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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22-25, 2014


Response to PCCAPS Advisory Board


I am a PCHS parent, local business owner and actively involved school volunteer. I have talked with numerous parties over the last year involved with PCCAPS so I read your guest editorial with interest, but have to point out some of the issues not addressed. I am aware that there have been a few students and parents that have spoken out against the program in a pretty negative way. I don’t disagree with their viewpoints, but feel that each student may get a different experience from the program based on their educational acumen upon entering the program. Many students benefit from being taught the ‘business basics 101’ while others are more professional in 11th grade than many adults I hire. As a parent and a business owner I definitely see the sparkle in the program. It has some amazing potential and is one of the coolest, marketable programs to come along.

However, as a parent, business owner and taxpayer, I also have heartburn over the price tag. Any sensible professional that has taken the time to look at the numbers has to be asking a handful of questions, the primary one being "Does this make sense for us?"

For this school year the program will cost over $400,00 to run. I understand that about a third of that is funded by grants or outside sources. However, divided among the students in the program, it comes down to this: We are spending DOUBLE the cost to educate a small number of students in PCCAPS. For a school district that spends around $10,000 per student to educate, that is significant. And how do we justify the deficiency to the remaining student population? If we invested an additional $10,000 in every high school student, we know the positive outcome that it would create.

For less than half the cost of PCCAPS we could create Elective or CTE classes with a focus on professional and life skills and include project-based learning that would be available to ALL our students. I think that is a "win-win all the way around".

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Park City

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Remember the immigrants who help put food on your table


During this season of giving thanks I raise my glass to the undocumented labor who made my Thanksgiving possible. The vast majority of the turkeys you eat were processed by undocumented labor. The vegetables and sides? If you have a question just travel to the farms in Arizona and Utah.

Now the battles of immigration are upon us, it is up to you to ask the business owners to support their undocumented employees. To our guests, remember where your restaurant meal came from, remember who greeted you when you checked in to your hotel. And remember that the children of our immigrant community are on the threshold of voting remember that it will change the fabric of America.

Employers, get behind your employees during this immigration discussion. Both guests, employers/residents, keep in mind that Congressman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) mentioned E-verification as a remedy for our undocumented population. I would challenge him to this: in 2008 Arizona (one of the most radically right, anti-immigrant states) passed the Legal Arizona workers Act. It doesn’t work. The companies are never prosecuted and if they are it is a civil rather than criminal charge.

The knee-jerk reaction of the Numbers USA is to "tighten up the borders." I have traveled the border a number of times with ICE officers. Do it, and let me know how you are going to address this. However, I would like to toast our undocumented community.

My program is almost 20 years old. I have received a number of death threats and witnessed some completely horrible actions by officials in Park City. Let me congratulate the new voting members of our Hispanic community. Choose wisely, make your mark and remember the efforts of your parents.

Shelley Vebber


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PCHS presents little show with big talent


the time this letter makes the paper, there will be two (2) performances left to attend of PCHS’s production of "Little Shop of Horrors", 2 p.m., Saturday, and 7 p.m., Saturday evening. My husband & I just returned from opening night. What a pleasure! What talent! What an incredible performance from the actors, the singing, the live student orchestra! I encourage everyone who’s looking for something to see, please go to this play — you will not be disappointed! (Disclaimer: we do not know anyone in the play).

Diane Thompson and David Ludema

Park City