Letters to the Editor, May 4-7, 2013 | ParkRecord.com

Letters to the Editor, May 4-7, 2013

An equitable solution to the dog-poop problem


This is regarding Tom Clyde’s recent column about dogs. I don’t have a dog but I like them. In fact, I have some friends who are dogs.

I, like everyone else except a weird few, don’t like having my hike and bike trails turn into turd row. I think I have a very equitable solution. If you have a dog and you see him or her poop, pick it up and make it disappear in whatever fashion you like. If you have a dog and s/he is having a great time running free like the wind and you don’t actually see it poop, assume it did and pick up whatever poop you see on a trail. Not all of it, just whatever amount you think your dog or dogs may have reasonably pooped while enjoying the outdoors with you, even if it’s not your dog’s. If you don’t have a dog you need do nothing since you are not contributing to the problem, unless you yourself are using the trail as an outhouse and then we all have a problem with you.

This is a perfect system except for the fact that it requires voluntary human behavior and since that often involves shirking, avoiding and ignoring if no one is monitoring, it probably won’t work completely, but it might work a little.

Dee Macaluso

Park City


Let the private sector run welfare programs


Why can’t people learn from history and realize it is NOT the role of government to provide for the poor. There is a lot of talk about helping the homeless more, and this may seem like a noble cause which many might support. The only problem is it doesn’t work.

When the government confiscates from taxpayers, which is mandatory, to give to the less fortunate, everyone loses. There is no volunteer charitable element in this. It’s a Robin Hood approach … rob the haves to give to the have-nots.

We know the low efficiency of anything done through the government. It has a huge amount of waste. The people receiving the assistance begin to look at it as an entitlement and don’t really appreciate it. They stop trying to support themselves. It makes them dependent and resentful. The receiver usually ends up loathing the giver.

Welfare assistance should ONLY be done through the private sector with voluntary donations from those who want to help. We did this for almost 200 years in the USA and it worked fine. It creates a win/win situation because those who give feel the reward of charitable generosity and the receivers feel more appreciation because they know it’s an individual voluntary sacrifice to help them.

The country is virtually bankrupt right now because we have been giving away money we do not have. Bleeding-heart liberals always want to be generous in helping the poor … with other people’s money, so they can take the credit for it.

There is no good that comes from government welfare programs. We can look around and see what an abysmal failure the notion has been in recent decades. It’s time to turn things back to the private sector where this giving properly belongs.

Captain Jim GreenHeber City

Local employers share time and expertise


The Ecker Hill Middle School CTE (Career and Technical Education) Team would like thank local employers for their participation in our Career Development field trip. Deer Valley hosted our students in two different areas. The Human Resources Department gave students an overview of the variety of occupations available at Deer Valley. Students were also given an in-depth tour of the culinary area of the resort. The Summit County Justice Center provided students with information about the judicial system, public safety, and the dispatch areas of their organization. Additionally, the Park City Museum taught students about the historical occupations of Park City. We would like to thank each organization for their willingness to take part in the education of our students by sharing their time and expertise.

Jen Hales, Family and Consumer Sciences

Kellie Yates, Technology and Engineering

Celeste Cohorn, Business

Ecker Hill Middle School CTE Team


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