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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12-15, 2013

Michael Amici remembered at KAC

Dear Editor,

Last August we lost someone very dear to the Kimball Art Center. Michael Amici Jr. will always have a special place in our hearts as he was the first student ever student to be accepted to the pilot year of our RELEVANT 2010 artist-in-residence program. He was born and raised in Park City and was an incredibly talented young visual artist.

When we watched his application video he explained that he had a condition commonly known as Asperger Syndrome and he had struggled to communicate with people his whole life. However, through his art he was finding new ways to connect with people and it was opening doors.

We are doing a retrospective of his work in the Garage Gallery through Sunday Oct 13. We had an intimate opening reception for his family and friends recently where his mother, Rebecca, shared these words about the impact the arts had on her son:

"How can you survive tough situations – like Mike did – if you cannot step out of a hard, concrete world? Mike’s art took him out of a sometimes painful existence and I believe, close to a divine, joyful and spiritual world of possibilities and helped him survive a tough existence. Building cathedrals and temples are not always practical – they used to help us connect with the divine. So let’s build galleries and dance studios and film studios. Creativity is a divine gift in any form.

The Kimball Art Center is a wonderful promoter of the arts and especially young artists. Please support them as an organization and all other programs – especially the schools and teachers that nurture our minds, our imagination, and faith in the future and our society."

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Please take the time to come see Michael’s work. All sales of his art are dedicated to supporting a scholarship in his name for Holy Cross Ministry students to take art classes at the Kimball. It is his family’s contribution to art education in our community and is the best way we can pay tribute to him and say our farewells.

Robin Marrouche

Executive Director, /Kimball Art Center

Former teacher backs Jack Thomas

I have heard that Jack Thomas, a former student of mine at the College of Architecture, U of U is running for the office of mayor in Park City.

As a student Jack showed a high level of integrity in his personal and professional conduct. Jack has demonstrated what every public servant needs – a tireless work ethic coupled with the ability to analyze difficult problems. Added to these attributes he possesses excellent ability to work with others and achieve their shared goals. The folks of Park City are fortunate to have such a fine candidate as Jack Thomas, who I believe will serve the Park City community well.

Thomas B. Kass

Professor Emeritus, College of Architecture, University of Utah

Matsumoto is a good fit on City Council


In 2004 we made the decision to move to Park City. The reasons we chose to live here are secondary to why we want to stay forever. Although we still enjoy the outdoor life, other priorities have become apparent to us.

The friendships, the quality of life, the city services, the open space, and good governance are now the transcendent issues. In order to preserve the way of life that Park City has come to exemplify, citizens must take the time to be active participants in local government. We should become well-informed about the issues and choose our candidates carefully.

After careful consideration we are planning to vote for Cindy Matsumoto for re-election to the City Council. In her time in office she has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and has been devoted to improving the quality of life in Park City. Her accomplishments include preservation of open space and historic properties. Her negotiating skills helped to make important changes in the scheduling of The Sundance Film Festival to a more beneficial time slot as well as participating in discussions which resulted in changes to the existing water program thus preserving our precious resources for future generations. She is committed to preserving the environment, which makes Park City a unique place to live with benefits to all ages and income levels.

I would like to share my gratitude to Cindy for her service by asking the voters to return her to her position on City Council in the November election. She is a candidate who is thoughtful, positive, and well-qualified to serve in this position.

Barbara Svoboda

Park City