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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12-14, 2016

Peter Yogman for school board
The Park City Board of Education election is quickly approaching. I highly recommend voting for Peter Yogman as a Park City school board member. I have known Peter as a fellow parent for over 20 years. During that time we were both very strong supporters of the Park City school system. His children as well as mine fared very well in our schools on their way to becoming productive citizens.
For the last two years I have volunteered, tutoring math at Park City High School, on an almost daily basis. I am also a substitute teacher. The Park City teachers do an exceptional job and likewise get exceptional results from their students. We owe it to our students as well as to the Park City community to offer the best possible school system. For that to continue we need to have smart and committed leadership on our school board.
I know Peter cares deeply about our schools as we talk about our experiences tutoring when we get together. Peter is always trying to find the key factors that make some at-risk students successful while others struggle. I know of no one that is not employed by the school district who takes the same level of interest in and is as broadly knowledgeable about education.
I believe we have a special opportunity to elect someone to our school board who combines this knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm with clear thinking, creative problem-solving and solid business skills. Peter Yogman has my full support to be elected to our school board.
Ronald Allen
Park City

Parents pamper Trailside teachers
The Trailside teachers and staff would like to offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the many parent volunteers who made our Parent Teacher Conference Week so delightful. Copious amounts of delicious food, including five-star-quality soups and delicacies were provided throughout the week so that teachers could focus on meeting with parents each afternoon and evening. We are genuinely grateful for our wonderful parents and the support they provide, not only at parent teacher conferences, but at every opportunity. On behalf of our entire staff, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Respectfully Submitted,
Alison Vallejo
Park City

Homeowners should take priority over golf course hole
This is an open letter to the Park City Community:
Please join me in asking the Summit County Council to consider restoring the viewshed of the homeowners on Voelker Court, as just beyond their backyards a HUGE pile of dirt has been built up — and what’s to keep it from traveling right down onto their patios? — to reconfigure a hole in the Canyons golf course. This regrading is insensitive and destructive to the homeowners who live next to the course. What one has the “right” to do and “ought” to do are sometimes different things. I would maintain that construction of a golf course hole should be second in importance to the welfare and quality of life of neighboring homeowners.
Thank you for your time.
Corinne Crandall
Park City

How many affordable housing tenants commute to SLC?
The County Council recently raised the issue of whether developers of property such as the Canyons should be required to include in the computation of their affordable housing commitment employees who commute from the Wasatch front.  That makes sense.  Inbound commuters contribute to traffic problems.
But I believe that the dirty little secret of previous affordable housing projects in both Park City and Summit County is that many of the units, especially those that were offered for sale, are owned or occupied by people who commute daily to the Wasatch Front.  These outbound commuters add to traffic issues, just as those who commute up the Canyon do.
I’m not denying that we live in a bedroom community.  For my first ten years here I lived in Pinebrook and worked in New York or Los Angeles.  Many of my friends and former neighbors commute to Salt Lake. But when the County or City sponsors affordable housing, either with direct subsidies, fee waivers, or zoning variances, it is inappropriate for that property to house people who are not part of the local workforce.  To ascertain the scope of this imbalance, I urge the City and County to conduct a census of all prior housing that was deemed affordable and see who’s living there and where they go when they drive away.
Bruce Margolius

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