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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 25-27, 2015


Park City Water Department upgrades saved the day


A few years ago the Park City Water Department made some technology improvements that allow them to do real-time, remote monitoring of every water meter in town. This seemed like a big efficiency compared to sending out a human meter reader. More recently, they put this information online so that individual users can see their own water consumption and compare it to others.

This week I saw the value of this technology applied in a clever way I hadn’t even considered. Someone in my neighborhood accidently left the kitchen faucet running and walked out of their house. They were going to be gone a few days. However, within 24 hours, the Water Department contacted the owner, telling them they had nonstop water usage. The constant, uncharacteristic meter readings had triggered the call. In this case, it was as simple as shutting off the faucet. It could easily have been a ruptured pipe or have been flowing out onto the floors instead of into a sink. Being able to identify water usage patterns that could range from a running toilet to a ruptured line is incredibly valuable to the community. It will help save water, lower water bills, and minimize the effects of a water disaster.

I doubt the Water Department gets a ton of thank-yous but they deserve some for this work.

Steve Joyce

Park City

* * *

Bill White lights up holiday season


Kudos to Bill White for the magnificent Christmas Display at The Farm on State Road 224. It is brought to us by Britenites. They do a marvelous job of decorating those trees, and many other trees in our area. The colors are just fabulous, and add such a wonderful spirit to the holiday season. Visitors to Park City should be very impressed!

Karen Tafuri

Park City

* * *

How doctors pay for your children’s vaccines


Did you know that when your pediatrician asks if you want to vaccinate your child, he’s probably offering to lose money? In fact, at my clinic, we lose $100 for every vaccine we give.

So why is your pediatrician offering to help pay for your child to get a shot? It’s because vaccines have saved more lives than all of the lives lost in every war of the 20th century combined! Vaccinating your children can effectively eliminate the chances of seeing them in the hospital because of a Measles outbreak, for example.

What’s more, vaccines are one of the safest medicines that doctors prescribe; safer than antibiotics and ibuprofen. Vaccines do not cause autism. How do we know? We’ve seen their effects on hundreds of millions of people around the world, and we continue to study them today. Here are some things that are millions of times more likely than vaccines to cause your child to become either mentally delayed or dead: a motor vehicle collision; the gun in your home; the gun in your neighbor’s home; the refill for your e-cigarette; the scent of tobacco on your clothes; your Doterra oil; a pool; a falling television; a falling vending machine; a bolt of lightning; a shark; and not being fully vaccinated.

If you still have doubts, learn more for yourself, by going to credible sources that cite scientific studies, like vaccines.com, vaccines.gov, or cdc.gov/vaccines, or talk to your doctor. Remember, these aren’t opinions; they’re facts!

Ryan Hassan MD, MPH

University of Utah, Department of Pediatrics

Habitat for Humanity rolled out the red carpet


On behalf of the Habitat for Humanity Board, I want to extend a HUGE thanks to the sponsors, donors, guests, and volunteers who made the Nov. 14 Overall Ball Gala not only a fun event connecting the community to Habitat’s mission but also a tremendous fundraising success. Because of you all, we met our fundraising goal!

This was Habitat’s 5th Overall Ball Gala and we experienced a groundswell of support starting with Vail Epic Promise, our title sponsor who underwrote the event at the Grand Summit Ballroom. Many other sponsors made it possible to bring Habitat’s signature fundraiser to the next level. Being in a full house of dedicated partners and guests who care about access to healthy, safe, affordable housing solutions was heartening. You are friends who know how to build homes, community and hope!

The humor of comedian David Williams kept 220 guests in stitches throughout the evening thanks again David! A special appearance by 3-time Olympian Shannon Barhke who will lead the 2016 Women’s Build Week with ski jumper and ReStore staff member, Abby Hughes, brought inspiration and energy to the evening.

So many individuals made our 5th annual Overall Ball Gala possible. Thank you Habitat staff and gala event committee, your creativity and dedication continues to motivate Habitat supporters every day. A special thank you goes out to the ReStore staff during the live auction. And to my colleagues who serve on Habitat’s Board of Directors, your year-round leadership to provide strategic direction and financial support to address our communities’ growing housing needs is motivational for all of us.

Last, but not least, not a day goes by without Habitat’s gratitude for its home owners and partner families, like Dave and Patti I., who show us what sweat equity, community, family and partnership are all about. Each family that benefits from new home ownership, home preservation and repair services, or education and advocacy through Habitat’s strengthens our community and builds hope for more families seeking housing stability.

Thank you everyone who made a contribution to the Overall Ball Gala to ensure that Habitat’s programs continue to address housing needs in the year to come!

With Deepest Gratitude,

Gene Dunlap

Habitat for Humanity Board Member

* * *

Thanks for helping to "Give Hunger the Bird"


Last Thursday and Friday, the Park City Board of Realtors held its 14th Annual Park City Turkey Drive at the Market at Park City. Our goal was 2,500 turkeys and hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food. We actually collected 2,370 turkeys; 800 birds were given to the Park City Christian Center for distribution to both Summit and Wasatch counties and the remaining birds along with hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items were delivered to the Utah Food Bank for distribution statewide.

This drive is made possible by the many members, colleagues and friends of the Park City Board of Realtors that always give generously from their hearts to support this event. You have again shown the depths of your compassion and without you, the overwhelming results and the number of people we are feeding this holiday season would not be possible. To Rick Otto, Mario Ferreira, and Barclay Butera and their many clients and friends, a ginormous heartfelt thank you for your generous contributions during the Wednesday fund raising event that pushed this drive into the success category. And finally a great big thank you to the many members of our wonderful community who again supported the turkey drive this year. Together we are making a big difference by "giving hunger the bird." Because of all of you, over 14,000 people will be thankful you provided them with a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.

The turkeys for the annual drive are provided entirely by Mike Holmes at The Market in Park City. He has been our ardent supporter for the past 14 years and for two days Mike and his staff commit their time and resources to ensuring the success of this event. Every penny collected goes to purchasing a turkey – we have absolutely no overhead so we rely completely on volunteer help. This year, we are grateful again that 10 incredible Realtors and friends from the Park City Board of Realtors, tirelessly gave of their time and incredible upbeat and high energy. They are individually and collectively amazing and loving thanks to them all.

Thank you to our Realtor and affiliate friends for their never-ending support to our community in so many generous ways and we hope you will put the 15h Annual Turkey Drive on your 2016 calendar. With sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude.

Deb Hartley

Park City Turkey Drive

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