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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 11-14, 2014

County appreciates public input on transportation plan


Summit County Council would like to thank the community for participating in our Snyderville Basin Long Range Transportation Plan public open house held on Sept. 30 at the Richins Building in Park City. We estimate a total of 130 residents joined with Summit County, Park City and Wasatch County policymakers to provide valuable input on our future transportation needs. We would also like to thank Canyons Resort and the Resort Village Management Association for their involvement in this process.

At the meeting, we received well over 100 comments and interactive board suggestions from the public that will be used in developing the recommendations for the final draft Long Range Transportation Plan, which is scheduled to be complete in the upcoming month.

It is our goal to adopt a comprehensive and proactive transportation strategy for the Snyderville Basin by the end of the year. Your continued interest, participation, and input are vital to us. We urge you to stay involved in this important community issue. We pledge to keep you informed on the progress of the plan, as well as future opportunities to attend public meetings where this plan will be discussed. Please check our website http://www.summitcounty.org for future meeting information and thank you again for your robust participation as we collectively plan the future transportation needs of the Snyderville Basin.

Chris Robinson, Chairman

On behalf of the Summit County Council

* * *

Students help out at Endurance Challenge

Last week, the Treasure Mountain Leadership Class had the opportunity to run the Marsac Aid Station for The North Face Endurance Challenge 2014. At the aid station, we were busy doing everything from pouring water to documenting times.

Our class learned a lot about volunteer coordination; the volunteer director for this race was very prepared and organized. We had a lot of fun supporting all of the runners who decided to run 50 miles and gained empathy for the runners who could not finish. Our station was a hard cutoff and after a certain time, we couldn’t let the runners continue past 37.8 miles. They were very disappointed and we did our very best to accommodate all of their needs although it was hard to see their fatigue and disappointment. In conclusion, this experience was very unique and rewarding.

We hope the North Face Endurance Challenge returns in 2015. It brought a lot of nice people to Park City during shoulder season and provided great opportunities for locals.

Brooke Mitchell

TMJH 9th Grade Class President

* * *

Recycle Utah thanks Harvest Fest attendees


Thank you to the more than 1,300 people who came out and celebrated local food and beer, live music and art at the Fifth Annual Recycle Utah Harvest Festival and thanks to the owners of the High Star Ranch. The weather beautiful and setting was serene. More than 30 vendors joined us this year, it was a delight to see all the wonderful and unique items this county has to offer. Hope you got a slice of Rotary pie and a "broom-ha-ha.’

Tori Sowul

On behalf of Recycle Utah’s board, staff and volunteers.

* * *

Olympians enjoy helping others aim for the podium


Recently, 180 local Park City girls had an opportunity to train with nearly 20 Olympians for the afternoon at the USSA Center of Excellence. As an Olympian, one of our most gratifying projects is giving back to kids. Each of us remembers how we were motivated as young girls. Whether they become Olympians or not, we hope that we were able to help them realize that potential that lies within each and every one of them. We all had a blast. Thanks, Park City, for the great turnout and allowing us to spread some joy.

Liz Stephen, Olympian

U.S. Cross Country Ski Team

* * *

Local doctor prescribes voting for Hilder


Many years ago, my partners and I were involved in a dispute that landed us in District Court. The judge was Robert K. Hilder. Before the trial, I asked a lawyer friend about Judge Hilder. "Judge Hilder is not a good judge," he told me with a wide smile, "He is a GREAT judge."

Though we did prevail in our case, even if we had lost I would have agreed with my friend’s declaration. Judge Hilder had an instinctive ability to explain the complexities of the law; he was thoughtful and reassuring to all involved; he projected both warmth and wisdom. It was not surprising that I witnessed respect from all parties in the courtroom. He had obviously earned their respect just like he did mine.

After our case, I followed Judge Hilder’s career and the many difficult decisions he rendered. There was no doubt he was methodical and hardworking. His opinions reflected not only his dedication to the law but even more so to the people it affected. When he left the bench, attorney Ed Brass commented, "He is one of the kindest, most compassionate, gentlest people to sit on the bench." Fellow District Judge Royal Hanson was quoted at the same time declaring, "He has a unique ability of bridging gaps. Bridging gaps on the bench and between everyone else. It’s an unusual talent."

Former Judge Hilder is poised to enter the public sector again, this time as Summit County Attorney. A man of such integrity and capability would serve us well. I hope you will join me in voting for him.

Robert "Winnie" Winn, M.D.


* * *

Chris Robinson has earned another term


There are no how-to manuals for serving as a local official: trust me I looked for one. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some great examples like Chris Robinson.

Over the past several years I’ve worked with Chris on a variety of issues, including open space, transportation, and economic development. He has many talents, but I’d like to highlight a few: 1) Chris is a tireless negotiator. He will study, review, fine-tune, and persist long after others have worn down. He gets great deals for the County and will settle for nothing less. 2) Chris is forward-thinking, proactive, and unbiased. I’ve never seen him make a decision for political reasons; he supports what is best for Summit County. 3) Chris is able to balance his business, family, church, and council roles with grace, good humor and dedication. He makes it look easy. I know it isn’t.

Lastly, Chris is tolerant and pragmatic in his relationships. He once told me, "I never burn bridges," likely because of the work and care he puts into building them. Please join me in thanking Chris for his service and let’s re-elect him this November.

Andy Beerman

Park City Councilmember

* * *

Re-Elect Brickey for County Attorney


Summit County Attorney Brickey has given Summit County 10 years of his fulltime service, has 20 years of prosecutorial experience, and has done so with integrity and sensitivity to victim’s rights. There is a reason almost all of the 29 county attorneys in Utah are prosecutors. Prosecution is the most import part of the job as required by law.

Although he was a judge, Robert Hilder’s background is not in prosecution or in Juvenile Court. Hilder will likely continue his mediation practice, if elected, making it likely that more county funds would need to be spent to hire more staff to do the work that Brickey does as a matter of course.

If elected, David Brickey will persist in giving his whole heart to the job. He has the track record of energetically and successfully accomplishing all aspects of the role of Summit County Attorney. Brickey for Summit County Attorney!

Val Lyons

Park City

* * *

Kamas Mayor weighs in for Justin Martinez as sheriff


I have followed with great interest the letters concerning the candidates for Summit County Sheriff. It seems that political elections always seem to bring out distrust, and even anger. I know both candidates and I don’t want to offend either, for I know and respect them both as good, honest men. As a lifelong conservative Republican I can say that, especially in local elections, I have always supported the individual that I feel would be best for the office. This is why I am supporting Justin Martinez in this race.

As Mayor of Kamas, I have had the opportunity the past year to work with Justin concerning law enforcement issues between Kamas City and Summit County. Justin not only has the education, experience, and management abilities to guide the department, but he will also inspire a greater feeling of respect and old-time peace officer friendliness from his officers that we have not always had in former administrations.

I encourage voters to go to justinforsheriff.com to see Justin’s qualifications and see that he is qualified and ready to lead the sheriff’s office in the way we would like to see it.

Mayor Lew Marchant

Kamas City

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