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Letters to the Editor, May 28-31, 2016


Medical cost disparity makes no sense


Recently, in speaking with a friend about her upcoming procedure at a hospital, she told me she was going to IHC in Murray to have this procedure performed because Park City Hospital was considered a "rural" hospital and the procedure was almost twice as much. Considering I also have to have an upcoming minor surgery, I decided to check out the difference in costs. I have insurance with IHC Select Med. At the Park City Hospital, without any adjustment, my procedure would be $8,105 as compared to The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) at $4,961. After adjustment the Park City Hospital was $6,889, with TOSH at $3,041. The same doctor would perform the surgery in both locations.

This is a significant difference between hospitals within the same network. It begs the question: why would the same procedure, with the same doctors, have such a disparity in costs within the same network? It is my understanding that IHC owns both Park City Hospital and TOSH in Murray.

I particularly find this annoying when I think about the individuals working at the local businesses and surrounding area that may not own a car, or cannot afford to make the choice to drive to Salt Lake City for any emergency or procedure. I appreciate having a hospital that is convenient, but do not appreciate the cost difference. In the future, you may want to drive to Salt Lake City and so will I.

Joan Mills

Park City

* * *

You may as well say ‘Kill the Moose!’


I want to send a big thank you to UDOT for their continuing efforts to eliminate the moose population in Summit Park and Jeremy Ranch. You have done a fantastic job of continually delaying any fencing East of Parley’s, the main wildlife corridor along I-80.

Hopefully very soon there will be no more of these majestic symbols of our communities left. The only time children will get to see a moose will be a mangled body on the side of the road. Two babies, two young bulls, a pregnant calf and now a juvenile killed this year alone, nine in the last year and a half.

Keep up the apathy, excuses and useless slaughter UDOT, way to go.

James Clarke

Summit Park

* * *

Teachers appreciate appreciation week


On behalf of Parley’s Park Elementary School, we would like to thank our wonderful PTA and parents for an amazing Teacher Appreciation week. During the week of May 2-6, our staff was treated to breakfast, lunch, Cinco de Mayo lunch, chair massages and all kinds of treats. It was a pleasure for our teachers and staff to come to work and not have to worry about packing a lunch because lunch was already planned. Our staff really felt the love and appreciation.

A special ‘thank you’ to Christa Graff and Erin Grady for taking the time to organize, clean, and prepare this amazing event.

Jobana Gertz

Parley’s Park Elementary

* * *

Easy solution? Rename Park City


There’s been a lot of malarkey going on with Vail trying to trademark the Park City name. I say let them have it. I have never liked the name ‘Park City.’ It’s lackluster and nondescript and does not fit the town. Let’s change the name to something that has a little flair like This Sure Ain’t Provo, Utah.

Colorado towns have cool names like Aspen and Steamboat. And they’re drawing in tourists with their new dope laws. We could one-up them by renaming the town Smoke a Bowl, Utah or Fire-up-a-Fatty, Utah. Another option is to go international with a suave sounding name like Pre’tentieux, Utah or even Que Pasa Wey, Utah.

People seem to drink a lot around here and in order to get around the liquor laws we could use a foreign word to sneak around them. The word for beer in Czech is pivo. Pivo Paradise, Utah. Sounds alluring doesn’t it? We could be political and recognize the class war in town. Inequality, Utah sounds nice, or even better, If you ain’t got a Beamer, keep on drivin’, Utah. Then again, honor the down-and-outers and name the town Eatin’ Cold Beans in My Rusty 1978 Corolla, Utah.

Park City, Utah just doesn’t cut it in this brave new world. I’m even OK with going the corporate route as long as we change our boring name. Just picture the prestige of having your new address read something like this:

Lance Sparkling

PO BOX 6553211

Caliphate of Vail, Utah 84060.

Robert Jakob Nelmark

Park City

* * *

Summit Land Conservancy is thankful


Sometimes we think that open space is a luxury. It is not intuitive to recognize that humans need green space, just as we need healthy food and good medicine. But it turns out that open space can provide both of these essentials and more beyond.

The Summit Land Conservancy is grateful to the Deer Valley Resort for hosting our Conservation Breakfast where we learned about the fundamental importance of open space for healthy human habitat. Thanks to a Vail EpicPromise grant, we heard Dr. Scott Sampson speak of research showing how access to open space reduces many of the health epidemics we currently face in our convenient concrete landscapes.

Because of the support from Deer Valley Resort, Vail EpicPromise, Fidelity Investments, Skullcandy, Wasatch AV and Dolly’s Bookstore, all donations from the breakfast will go to protect just the kind of open spaces that are not a luxury, but a necessity.

Thank you,

Cheryl Fox

Executive Director, Summit Land Conservancy