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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 12-15, 2016

Submissions from Park Record readers


Realtors' 15th annual Turkey Drive was a big success


On Nov. 17 and 18, the Park City Board of Realtors celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Park City Turkey Drive at the Market at Park City.

Our goal was 2,300 turkeys of which 850 birds were donated to the Park City Christian Center for distribution to both Summit and Wasatch counties. The remaining birds along with hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items were delivered to the Utah Food Bank for distribution beyond.

This drive is made possible by the many members, colleagues and friends of the Park City Board of Realtors that always give generously from their hearts. You have again shown the depths of your compassion and without you, the overwhelming results and the number of people that will be enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner would not be possible. To Rick Otto, Mario Ferreira, and Barclay Butera and their many clients and friends, a ginormous heartfelt thank you for your generous contributions during the Wednesday fund raising event that started this year's momentum. Finally a great big thank you to the many members of our wonderful community who again supported the turkey drive this year. Together we are making a big difference by "giving hunger the bird." Because of all of you, over 14,000 people will be thankful you provided them with a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.

The turkeys for the annual drive are provided entirely by Mike Holmes at The Market in Park City. He has been our ardent supporter for the past 15 years and for two days Mike and his staff commit their time and resources to ensuring the success of this event.

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Every penny collected goes to purchasing a turkey – we have absolutely no overhead so we rely completely on volunteers who are individually and collectively amazing and bigger thanks to them all.

We hope you will put the 16h Annual Turkey Drive on your 2017 calendar.

With sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude.

Deb Hartley
Park City Turkey Drive

* * *

What you can do about climate change


Every decision we make affects climate change. The U.S. has the highest per capita CO2 emissions in the world. CO2 and methane are both greenhouse gases. Air conditioning is the number one consumer cause of CO2 emissions, followed by CO2 emissions. Increased fuel efficiency and lower-carbon fuels are not reducing CO2 emissions due to increased per capita vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Hydraulic
in eastern Utah captures only 10% of the gas it releases! The other 90% percolates through natural fissures into our atmosphere with a greenhouse effect 50+ times that of CO2. Forest fires reduce the amount of CO2 removed from our atmosphere by plants.

Republicans now in control at the federal level have vowed to eliminate climate change responses. So, what can we do to preserve our local ecological services (fresh air, clean water, decomposition, snow, tourism, …)?

Here is a brief list:

  • 1. Stop building buildings with skylights and large east and west-facing windows that heat in summer and cool in winter and, if you own one, use insulating blinds or drapes. Build large south facing windows with 3 to 4' south roof overhangs
  • 2. Live near to where you work and reduce your VMT. Allow only new mixed-use development not requiring automobile use. Provide local employee housing
  • 3. Build wildlife road crossings to preserve the biodiversity of local forests to deter forest fires and sequester CO2. Prohibit new roads without wildlife crossings
  • 4. Eat vegetarian or grass-fed meat (grain fed beef emit more methane gas)
  • 5. Turn off electric items when not in use
  • 6. Stop mowing and watering. Let your plants grow tall to conserve water and sequester carbon;
  • 7. Turn off your air conditioning and turn your methane gas heat down
  • 8. Stop using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that kill bees
  • Kathy Dopp
    Park City

    * * *

    Publicity helped pop-up pantry help more people

    Thanks to The Park Record

    and Bubba Brown the Pop-Up Pantry has been a huge success. Mr. Brown’s feature story encouraged locals to donate everything from toothpaste to toilet paper to power bars.

    The generosity of the Parkites ensures that the students of PCHS are well taken care of.

    Thank you, Park City and The Park Record.

    Conner Hales
    Park City

    * * *

    Post election, parents must redouble efforts to be better role models


    I have good kids. They have spent their whole lives growing up in Utah, mostly in Park City. They have been taught by their teachers, the church, their athletic coaches, my lovely wife and myself that it is not OK to degrade other people. They know that it is not OK to be a racist. They know it is not OK to be a sexist. They know it is not OK to be prejudiced against people because of their religion. They know it is not OK to ridicule people who are disabled. They know it is not OK to lie. They not it is not OK for a billionaire to not pay taxes. They know that it is not OK that some of their former classmates and their families maybe deported.

    Growing up in Park City they unequivocally know that global warming is not a hoax. They remember when it did not rain here in the winter. They remember when they skied on November 20th, not mountain biked.

    Now that they are old enough to vote and exercised their right to vote they were devastated by the outcome of the presidential election as was I. The person that won embodies everything they have learned is wrong.

    With the cabinet positions he has filled thus far, a Republican Congress and conservative Supreme Court our country is in a precarious situation. It is time to get vocal and act locally.

    Mike Mooney
    Park City

    * * *

    Thanks Park City for shopping small on Saturday


    Small Business Saturday was a great success. We had lots of locals stop by with the sole intention and commitment to stay in their neighborhood and support Park City businesses.

    After 15 years, we at RIGHT AT HOME are proud to be part of such a supportive community. As the Saturday editorial reminded readers, small businesses support the local fundraisers by contributing auction items, making donations and helping our community in so many ways. The community, in turn, rewards us by their commitment to frequent our businesses.

    Shopping small and local is a way of life for Parkites. Supporting your local bookstore, coffee shop, boot fitters, and printers to name a few, just feels good. As merchants' we remember you and appreciate your support. We feel the love! It's a win, win situation.

    Thanks Park City for showing your support, keeping it local and shopping small.

    Marion Boland, Cindy Matsumoto, Eileen Mullane
    RIGHT AT HOME, Park City