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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 5-8, 2016


Peter Yogman would be great for school board


As a parent of school-aged children, I’m voting for Peter Yogman for Park City School Board. I feel he brings the example of an excellent citizen to an important leadership position. Good citizenship requires thoughtful engagement with one’s community and he does that. He’s volunteered in schools, been active in local initiatives, succeeded in business management, and been transparent as a political candidate. I find him to be gracious and trustworthy, and I believe he is a person who will work genuinely to enhance the well-being of this community and its children. This community will be fortunate to have him serving as a leader of our school district. Please join me in voting for Peter Yogman for School Board, District 2.

Ali Salomon Ziesler
Park City

* * *

First-time voter endorses Petra Butler

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As a first-time voter and 2016 PCHS graduate, I proudly endorse Petra Butler for the Park City School Board. I have known Ms. Butler since moving to Park City in 2013. I was fortunate enough to have her as our neighbor and she soon became another adult that I could reach out to for advice and support. She shared her experiences with the FBI in regards to cyber issues that opened my eyes to the dangers of social media and she provided guidelines on how to use apps in an appropriate manner. I still use these guidelines today. Ms. Butler has also given me advice in regard to peer pressure and being my own person.

In addition to acting as a mentor, Ms. Butler actively seeks out student opinions in regard to the current situation at our schools. Last spring, she asked me to gather four friends together to speak to her about the high school environment. She was interested in our opinions about what was good and what needed improvement. She actively listened, asked for more data when needed and didn't dismiss our input. She is a genuine listener, which I appreciate.

Ms. Butler is an approachable adult for students. She is a person that values student input and one that a student can reach out to without fear or intimidation.  

Lastly, Ms. Butler's experience with the FBI and law enforcement will bring an additional level of expertise to our school community and school board. Investigative skills, extensive knowledge of cyber issues, and critical decision-making are just some of the strengths that Ms. Butler will add to our school board.  Please join me in voting for Petra Butler.

Katherine Cantlebary
Park City

* * *

FBI director steps dangerously out of bounds


FBI Director James Comey's announcement to Congress of the commencement of a new excavation into the handling of Secretary Clinton's e-mails is far more troubling than pumping a breath of new life into that tired "scandal." It appears to be completely premature and speculative to even call this an “investigation” at this point. His action is a shocking, blatantly partisan abuse of his office, and a violation of both the public’s trust and Hatch Act (per Senator Harry Reid’s letter to Comey in response). It accomplishes no other purpose than to influence this election.

After publically castigating Hillary in July at the same time that he was exonerating her from any legal wrong doing regarding her e-mails, he appears to think he has nothing to lose by taking another swing at her now.

This action undermines the credibility of the FBI, and should disqualify him for the position he now occupies.

Steve Lewis
Park City

* * *

Butler impresses a local mom


I am supporting Petra Butler for the Board of Education because as a mother of two teenagers I am always aware of the world my kids are living in these days, specially in a unique place like Park City, with all the strong drug problems that we have been having, along with other issues that we have as a community of course.

I believe she has the experience due to her FBI background to deal with these issues, she is very interested in helping us as parents with late after school activities for our teens when mom and dad have to work. I have seen her work like no other candidate during this election season and really going out there and talking to people and understanding what their needs are, how they live and what can she do to make this place a better one for our kids.

She is also interested in helping the Latino community with the gap that exists in the kids school achievement, she also has her son in our school district, that is another reason for her to work hard for us.

We are all so proud of our School district that is why we are here, but with her help we will improve it in security, quality education and in so many ways.

Zulema Espinoza
Park City

* * *

Dr. Clemens will heal Wasatch Back pain


Peter Clemens may reside in Weber County, but by replacing the 1st Congressional District’s present forever stranger-to-the-Wasatch Back, he will better serve this community’s crucial interests.

Dr. Clemens is bright, clear-eyed, even-tempered, experienced and knowledgeable, an approachable, serious Utahn who understands the vital importance of preserving Utah’s preeminent current and envisioned values. You want Eastern Utah’s public lands invaded by multiplied drilling and pumping pollution? You want the landscape violated by clear-cutting and rutted by brutal heavy machine-hauling? You want even more oil tankers clogging two-way traffic in Parley’s Canyon?

If not, then Dr. Clemens has the prescription for preventing such destructive chaos — replacing the district’s House of Representatives vest-pocket captive of private, distant exploitation with someone who recognizes time-honored conservation principles. Principles that help implement truly balanced appreciation for Utah’s incomparable land values on the eastern slopes of the Wasatch Range.

It is finally time to effectively advocate for those who live in and love Utah, rather than out-of-state interests funding 93 percent of the incumbent’s current reelection campaign costs; interests seeking control of state and federal governments so as to feather their own nests, leaving in the wake of plundering natural resources they covet toxic, infinitely regrettable ruin.

The prognosis for avoiding that chronic debilitation would immediately and immensely improve with Dr. Peter Clemens in Congress.

Harry E. Fuller Jr.
Park City

Institute director says Moe Hickey is a wise leader


What we want and need at this point in the growth of the Park City School District, is a board member who understands the nuances of education, finance, public and private collaborations, teachers concerns and above all, represents the best interests of the students. Moe Hickey has this experience, having served for seven years on the board previously and stepping down, only because he moved districts and was required to step down.

I have watched him continue to consult with teachers and administrators and be passionately involved in the PCCAPS program and in the future building needs of the district. And I have seen him quietly, behind the scenes, find a myriad of ways to try and level the playing field for students who come to school not fully prepared or supported, do to issues of poverty. His years of working in the global financial sector with Canter Fitzgerald, brings high-level, creative financial thinking into what is often a stale, flat, financial environment. He has been a strong advocate for fairness in teacher salaries and benefits.

And he led the charge in a forward thinking bond last year that didn't pass and now many who voted against that bond, see the wisdom of that forward thinking, as we find ourselves more behind in growing student facility needs.

Moe is a big thinker, a bold thinker, and someone who cares about all our children. He has been and will continue to be, the Managing Director of the Park City Institute. I depend upon his guidance and direction with both our staff and our donors. He is someone who brings wisdom and kindness into every room he enters.

It would serve us all well -especially the children- to return him to the Park City School Board.

Teri Orr
Executive director, Park City Institute

* * *

Vote Yes on Props 9 & 10 to improve transportation


Park City Transportation is a very proud locally owned private company that has worked to provide transportation services for over 43 years for visitors and residents – we would like to proudly add our names as strong supporters of both Props 9 and 10 along with the Park Record, the Park City Chamber and so many other community leaders, businesses and organizations.

Combined, both measures will improve access and flow for residents, employees and the visitors for a very small price that will be also be paid in great measure by visitors (sales tax). We appreciate the efforts of both Summit County and Park City in developing a comprehensive approach and are certain our clients will enjoy smoother, less congested rides to our beautiful county (along with cleaner air).

Together we can help make a difference at a local level — voting For Props 9/10 is one way to make a difference locally to help deal with our growth — let's keep things moving!

Donnie Novelle, President
Park City Transportation

* * *

Councilman Tal Adair knows the issues


I have had the great privilege of knowing Councilman Tal Adair for over 25 years. I've worked beside him on committees and on horseback! You will not fund a better man than Councilman Tal Adair.

Tal knows Summit County like the back of his hand, especially the East Side where he raised his family and participated in local government for years. Councilman Adair has sat on Water Boards, City Councils and has a strong understanding of and vision for the county. To say otherwise is foolish and uneducated.

The County Council members approved Tal Adair to complete my term when I left last year. His service on the County Council is enhanced by his knowledge of government and detailed knowledge of issues such as affordable housing, job growth, land development and transportation. He also understands the vast difference of needs and priorities that exist throughout the County. He does not come with any preconceived agenda, or bias towards any one industry, religion or political party.

Councilman Adair's contributions to Summit County are known by many, and unlike his opponent, has been endorsed by many state officials and Mayors of Coalville, Henefer, Oakley, Kamas and Francis. No other candidate has that kind of support.

If you want a fair and balanced county council, there is no other choice but Councilman Adair. Guided by his strong morals, he is most qualified to remain in Council Seat E.

Dave Ure, Former Summit County Councilman

* * *

Butler is the right choice for school board


It's commonly accepted that schools exist to serve students in hopes of achieving a better future for society as a whole. Given this, it is a logical assumption that one would base their vote for school board on which candidate would serve the students in Park City best.
For this reason, it is undeniable that Petra Butler should be elected to the school board. I have known Ms. Butler for several years as her neighbor and babysitter. I know for a fact that she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of students in the community. When I first moved to Park City before ninth grade, I struggled to find a place and adjust to the culture here. Ms. Butler gave me advice about where to volunteer, who I could befriend in the neighborhood, and the best hikes to go on to explore the town. In addition, she educated me on the dangers of social media and her knowledge still impacts how I use social apps today. Her background in working with children not only helped me but is a skill set our school board needs. I am confident that as a school board member, she will listen to students, teachers, and parents and act accordingly.

If we want better schools that confront issues of all kinds, whether it be state testing or drug abuse, we need school board members who value both students and community members. We need a board member who cares about kids and recognizes the value of their opinion when solving problems. For this reason, I proudly endorse Petra Butler for school board.

Liz Cantlebary
PCHS student, class of 2017

* * *

Glenn Wright has excellent record of public service


I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Glenn Wright for Summit County Council. Glenn has earned our support as an active contributor to our community. He serves on the board of Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties and has been involved with the building of a number houses as well a house renovation. He was one of those responsible for the opening of the ReStore and its successful operation over the past 5 years. The ReStore provides significant funds for Humanity's operations and projects. Glenn has served as its Board Chair for 3 of the past 4 years.

Glenn is a Viet Nam war veteran and is active in the local American Legion Post. He served on the Park City Blue Ribbon Housing Commission that advised the Park City Council on affordable housing issues. Glenn was a member the Summit County Power Works Solar Steering Committee which prepared the contract requirements for the highly successful community solar panel purchase program for Summit and Wasatch counties.
Glenn has an extensive business background that will serve us well as he evaluates projects that go before the council. He regularly attends council meetings and is up to speed on the current issues before the council

Glenn is an outstanding human being who knows our community and its needs. Unlike his opponent who as the head of the Republican Party effectively had himself appointed to the County Council, Glenn has earned the post as a dedicated community leader.

P. Christian Hague
Park City

* * *

Colin DeFord has shown excellent judgment on commission


Have you ever sat through a Snyderville Basin Planning Commission hearing? If so, you would be particularly impressed by one voice, a voice that represents an articulate, judicious and insightful thought process. That voice belongs to Colin DeFord, a man now running for County Council.

Prior to attending Planning Commission hearings, I did not know Colin. But each and every time I was present, Colin consistently asked the hard questions of the applicant, ensuring that our community-crafted Neighborhood Plans were adhered to.

If you, like most of us, cannot make the many public hearings that ensure the community’s will is heard, then vote for Colin DeFord. He is a tireless community champion. He will guarantee that our Land Management codes and open-space protections are front and center during any conversations regarding new development.

Vote for Colin DeFord!

Debi Scoggan
Park City

* * *

Bonanza Flats bond deserves voter support


In this election Park City voters will have the opportunity to take the first step toward preserving one of the most amazing pieces of property in the Park City area. By voting for the $25 million open space bond we will have a possibility saving a beautiful pristine alpine environment with significant hiking and biking trails throughout the property.

If Bonanza Flats is not is not preserved and does get developed there will be many negative effects on our community such as a great deal more traffic compounding major problems that already exist.

I urge voters to vote for the passage of the open space bond to help ensure our future quality of life.

Jan Wilking
Park City

* * *

Make your mark in favor of Bonanza Flats bond


Parkites look around in dismay at the rapid rate of development and loss of open space around our town. It’s easy to feel helpless, but there are at least three things we can do about it. We can vote for public officials who have advocated for preserving open space. We can support nonprofits that work every day to protect open space. And we can vote YES on the Bonanza Flats bond.

Many of us admire Bonanza Flats from Guardsman’s Pass, enjoy its beauty and appreciate the wildlife habitat it provides. Passage of the bond proposal on Nov. 8 would enable Park City to compete for the acquisition of this land should it come up for sale this year as expected. Without public protection, Bonanza Flats will likely be another casualty to development. We may be able to do something about it. Like the view? Help protect it.
Park City

Amy Mills
Park City

* * *

Glenn Wright has proven his leadership skills


Glenn Wright is an excellent communicator and will be a superbly responsive Summit County Councilman. I have observed Glenn's leadership of the County Democratic Party Executive Committee. I've seen how he immediately responds to calls & emails, solves problems, and follows through.

I'm sure he will be the same approachable, responsive problem-solver in the role of County Councilman. He is acquainted with every neighborhood in the County and committed to meeting the critical challenges we face: climate change, transportation, affordable housing, and diversifying our economy.

I urge you to vote for Glenn Wright.

Jill Lesh
Park City Old Town resident

* * *

Vote Yes on Props 9 & 10 to keep Summit County on track

As a proud Summit County resident — and now retired longtime banker and community supporter — I want to express my appreciation to the leaders in Summit County and Park City government as they work hard to look for solutions to solve one of the most important issues facing us today and tomorrow – transportation and growth. It is clear that we need to address this issue in a way that maintains our quality of life and allows us to take matters into our own hands.

That said, I am proud to strongly support (as did The Park Record) both sales tax ballot measures Prop 9 (transit improvements) and Prop 10 (road improvements). Combined the two measures will help our community to get on top of transportation needs in our ever-growing county in a collaborative/comprehensive way – at a small price that our visitors will also help us maintain our great air quality and small town feel.

As a co-chair of a committee of moms, dads, grandparents, business and community leaders supporting both measures – I hope others will join together to Keep Summit County Moving by voting For Summit County Props 9 and 10.

Becky Kearns
Park City

* * *

Tal Adair stays above the fray


This election has represented everything that is wrong with our political system. I think it is safe to say that we are all sick of the mudslinging and name calling. We are very lucky, that we in Summit County, have people serving our community with honesty and integrity. County Councilman Tal Adair is one of these people. He represents ALL of Summit County and has shown the leadership and willingness to be above partisan politics. He has been endorsed by the Park City Board of Realtors, all the mayors on the East Side of our county as well as our governor and our legislators. Since I first met Tal, I have only known him to be thoughtful, respectful and a dynamic asset to local politics. I value his ability to get things done and put Summit County residents at the top of his list.
Tal Adair is an asset to Summit County Council. Let’s keep him there. Vote for Tal on Tuesday!

Dawn Kenton
Park City

* * *

Tal Adair will serve with integrity


While many of us may not be thrilled with our choices at the top of the ballot, we have an opportunity to elect amazing local leaders that will truly impact our lives for the better.

This election cycle, I am honored and excited to express my support for Tal Adair in the race for Summit County Council.

We live in a beautiful county with countless opportunities for economic development, the growing of agriculture and lively recreation. As we continue to grow, we need leaders who will look with a bright eye and steady hand towards the future. Tal is that leader.

Tal has the distinct ability to build consensus from all sides. We are a diverse county and Tal knows that, at the end of the day, politics is about creating a better, healthier way of life for each of us.

For the past two years, Tal has been proactively finding ways to drive smart, sustainable growth such as:
-Supporting the growth of local businesses and the vibrant farming communities
-Encouraging the creation of job opportunities that keep our kids in the county
-Looking at ways to create more affordable housing
-Mitigating traffic in the Basin area

Summit County uniquely blends a modern feel with rural appeal. We truly are a gem in Utah. With Tal as our county councilman, I know we will continually plan for a great future with his leadership at the helm. This election, I ask that you vote for Tal Adair for Summit County Council.

Vicki Hanks

* * *

Petra Butler's campaign demonstrates her commitment

I am writing this letter to talk about my experience as a former student of the Park City School District from August 2003 to May 2007. Petra Butler's qualifications encourage me to support her as a candidate for the Park City Board of Education.

I am excited to see a candidate on the ballot that truly reflects the type of person we need as a leader in the Park City community. Petra Butler gives me hope for the future of Park City's school system as we face many challenges moving forward. I personally lived through many of these challenges growing up in Park City. From encountering drug related scenarios as a 15 year old, to experiencing a level of exclusion as an 11-year-old Hispanic student. I strongly believe Petra Butler has what it takes to tackle these challenges.

Her background as an FBI agent can help parents feel safe as she brings new experience and knowledge to help keep criminal activity out of our school. Petra will also be able to address the Hispanic community in a more inclusive form with her experience growing up in a Hispanic majority neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas.

I strongly believe that it takes someone with such understanding to bring the town together, improve education and inclusiveness in schools. This is a very important issue as 35 to 40 percent of the students in our school are of Latino decent. I am also basing my opinion from speaking to countless local leaders who are concerned about the same issue.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend you consider voting for Petra Butler this election. I am extremely excited to see a change in leadership, especially from someone who can improve our children's safety, inclusiveness, and education.

Juliana Duran

* * *

Coalville Mayor offers support for Tal Adair

I would like to publicly support and endorse Tal Adair for County Council. Tal has done a great job as an interim Council member. He has represented the East Side very well and will continue to help lead Summit County in a direction we can all appreciate. As I’ve gotten to know Tal I have been impressed with his dedication to fiscal responsibility and wisdom in handling the growth coming to Summit County. Please join me in voting for Tal Adair for Summit County Council.

Trever Johnson
Coalville City Mayor

* * *

DeFord rises above partisan politics

Summit County is at a crossroads. In the near future, our County Council will need to make many decisions that will significantly impact on our daily lives and the core elements of what makes Summit County the place where we choose to live, recreate and raise our families. Thoughtful decision-making and vigilance over the implementation and continuing suitability of those decisions is paramount.

I have been a regular observer and occasional participant in Summit County planning decisions. That is where I got to know Colin DeFord and observe his leadership abilities as chairperson of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. Colin is consistently well-prepared, professional and willing to ask the right questions, which are sometimes also the hard questions. This demonstrates an openness to all sides of an issue and a desire to make fair and thoughtful decisions that are consistent with the best interests of Summit County as a whole.

As an unaffiliated voter, I pay little regard to party affiliations and make it a point to carefully consider several criteria when evaluating individual candidates for all levels of public office on the ballot. First, a candidate's judgment, character and integrity are critical. Second, a candidate must have reasonable and consistent positions on important and relevant issues. Third, a candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to manage and advance those issues. Colin DeFord has my support based on these criteria and I am confident he is well-suited to serve all of Summit County as a member of the Summit County Council.

Please remember to vote and when it comes to casting your ballot for Summit County Council, Seat B, elect Colin DeFord.
Silver Creek

Richard J. Angell
Park City

* * *

Petra Butler is a no-nonsense candidate

On several occasions I have met Petra Butler out and about campaigning for the school board. I really like her, she is a no nonsense person who feels like she can move the schools forward while still inviting the community to be a part of the discussion. She is well thought out and strives for understanding in issues. The thing that has really impressed me is that she is out on the streets every day holding a board for herself. I love the commitment she has made to getting on the school board. Vote Petra Butler!

Shirin Spangenberg
Park City

* * *

Kohler deserves support for Utah House seat 54


If you haven't voted yet, please consider casting your vote for one of the finest candidates we've ever seen for Utah House District 54 – Rudi Kohler. He will represent citizens of Wasatch and Summit counties by protecting and improving what matters to us and the people of Utah. Rudi's priorities include support for education, self-reliant wages, affordable quality health care, and cleaner environment. Please visit his website at http://www.rudikohler.org to learn more about how Rudi will work for you.

We have already cast our vote for Rudi and hope you will, too!

Ken and Barbara Martz
Park City residents since 1973