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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 5-7, 2014

Park City student athletes need better coaches


It is time for the player parents to stand up to the Park City Athletic administration and school board and say we have had enough. It has been 5+ years of incompetent coaching that has totally demoralized our young adults, and the coaches and administration offer nothing but poor excuses and "hope" for the future classes. It’s never the coach’s fault. How many senior classes have to be sacrificed before someone recognizes that it’s not the players, it’s the coaches and administration?

The current senior class is a perfect example, they had the most potential of any class in maybe a generation, and they won every year PRIOR to being managed by the Park City School District. Now a 2-9 season is acceptable to the Park City School District board? Is this what we pay our taxes and fees to support? I know I didn’t! It’s the school district’s responsibility to create a positive experience for our kids and they are FAILING every year! If this was a real business they would be fired many yesterdays ago.

After 5 years of the same promises it is time for real change.

Bill Malan

Park City

* * *

Community ‘reveals’ support for open space


Cheers to those who attended our Hoppy Hour at Wasatch Brew Pub! This community event was the culmination of a fun-filled summer of exploring Park City’s protected open spaces, hunting for local wild hops. The delicious and refreshing "Clothing Hoptional," Wild Hops Ale was a hit, no matter what we were wearing.

We are so grateful for the Wasatch Brew Pub for hosting Hoppy Hour and providing us with outstanding staff and delicious food. Wasatch has been a steadfast supporter of the Conservancy as well as a wonderful partner for our Hops Hunters program. We also wish to extend a special thank you to the brewers at Wasatch for taking the 42 pounds of fresh wild hops, harvested by hearty volunteers on a very cold August morning, and transforming them into a beer as lovely as the protected land that produced it.

Our Hops Hunter program and the festive results would not have been possible without the Conservation Corps and the Park City Mountain Resort Legacy Fund, which sponsored our incredible AmeriCorps intern, Heleena Sideris, who spent the summer organizing hikes, mustering volunteers, and keeping the fun in the sometimes dry and legalistic work of saving land.

If you missed Hoppy Hour but wish to support the Summit Land Conservancy and the permanent preservation of local open space, remember it only takes $10 to take a stand and save land. You can schedule your Live PC Give PC donation for November 7th by visiting http://www.wesaveland.org/livepcgivepc!

Cheryl Fox, Executive Director

Summit Land Conservancy

* * *

The Park Record keeps residents well informed and well fed


Some letters written to The Park Record complain about issues in our fine city or praise for a few. I’m writing to hail this newspaper itself.

Moving here from a larger city like San Diego, I instantly fell in love with this paper. At 50 cents, how can anyone pass it by on the newsstand or in stores and not buy one? I doubt if there are any newspapers left in this country that are still 50 cents. Plus, it covers several days of news in one issue. It’s a condensed USA Today, just for us. Plus, it gives us all several days to read it cover to cover. (For some reason, I am particularly smitten with the police logs regarding moose on the loose).

Then there are the writers, like Jay Hamburger. I started reading all of his columns solely based on his name. I can’t believe at least one restaurant in town doesn’t already have a ‘Jay Hamburger’ on their menu.

Classified pages in our countries newspapers are shrinking down to nothing. Not in Park City! We still have pages and pages of classifieds. There are actual jobs in there. Forget Craigslist. This is where you find employment here in the mountains. Plus, without this paper, how else would we Parkites know the 2-for-1 restaurant deals in town?

As newspapers around the country are closing their doors, let’s all make sure we keep The Park Record in business. I’m sure the half buck cost won’t do this alone, so we’ll have to make sure we take care of those businesses that take care of our great paper.

Joey DeSimone

Newby Parkite

* * *

Local NPR station makes a plea during Live PC


Every one of the great nonprofit organizations in Park City deserves your support this Friday during Live PC Give PC. Nonprofits enrich the life of everyone in our extended community. We at KPCW consider what we do vital to the quality of life we enjoy here. KPCW is a primary source of local journalism.

We sponsor live musical performances, stage community forums, and use our airwaves to promote our fellow nonprofits. Last year we donated an amazing $485,000 worth of free airtime so other nonprofits could promote their events and missions. That’s nearly a half million dollars organizations did NOT have to spend on publicity. The National Association of Broadcasters twice this year recognized our achievements in this community, nominating us for the Crystal Award for Public Service in Broadcasting, and the Marconi Award for Overall Excellence in Broadcasting. KPCW was one of just five nominated nationwide in our categories.

Please be generous to the nonprofits this Friday, and we’d appreciate your support of what community radio does to unite us all.

Larry Warren

KPCW General Manager

* * *

Park City gives as good as it gets, especially on day of giving


Thank you all for another great year! It’s the season of thanks and I want to express my gratitude for your trust in me to represent you and this community. The better I come to know Park City, the deeper my respect grows for what we have accomplished, and the firmer my belief that we must continue to nourish and sustain it.

Lately we have spent a lot time discussing the ‘gives’ and ‘gets’ of our community. Topics du jour include things like: Should we stimulate affordable housing (get) by allowing for increased height or density (gives)? Opinions vary, the debates will continue, but the conversation is a reminder, living ‘the good life’ in Park City doesn’t come free.

A young President Kennedy once said, ‘For those to whom much is given, much is required.’ We are blessed to live in Park City, but never forget: it’s on loan from future generations and it’s up to us to be good stewards. Paying taxes will get us roads, schools, parks, a little open space, but it’s not enough to elevate our community. It is the local non-profits do that heavy lifting! They shine a light on the things we care about, protect those who are unprotected, and wake up each day determined to make our community better stronger and special. When you give to a local non-profit, your money, time and/or support is focused on things that matter to you. It is an investment in what you want and where you live. Your contributions, big or small, support and shape Park City.

So, I’m going to ask you again to give until it feels good this Friday, November 7th. Show your support for a cause, for our community, for its needy, and for an ever-better future. Stretch a little on November 7th, give more than usual, and know that ‘getting’ to live here is reward enough.

Andy Beerman

Business Owner and City Councilmember

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