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Letters to the Editor, May 9-12, 2015

Looking for some responsible parents


Friday, May 1, my son was northbound and stopped in his car at the light on State Road 224 and the Canyons entry. He was in the outside lane when suddenly, he felt a jolt as a car sideswiped his car and nearly hit his elbow which was resting on the open window. The car, a late model white BMW Coupe, was driven by a young female (17 to 20 years old) with a cell phone in her hand. He yelled at her to pull over and she nodded that she would, but when she began to pull away and saw the damage to my son’s car, she flipped a u-turn around the island and headed back toward Park City. He was so surprised by her sudden maneuver that he wasn’t able to get her license number and, from his position in the outside lane, could not turn around to follow her. He reported the accident to the Sheriff’s office but without a license number, all they could do is wish him luck.

It is pretty obvious that someone in the greater Park City area has a daughter who drives a white BMW. I would encourage them to check the passenger side for any damages that were not there prior to last Friday. The damaged areas should show definite signs of burgundy paint, the color of my son’s car. His car has numerous dents and scratches with white paint residue from the BMW along the driver’s side.

As we all know, or should know, it is against the law to call or text while driving and, also, really stupid! Plus it is totally unlawful to leave the scene of an accident.

If someone finds that there are damages that match the above description, I would ask that they do the right thing and give me a call. I am handling this issue for my son who is out of town so please call (435) 901-2711. the way, we do not want to press charges. We would simply like the guilty party to come forward and take care of the bill for the damages.

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Brent Sanford

Park City

* * *

Elected officials must respect public discourse


I was disappointed to read Park City Council member Liza Simpson’s Park Record Guest Editorial ("Vocal Mountain Accord opponent still doesn’t have the facts straight," Guest Editorial. Park Record May 6-8, 2015) criticizing Park City resident Rich Wyman’s opinions about the Mountain Accord ("MA").

As elected officials, we should seek and encourage robust public involvement and comment — positive and negative — to inform our decision-making processes and to make sure that we understand our constituents’ concerns. Specifically and publicly criticizing a constituent over their opinions about major community issues may have a chilling effect on public participation and input. Elected officials are entitled to offer our opinions publicly, but with civility and respect for others’ opinions. We also hope that constituents will show the same civility and respect.

The vast majority of the MA elements seem to be focused on the Wasatch front, with potentially valuable indirect benefits to Park City and Summit County; whether or not there are measurable direct benefits remains to be seen. With proper assurances that we will remain in control of MA elements that impact Park City and Summit County — particularly elements that could spur unwanted growth and harm our economic and competitive advantages – we should stay at that MA table. A process as broad-sweeping as the MA requires care, diligence and vigilance and now is certainly not the time to stifle or discourage citizen input, but rather to foster and encourage it.

Roger Armstrong

Member, Summit County Council

* * *

Yet Another Dog letter .


Why doesn’t anyone seem to know about the dog parks and off-leash trails that we already have?

My favorite is the Run-A-Muk Trail area. To find it, go up the Olympic Parkway toward the ski jumps. Enter the parking lot on the left about 1/2 way up the hill. This park is BIG with trails that lead around with winding paths. It is on a hill, so if you want a little uphill hike you can get it. It’s about a two-mile loop. It’s usually deserted. Maybe it’s a secret? In addition to being a cool park, this space could be used for off-leash dog-training classes. Dogs could "graduate" and be deemed "trail-worthy" or not. Maybe these dogs could have extended privileges to use the trails off leash and would wear something to identify that they are "trail-safe."

Next, since there is an on-going dilemma regarding the "dogs-on-leash policy," maybe a compromise could be made. For example, when walking the Willow Creek trails, I see more people with dogs than without dogs. Of this group, I see more dogs off-leash than on-leash. Obviously a large number of dog owners are ignoring the leash laws and will continue to do so. Do we really want "dog-police" and cameras out there giving tickets and fines? Of course not. But we don’t want to keep hearing about dog-biting incidents either.

Why not have certain days and times where dogs can be off leash legally? Maybe three days per week between certain hours? The trails would still be open to all, but people would be aware (it would have to be posted clearly) that there will be off-leash dogs during that time so they can choose to go or not. Of course, the dogs (and owners) would need to be very well-trained and conscientious in order to keep such a privilege. And, they would have to use leashes during the off days/hours to comply. As a dog owner who would like to walk my dog off-leash legally – I would comply. I would also be bold enough to approach people who were not complying so that we would not risk losing our off-leash freedom.

In the meantime, there are THREE dog parks and TWO off-leash areas in the Snyderville Basin area. To get specific information, go to Basin Recreation website (http://www.basinrecreation.org) and look under "parks".

Let’s try finding a solution to the problem!

Linda Smaligo

Park City