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Letters to the Editor, May 27, 2015

Running With Ed has lasting impact on school district


The 6th annual Running with Ed (RWE) 38-mile relay race was held May 16 and was another huge success. In all, the race will raise approximately $240,000 for the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF). These funds will be distributed back into our local Park City School District through PCEF’s granting process. Teachers, schools and the district apply for grants that fulfill PCEF’s mission to fund high impact programs that advance student achievement.

As RWE Fundraising Chair, I want to give a special thanks to every RWE Team who participated in the fundraising side of the race. In addition to running the race, these teams took time and effort to reach out to friends and family members asking for donations to PCEF. Teams personalized their team pages on Crowdrise.com, sent out multiple emails, posted fundraising information to Facebook pages and thanked their donors. Their time and effort paid off and teams raised over $105,000 for PCEF.

Every year more and more teams are participating in the RWE fundraising. This year, 80 of our 200 teams fundraised and over 20 of those teams earned a free 2016 RWE Team by raising at least $1,500. Team fundraising is the main area where our earning numbers have potential to explode!

RWE’s success is dependent on sponsors, volunteers, runners and fundraisers. The Running with Ed page will stay open on Crowdrise.com through the end of the month, so it’s not too late to make a donation to your favorite RWE team. Thank you!

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Elissa Aten, RWE Fundraising Chair

PCEF Board Member

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Times have changed, leash your dog


Do you remember Park City when dogs ran free on Main Street and hung out unleashed outside establishments like The Alamo, Pop’s place? That was 1967.

State Road 224 was two lanes, there were no Silver Springs subdivisions, nor a large supermarket or trendy restaurants (just to name a few). There were far fewer people living between Kimball Junction and Old Town. It was a laid back and free wheeling and miners were still working in the mines.

That was 48 years ago and that Park City no longer exists.

Today, dogs need to be leashed for the safety of the public and other dogs. Unfortunately, many Parkites haven’t gotten the memo that it is the law. I have been told even some of our council members don’t abide by this law. Shame on you.

What is the result? When dogs are off leash, we can have dogs biting humans and dogs biting other dogs and dogs interfering with wildlife. It is no longer 1967 and our dog population of Summit County is immense today.

Do what is right — not necessarily what you want to do. Leash your dog(s). You don’t need an Animal Control officer to tell you to leash your dog. You don’t need an emergency visit to a vet to prove to yourself that other dogs can be dog-aggressive when your dog is off leash. Don’t call yourself an animal lover if your dog is off leash harassing wildlife.

It is 2015, so stop whining about how it should be and just obey today’s leash law so our dogs, citizens and wildlife remain safe.

Karen R. Brooks

Park City

* * *

Put the brakes on UBER in Park City


With 15 years experience and well over 500,000 commercial miles driving up and down Parley’s Canyon, I question the benefit of UBER, both for the community and also for the driver. In my opinion UBER benefits two groups, and two groups only.

1. The consumer (occasionally) and 2. UBER. That’s it. Cheap fares to the Junction (occasionally), and high profits that are sucked out of the town, for the company.

If UBER took hold here, jobs would be lost. If you’ve been into the office of Park City’s largest transportation provider, you have noticed scores of employees that never even get behind the wheel. Reservation agents and managers, dispatch, internal and external sales, accounting and payroll, IT, human resource reps and managers. The list goes on. Besides your friendly driver, who does UBER employ in town, or even in Utah?

Unless Sam Rubin isn’t telling the whole story on the price of fares, I doubt he’ll be driving for UBER long. UBER driver wages don’t add up. Here’s the math that I come up with: First of all UBER takes at least 20 percent of every fare off the top. A $10 fare to the Junction sees at least $2 going to UBER, leaving just $8 for the driver. Main Street-to-Kimball Junction and back to Main Street is a 30-minute exercise, limiting the driver to only two fares to the Junction per hour, if they’re lucky. That comes out to $16 per hour, BEFORE the expenses of gas, wear and tear, and depreciation on your vehicle. Also, it’s two miles from Main Street to Silver Lake. At $2.40 per mile, that’s $5 for the run. In an SUV. the sedan rate is nearly half of that per mile. Sam is advocating for a race to the bottom.

UBER is mostly good, just for UBER.

Please support your local driver and your local transportation company.

Tim Klug

Park City