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Letters to the Editor, May 24-26 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

A season-pass price increase of Epic proportions


I love Park City Mountain and until now have appreciated all the work its new owners have put on the mountain ever since they assumed ownership.What I don’t like as much, however, is how the company keeps on raising its prices, season after season, with seemingly little regard for the locals that constitute the true fabric of the community.

Same thing for the local businesses and their employees that are part and parcel of the “experience” Vail Resorts is so good at selling. Should I also mention our destination visitors that may eventually get the feeling of being fleeced?

I’m not saying ski resorts shouldn’t raise their rates, but they should do it more responsibly, in taking into account some basic yardsticks like the Consumer Price Index (CPI). To illustrate my point, the Epic Pass that was $769 in 2015/16 jumped to $809 last season (+5.20%) and is now pegged at $859 for next season (+6.18%).
The Park City Local Pass (with black-out dates, among other restrictions) went from $579 in 2015/16 to $609 last season (+5.18%) and will be worth $639 next season (+4.93%).

Kids were not “forgotten” either, with the Child Pass moving up from $289 in 2015/16 to $319 last season (+10.38%) and creeping up to $339 next season (+6.27%).

In the meantime, the CPI increased respectively by 0.01% and 2.22% for the two years in question (these are April numbers, roughly when Vail Resorts releases its new pricing).
If this crazy trend continue, many Parkites won’t be able to afford skiing in their own town and Vail Resorts will be on its way to slowly, but surely suffocating the goose that laid the golden eggs.

JF Lanvers
Park City

* * *

With nod to former opponent, Beerman will run for mayor

It is a great privilege to serve your town as an elected official. It is not a career, and should not be popularity contest, but a chance to ‘take your turn’ to use your skills and passions to serve the place you call home, and the friends you call your community. A good Mayor embodies the values of the town, understands its hopes and fears, leads by example, and galvanizes a Council and Community to take action when needed. Mayor Jack Thomas is my friend, my one-time rival, a model of propriety, and a damn fine Mayor. His quiet and laid-back manner — and collaborative approach to governance — has been effective in a town reeling from too much of everything that makes us great. He will be missed.

Serving with Mayor Thomas has helped me to better understand Park City. Four years ago, Jack and I ran against each other in a close race. Fortunately, we were able to quickly reconcile and focus on the needs of our community. Losing is painful, but it’s also a chance to learn, grow, and reevaluate. I have tried to make the most of that lesson, and am grateful for the continued support I have received from Park City residents.
Mayor Thomas leaves his role with much accomplished, but great challenges looming. Fortunately, the community is poised to address these together. I have never seen such strong alignment between Park City residents, the Council, and even our regional partners, to take decisive action to protect our mountain town.

The community has chosen the three critical priorities of Housing, Transportation, and Energy, to restore a healthy balance to our town. The Council, working as a team, has been focused and bold in addressing these priorities. We are making progress–and with continued community support–will keep our town small, authentic and a place that we recognize as our home.

It is essential we not lose momentum. Park City should be a town where people work, play and live. A town where you don’t need a car, and spend your time in the great outdoors, not stuck in traffic. And a town that is in healthy balance with the natural environment. Park City would not be Park City, without our mountains, trees and open spaces.

It is for these reasons I will again seek to serve as Park City’s Mayor. It is critical we maintain our focus and urgency on the community priorities. Park City residents are struggling with growing intensity and a town that looks less and less familiar. We should be a town with resorts, not a resort town. We must restore a balance and prioritize community building. My focus will be on resident-centric decision making. It is time we reclaim ‘our town’ for the residents.

Andy Beerman
Park City

* * *

Resident hopes everyone will support bag ban


I completely support the plastic bag ban enacted by our City Council and hope the Summit County council goes along and makes it a countywide ban. The negative effects of plastic bags are well documented and I am happy to see our community join in with the effort to minimize their use.

Now it’s up to the people to help, and it’s so easy! My wife and I have had reusable bags for many, many years and here’s how we make it easy. We have 6 or 8 reusable bags and we simply keep a few in each of our 2 cars at all times. That way, no matter what store we are going to–grocery, pet store, hardware — we just grab the bag out of the car and take it in with us. Or if we are just getting a few items we (gasp!) actually just carry them out to the car with no bag. Once you get in the mindset of “I don’t need a bag,” when the cashier asks, it’s amazing how automatic it becomes.

So, c’mon everybody, join in. Buy a few good quality reusable bags and start using them, you’ll soon see how easy it is.

Mike StevenS
Park City

* * *

Teacher Appreciation Week was much appreciated


Jeremy Ranch Elementary School would like to take the opportunity to recognize the tremendous support our faculty and staff received from our community during Educator Appreciation Week. Our entire staff of over 70 enjoyed wonderful meals each day. We were treated to snacks, drinks, and even massages! Not only that, but our school was decorated with thank you messages throughout the halls and on every door.

Karla Olson deserves particular thanks, as she was the coordinator, supervisor, and executive of most events through the week. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Kneaders, Billy Blanco’s, Deer Valley and the EATS program, Freedom Chiropractors, and all of the parents who contributed their time, energy and food!

Thank you Jeremy Ranch Elementary community for making us all feel so valued!

Shawn Kuennen, Principal
Jeremy Ranch Elementary School

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