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Letters to the Editor, May 23-26, 2015

Riverhorse hosts ‘party of the year’


Riverhorse on Main once again hosted the culinary party of the year. All proceeds benefitted Friends of Animals Utah, to help their mission of rescuing cats and dogs and critical programs like Purple Paw.

Chefs battled it out within inches from the awed guests. The celebrity judges; had the most envied task of tasting the chefs’ creative dishes as well as the challenging task of electing only one winner of Chef Wars – Briar Handly. A celebrity emcee, managed the whole show which included auctioning Sous-Chef and Kitchen Assistant positions.

Guests feasted on the delicious appetizers prepared by Riverhorse, and also went home with special party favors donated by the generous participants, which included a special "clue" from Friends of Animals Utah.

Many volunteers and sponsors generously donated their talent and services. The highest kudos go to Casey and Chef/Owner Seth Adams of Riverhorse on Main for their incredible generosity and community spirit in creating/producing Chef Wars!

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This is what Park City is all about — everyone coming together to party for a good cause.

Claire Desilets

Park City

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McPolin Healthy Snack Program was a success


Thank you to Mike Holm, Romeo and his produce staff at The Market at Park City for making our snack program at McPolin Elementary possible. Mike enthusiastically jumped in to help with our program early this fall and the staff at The Market has been super accommodating to us.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for transporting snacks to and from McPolin.

We were able to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables to all McPolin students twice a week from January through May. These snacks were a welcome burst of afternoon energy.

Thank you to our teachers working with sticky student hands especially during snacks that involved pineapple and orange slices.

Thank you to the after school program for allowing us to give any remaining snacks to the students waiting for their programs to begin.

Thank you to the Park City Education Foundation, parents and donors to our Live PC Give PC program who financed this program which touched every student at our school.

Please thank Mike Holm and his staff whenever you visit The Market at Park City.

Kristy Hoffman

Live PC Give PC coordinator, McPolin Elementary

* * *

Student wants to reduce Styrofoam use in lunchroom


Did you know that Styrofoam is being used for all school lunches in Park City? This policy is not good for the kids at the schools or for the environment. Styrofoam has chemicals that can cause negative health effects. It can irritate your skin and some researchers say it even increases risk for certain types of cancer like leukemia and lymphoma (Environmental Protection Agency).

That is why, when we were assigned to do community service in 7th grade, I decided to focus on reducing the amount of Styrofoam usage at my school. Nearly all lunch trays used at EHMS are made of Styrofoam, which makes for hundreds of trays in the garbage every day. Imagine what that looks like after a year and then multiply that by every school in the District. That’s a lot of garbage that never decomposes. Now consider that eating hot food off of Styrofoam isn’t good for you and you have a real problem.

To understand more about why the Park City Schools use Styrofoam and what we could do to make change, over this past year I met with representatives from Recycle Utah and the EATS program, Elizabeth Strasser (Park City’s Nutrition Director), several of the lunch ladies at my school, and Annie Wallace (EHMS Recycle Coordinator and EHMS French Teacher). From these meetings, I learned that change is hard and can take a long time. I also learned that one of the biggest reasons we use Styrofoam is because it’s so cheap. The other options like recycled paper or actually washing dishes in the dishwasher at the school are more expensive.

I believe that there is a way that we can have a Styrofoam-free school lunch program, but I know that will take time and energy from more people than just me. I am planning to continue this project next year when I go to Treasure Mountain Junior High. I’m writing this letter to let people in Park City know what’s going on. If you agree that this is a problem, you can share your support by signing my change.org petition at http://chn.ge/1FiVukA . Thank you

Stella Strader,

7th grader Ecker Hill Middle School

* * *

Just another oil spill


Well, the reportedly impossible has happened again – another oil spill. We all know the drill (sorry) but let’s see how close the new Santa Barbara catastrophe follows the traditional big oil script:

1) do not report spill

2) when caught, deny it happened

3) admit limited spill

4) apologize profusely

5) promise massive and immediate clean-up

6) adamantly state it will never happen again

7) initiate huge PR campaign

8) perform limited clean-up

9) robustly defend all legal claims

10) lobby congress with renewed enthusiasm

11) continue drilling

12) wait for public to forget

13) enjoy record corporate welfare profits

Nick Wright

Park City

* * *

Racers racked up grants for local schools


The Jeremy Ranch Elementary School PTO would like to sincerely thank all of the JRES students, families and friends who participated in Running With Ed last weekend. Since our school had the highest participation in RWE, we were awarded the $5,000 RAGNAR grant! This grant will help fund interactive whiteboards for the teachers in their classrooms next school year. We also had 19 incredible JRES teachers and staff that ran on teams for RWE. In addition, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped run an incredibly fun JRES exchange site for the race. It was a huge success. We are incredibly grateful and proud that so many of the members of our school got involved in this great fundraiser for Park City Education Foundation! THANK YOU

Amy Macuga

PTO President

Sarah Smyth

PCEF Liaison & JRES RWE Site Exchange Coordinator