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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 21-24, 2015


Family says online Academy is perfect fit for their junior high schooler

This Thanksgiving, our family is thankful for the awesome online, public program at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). Our daughter started last year as a junior in high school and will finish her senior year with UCA. She has excelled exponentially with this online format. Before we knew about UCA, she was enrolled in a private, online school for her sophomore year. We found the instructional aspect was cumbersome and not supportive but we still wanted to continue with online school, where our daughter thrived without having to deal with the distractions of a traditional school setting.

We were thrilled when we received a flyer in the mail introducing UCA and have since taken advantage of the school’s numerous benefits, including one-on-one teacher assistance, the live lessons that are better than most classroom settings, round-the-clock help from teachers and the social functions available throughout the year.

Utah Connections Academy is truly a blessing for our family.

Cindi Cundiff

Park City

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Resident suggests unusual solution for housing crunch


Park City is growing and with the new investment by Vail in skiing infrastructure, there are sure to be more visitors and more cars because living in places like Deer Valley, Kimball Junction, Pine Brook and other similar locations are beyond a short bus ride. Residents and visitors want to visit Main Street shops and restaurants and would more often if they could find a place to park or if they lived closer to Main Street.

Why not build parking above the entire length of Swede Alley? Think about it. The city already owns the space, it is directly adjacent to all the businesses on the east side of Main Street and once covered there would be no need for snow removal. Several problems solved!

Now how about this. The school bond was voted down. Some of the schools sit on valuable, close to Main Street and close to resort property. Let developers bid to build the schools for free in return for several stories of condominiums above the schools. Residents would leave for work before kids arrive for school and would be home on weekends when there is no school allowing the parking lots and playgrounds to be dual function, serving the needs of the schools and the need for open recreational space. Living close in would also eliminate the need to drive as much solving the funding for schools problem as well as reducing some traffic! Could this be a sharing disrupter like Uber?

Nearly everyone cites the lack of space and resources to solve growth problems. Could it really be a lack of different ideas that keeps the suburbs expanding, traffic increasing and customers deciding Main Street shops and restaurants are too difficult to visit? Let’s think about solutions. Some may not be feasible and some may be too expensive, but there is a solution.

Is this thinking outside the box or just a crazy idea?

John Logan

Park City

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Young leaders benefit from great mentors


On behalf of everyone at Leaders for Life and the United Against Bullying Coalition, we just want to thank everyone for such a wonderful event on Nov. 13-14 at Park City High School with about a hundred kids in grades 7 through 12. This was our third annual Leaders for Life and a great time was had by all!

Breakout sessions included lessons in yoga for stress and anxiety reduction, safe relationships and consent, avoiding predator and grooming behaviors, suicide prevention/advocating for yourself and others and being an upstander. Our keynote speaker was Marlon Shirley, a paralympic athlete who has overcome great odds in his career though sheer willpower and some team work fun with the life-sized hamster balls.

A huge thanks to our sponsors:

Rotary, Park City Medical Center, Sunrise Rotary, Rametta Construction, Treasure Mountain Inn, among others, and to our wonderful speakers.

Stay tuned for pictures and video of this year’s event on our website http://www.leadersforlifeparkcity.org and we look forward to hosting your students again next year.

Melissa Band

United Against Bullying Coalition

Don’t miss high school presentation of "Shrek"


Park City has long embraced the cultural arts or the entertainment and enrichment it provides to our everyday lives.

Do yourself a favor and attend one of the two performances on Saturday of the Park City High School production of "Shrek."

It opened Thursday night and it was an outstanding success. With over 70 kids in front of, behind and in the orchestra pit, they generated a college-level, almost professional production of this Broadway favorite.

The director JaNae Cottam and her team deserve special thanks for helping the kids pull off this complex undertaking. And, just know that these kids (our kids) were absolutely incredible.

They should make us proud!! Please support them.

Dick Welsh

Park Meadows

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Music crawl was a lively jaunt


Thanks to KPCW for creating such an amazing night of live, local music in the inaugural Music Crawl. What a great event. On a weekend when Park City and Main Street could be a bit sleepy, the town roared with local enthusiasm and on behalf of the musicians who played that night we thank you! I’m sure we all look forward to next year and Jay thanks for the kind words.

Scott Dudevoir

Sin City Soul