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Letters to the Editor, March 6-8, 2013

Special treatment for billboard companies


Once again billboard companies are inserting themselves into the state legislative process via SB76. Once again it makes no sense that billboards are an issue of such statewide importance that the Legislature needs to address them.

Local communities should have the right to regulate signs in their community. There is no threat that any billboard company is going to suddenly declare bankruptcy if they don’t get free-rein state-endowed rights to place electronic billboards anywhere and everywhere! Sweeping aside local government processes is simply not an area that the state should get into. For no easily understood reason, billboards are already the most protected land use in our state. They don’t need more rights!

It should be hard to figure out how the billboard companies have so much influence, except that isn’t providing significant campaign contributions to as many legislators as possible gets special treatment. This raises many ethical questions.

Signs are a local issue. The Legislature should see that, but it is hard to see through the dollar signs in their pockets.

John Janson

Salt Lake City

This Mike Knight didn’t write opinion piece


So as to avoid any possible confusion since it appears there are two "Mike Knights" here in the Park City area for the record I am not the same individual who penned the guest editorial in The Park Record dated Feb.6-8, 2013.

Thank you,

Michael Knight, DDS


Sequester amount is a mere pittance


While the sequester spending cuts are a good thing and we should praise the conservatives in Congress for standing strong to make sure these cuts happened, it’s a mere pittance of what really needs to be done. This is only a 2 percent reduction, when actually we need to be cutting $1.1 trillion every year. And even that would only balance the budget, it wouldn’t pay off any of our debt. So while $85.3 billion may seem substantial, it is not.

Unless we get serious about real and significant reductions to spending, we’re toast as a republic. Honestly, I don’t see any way we can survive with the inept leadership and uninformed voters we have.

Captain James Green

Heber City

Time for Congress, president to DTJs


My applause to John White’s editorial; "Where have all the moderates gone?" Our two houses of Congress have a number of overly liberal and overly conservative members, but I believe the majority are in the middle. However, this majority hasn’t been willing to come together and end this ridiculous standoff over sequestration and our looming budget. Is it because too many have signed pledges not to raise taxes or reduce entitlements? How many have sold their souls to whoever funds their re-election campaigns? Is perpetuating re-election their first priority?

It’s about time we tell our elected officials to DYJ (do your job). We should say the same to our president. Mr. President, DYJ. How about some leadership now that you don’t need to worry about being re-elected and stop the blame game.

My first job was as a paperboy. I remember my father telling me, on a rainy morning when I didn’t want to go out early to deliver papers, "DYJ." I recently spoke with my son who works for the Department of Commerce in international trade, currently in Taiwan. I asked him if there was a chance he could be furloughed with sequestration. He said it’s possible, maybe a day/week for some period of time, but, "Dad, I still have to DMJ." Wow! I heard the same from my father and now my son.

Maybe, since sequestration is across the board for a number of agencies, our Congress folks and the president should be furloughed, at least until they DTJ. If possible, I would take it a step further and say no more salary, especially the raises they voted themselves, until they DTJ.

We’ve seen a lot of videos on the news and YouTube lately with protestors doing the Harlem Shake. I secretly would love to see some protestors doing the Harlem Shake in front of our Capitol building in D.C. chanting, "DYJ, DYJ, DYJ."

Larry Pozil

Park City

Local ski resorts are up to the challenge


The Park City Realtors were recently hosted by Deer Valley and Canyons for a ski day. Both venues showed why they are nationally ranked destination ski areas. The snow conditions, snowmaking and grooming were phenomenal.

I think any resort can look great in a good snow year, but these light snow years really highlight the talent and dedication of the true professional. Thanks for providing such a wonderful ski experience during a challenging season. We appreciate all your efforts.

Dick Stoner


It’s time to replace income tax with FairTax


The FairTax is an idea whose time has come. The Congress both House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats has demonstrated time after time the inability to restrain itself with the public purse.

The Congress simply can’t govern effectively as long as the income tax is in place. Even the "fiscal crises" legislation passed by the current Congress added $74 billion MORE to the deficit, all to favor special-interest groups.

In order to save America, Congress must be denied the instrument of its folly: the income tax. A solution has been filed away in a drawer somewhere by the Congress for over 10 years. It’s called The FairTax. It’s neither a Republican nor Democrat idea but truly an American idea!

If adopted, the FairTax would replace the income tax, repeal the 16th Amendment and annihilate the IRS. Within one year America would experience unprecedented econometric growth and thousands upon thousands of new jobs would be created.

Contact your congressperson through his/her web site; insist that he/she do everything possible to bring the FairTax proposal to the floor of the House and once there, to support it. Large numbers of citizens must demand the FairTax if we are to have it.

Glen E. Terrell

Arlington, Texas


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