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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19-21, 2014


Citizen roasts Vail for coffee decision


I was sorry to read The Park Record’s article about Park City Coffee Roasters being dumped from Vail’s vendor list because they have a corporate agreement with Starbucks. What are they thinking? I have known the Hibl brothers for almost 20 years and they have been a huge success story as an independent in our community. Our community for as long as I have been here (since 1993) has been based on independence, mom and pop shops, creative thinkers. Is Howard Schultz, The CEO of Starbucks, invested in our community? Does he invest in our children, coach youth sports, contribute to the town as a whole? Does he even own a multi-million-dollar ski home here and contribute to our tax base? Sure Vail and Starbucks will contribute to our community monetarily, however, the true fabric of our town will hopefully still be the independents. Parkites, please support your local independent shop owners.

Mike Mazzone, Principal Broker/Owner

Park City Realty Group

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Bring World Cup alpine racing back to PCMR


Park City (and northern Utah) has about every world-class winter competition there is except one: alpine racing. So Vail, how about it?

When PCMR hosted "America’s Opening," I adjusted my calendar by that event. This was one of the first events that began to put Park City on the international map. The world took notice when PCMR was asked at the last minute to host a GS/SL. The race was spectacular and got better every year. The race dept. at PCMR was already a world-class part of the ski area and rose to the occasion to produce one of the best events in the world! PCMR made the decision a number of years ago to cancel the event to put those resources into getting the resort open, understandable. I know it’s not easy (or cheap) to get or schedule a World Cup Event.

I know it takes time and may not fall within your business plan, but after the tumultuous legal period that this community has been through, I can’t think of a better way to thank the community than to bring back to Park City what made us famous.

Val Stephens

Park City

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Conservancy offers open embrace for Live PC Give PC support


Park City is a community that wins awards. We are the "Best Town in America" with the top ski resorts, an IMBA gold-level Ride Center, and even a USSA Center for Excellence. Some people might look around at the beautiful mountains, the lush culture, the fabulous restaurants and think that Park City is great because of these wonderful amenities. But there are a lot of other towns in beautiful places. Lots of cities have arts and food and some defining characteristic.

But Park City rocks because we have something more: an amazing community. This community showed its strength during Live PC Give PC last week. On behalf on one of the many nonprofits here in Park City, I applaud everyone who made a gift, who waved a sign, who honked to those of us waving signs, and especially the Park City Community Foundation’s staff and board for setting a tremendous goal, and then reaching it.

Live PC Give PC is a huge gift to the nonprofits here in town, and the Summit Land Conservancy is honored to have participated in the fun, and awed by the generosity of this community. Thank you!

Cheryl Fox, Executive Director

Summit Land Conservancy

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Vail’s snub of local coffee company is regrettable


In reading Wednesday’s article about Vail ending a longstanding relationship between PCMR and Park City Coffee Roasters, I was sickened but not surprised. While Vail and Starbucks may have a official "partnership," it is indicative of the lack of concern or care for this community and its local businesses. Welcome to Corporate City, USA.

I remember reading several months ago in Rob Katz’s statement in The Record and hearing his team on KPCW, that Vail would be committed to keeping Park City the wonderful and unique community it is. He also testified that he would keep our community in mind when making decisions, and assure that Vail’s decisions would align with our values. He says, "We need to make sure whatever we do there is consistent with what the city wants, what the community wants there." (9/12/2014).

Well, I as a member of the community about whom he spoke, do not want Starbucks, and will be getting my coffee from Park City Coffee Roasters BEFORE I head to the mountain.

Lynsey Gammon

Park City

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Vail should support local businesses


It is incredibly disappointing to learn that Vail will be terminating its contractual relationship with the small local business owner, Park City Coffee Roaster. It is irrelevant that Vail has some type of corporate partnership with the huge Starbucks corporation. This situation could have and should have been negotiated with the corporate partners (ie Starbucks) prior to consummating the deal with PCMR. But this did not occur. Now Vail can conveniently use the flimsy excuse to uncaringly terminate small local business owners like Park City Coffee Roaster.

Vail should be supporting local businesses. Hopefully, Vail will retain business relationships with the other local businesses at PCMR and hopefully other Park City residents will voice their displeasure about this unfair method of conducting business.

Ellen Hendrickson

Park City