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Letters to the Editor, May 2-5, 2015

Wild & Scenic Film Fest a success


We would like to express our gratitude to those who attended our 7th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival on April 22 and 23. It was an honor for us to share inspirational films that highlight the importance of nature in our, and our children’s, lives and illustrate the work we do to protect local open spaces for future generations.

We would also like to thank our community partners for their support. Park City Medical Center’s top sponsorship made it possible for us to screen the Wild & Scenic program in Park City again this year as well as bring our film festival to a Salt Lake City audience for the first time. We also appreciate Summit Sotheby’s International Realty and Grub Steak Restaurant’s contributions and the support of our individual film sponsors.

And many thanks to the Park City Film Series and Salt Lake Film Society crews and our fabulous volunteers who ensured that our screenings ran seamlessly. Finally, we give special thanks to Barbara Bannon whose film background served as an invaluable contribution to the programming process. Her work expertly guided our film selections and allowed us to bring a wonderful arrangement of awe-inspiring, inspirational, humorous, and thought-provoking films to audiences who feel the same passion we do for protecting open space.

Events such as the Wild & Scenic Film Festival allow the Summit Land Conservancy to engage members of the community in the important work of local land conservation. Members help spread the word about our mission of saving land in Summit County. Thanks to their support.

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Cheryl Fox

Summit Land Conservancy

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Chaffetz selective about upholding laws

Why is Jason Chaffetz expressing concern about a few pot smokers on the National Mall when he was all but silent over Clive Bundy’s refusal to pay legally owed grazing fees to the Federal Government? Chaffetz questions why the pot smokers weren’t arrested by Park Police on the Mall (which is Federal land) but had no such harsh words for the armed men who threatened BLM officers in the Bundy stand-off. Is this an example of the kind of choice Congressman Chaffetz is making as the Chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee? Maybe if Bundy would smoke a joint on Federal land Chaffetz would throw his support behind the BLM officers enforcing Federal law. Congressman Chaffetz, you’ve obtained a position of great power. Please use it to benefit the American people and not to embarrass your constituents back at home.

Jonathan Klein

Park City

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Running ‘inflammatory’ letter was ‘sophomoric’

To the Editor:

I am compelled to respond to the letter to the editor in your paper this week (April 29) from Bill Dark. It was recommended that I do so by Park Record staff, as well.

I do not object to the source of Mr. Dark’s letter. I do not know Mr. Dark, nor do I care to. His opinions of me do not matter. I am not writing to engage him in argument or conversation.

I do not object to its content. Everyone has the right to his/her opinion. That his words come from his ignorance of facts, I can disregard them out of hand. No tool can measure the level of his misunderstanding of my situation. Do not judge me, sir, nor condemn me.

My objection to Mr. Darks’ letter comes more from The Park Record’s willingness to print his inflammatory piece. The Park Record as well should have ignored his letter. I would hope that the Park Record would hold itself to a higher level of editorial integrity. I find this newspaper’s actions sophomoric, and beneath the intellect of its readership. The printing of Mr. Dark’s letter was unprofessional, and shows a lack of respect to me, as well as to Mr. Dark.

Awaiting apologies to all,

Jeff Hommel

Park City

* * *

Don’t speed in our neighborhood


In response to Bill Dark’s response regarding road rage April 28th. Please slow down and put the gun away. People live along Highway 224. Aggressive and erratic driving doesn’t belong here. The car in the left lane might be taking kids to school, the orthodontist or music lessons. It might be going to a park, church or gas station. The car might be turning left to go home. Learn to be considerate.

Michelle McReynolds