easy to like.

Not only that, PCMR provides quiet but continual benefits to the local community, through satisfying employment and volunteer opportunities. PCMR has matured along with the Park City community, and significant credit is due to it for creating resort success in this mountain town.

It seems more befitting that instead of trying to evict Powdr Corp from its land, Vail Resorts & Talisker would urge Powdr Corp to stay and continue to operate a great resort. So I’ll say it in writing from a longtime resident: Talisker, please settle this lawsuit! Allow PCMR to stay where it is, run as it is, and ensure its viability into the future.

Please welcome, respect, and acknowledge PCMR as an independent and important player in this market. If done, our community and all three ski resorts will benefit from your gracious decision.

Alexandra Ziesler

Park City

* * *

Early endorsement for school board candidate


We would like to encourage our friends who live in Precinct 5 (Summit Park and Pinebrook), to vote for Julie Nirula for Park City Board of Education.

Julie Nirula is a dedicated and tireless volunteer in the Jeremy Ranch Elementary School and the Park City School District. A former teacher, Julie has a mission to work in the best interests of all students, regardless of grade, ability, or program.

Julie Nirula has worked collaboratively on the Jeremy Ranch Elementary School Community Council and the PTO. She is solution-oriented, and will work with the employees of PCSD to improve upon curriculum implementation and to improve processes within the district.

Julie Nirula listens to parents and teachers and works, regularly, in the classroom, to support the education of all of our children.

We encourage you to support her in the primary on June 24. Please vote.

Bari Nan Rothchild, Kerrie McNeely

Park City

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