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Letters to the Editor, June10-14, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

American HealthCare act jeopardizes old and young


Congress is considering a health-care bill that would drive up health care costs by thousands of dollars a year for Americans ages 50 to 64. This onerous “age tax” threatens to cut people’s access to care at a time of life when it is increasingly needed.

Even worse, the American Health Care Act imposes a double whammy on older consumers who are still too young for Medicare. It not only would allow insurers to charge them five times what other people pay, it would also reduce the tax credits that many receive that help them pay for the insurance they have right now.

If this bill gets through, big insurance companies will have free rein to charge older Americans a lot more. In fact, up to $8,400 more per year for insurance that might not even cover pre-existing conditions.

If that weren’t wrong-headed enough, the bill doles out some $200 billion in tax breaks to big drug and insurance companies and other special interests. This defies common sense and places a huge financial burden for health care on those who can least afford it. Americans need a health care system that protects them in the insurance market, not one that sends them over the cliff.

AARP opposes the American Health Care Act because it increases costs and risks for older Americans. If you agree, contact your member of Congress and make sure your voice is heard.

Bill Stone
Park City

* * *

A peaceful bike ride ruined by Swastikas


These are very scary times with the large increase in hate speech and even worse hate crimes. Utah is not immune. I was riding the beautiful, quiet country roads of Kamas on my bike and came upon two Swastikas painted on the road at the junction of 200 South and Democratic Alley. I hope this is not representative of the community, and has there been any attempt to have them removed?

David Kliger
Cottonwood Heights

* * *

Here’s an excuse to ‘pig out’ for a good cause


In this beloved community we call home, we safeguard those with no voice: the animals, the open spaces, the less fortunate. But another vulnerable sector needs our help: our child abuse victims. Since its 2012 inception, the Summit County Children’s Justice Center has served over 800 child abuse victims and their families. We provide the first point of contact in the investigative process and offer a safe and nurturing environment to ensure kids can recover.

The Problem? We still do not have a place to call ‘home’. We are currently located in a cramped space next to the DMV. We can do better!

Sunday, June 25, from 4-8 p.m., come to our inaugural Pig Roast at the City Park Pavilion (next to the Miners Hospital). All proceeds will help fund a fully-equipped campus for Summit County child abuse victims and their families. There will be live music by Lash LaRue, beverages by PC Brewing and a roasted pig. Register now at http://www.ccjsc.org/events ( $50 pp/$150 per family).

Kids can recover. You can help — and pig out in the process!

Debi Scoggan
Board member, Community for Children’s Justice

* * *

UOP rolls out red carpet for first-generation graduates


On Wednesday, June 7, 90 people gathered at Utah Olympic Park to celebrate with their graduating seniors. It was an amazing evening. Many English-Language Learners and Latinos in Action students from Park City High School will be the first in their family to graduate from high school and attend college. Their parents expressed tremendous joy and gratitude.

We’d like to thank Allison Diamond, of Utah Olympic Park, for generously donating a beautiful space at UOP for our event. We’d also like to thank Flor Ambario and the wonderful staff at El Chubasco for catering the event.

Finally, we really appreciate the funding we receive from the Park City Education Foundation. Without their support, events like these would not be possible.

It takes a village. Thanks to all the teachers (Pre-K-12), administrators and staff members who have supported and loved our first-generation students along the way.

Anna Williams and Melanie Moffat
Park City High School

Reader takes exception with Record semantics


First, what the heck does “regular City Hall visits to the nation’s capital” mean? The Marsac Building is not portable or otherwise mobile. Your reporter is obviously too lazy to characterize Park City government in a more accurate way. I doubt that Dana Williams used those words, so why characterize his opinion like this?

Second, why would 84098 have to be the City of Snyderville if it incorporated? What a complete lack of imagination! How about North Park City, Parley’s Park City, Missoula (for the political and traffic resemblances), Rogerville, Poison Creek, Last Chance, or one of any number of things.

Bruce Margolius

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