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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15-17, 2016

Ah, the smell of burning brakes in the morning


For years people coming down State Road 224 out of Silver Lake Village have been leaving their park brakes on, resulting in clouds of burning brake fluid and disks by the time they reach the Park City area. This smell is insufferable, and I would venture a guess, bad for the residents’ health. I suggest a sign saying “RELEASE YOUR PARK BRAKE” near the old mine after Silver Lake. Also, this problem may be contributed to by valets, due to liability reasons, putting the park brakes on, without telling these flat lander tourists to release them. I don’t have time to lead a shrill cause, maybe city management could do the right thing?

Mike Hays
Park City

* * *

Sun Peak residents left in the dark


Sun Peak residents now have only only just a peek of sun on their decks due to a large berm. Think how you would feel if your backyard was impacted like this. For the residents of Voelker Court in Sun Peak what until two months ago, was a view of the golf course and across to the mountains has become a view of a dirt berm that gets higher and higher each day. The berm is over 15 feet high and within feet of the property line. It’s literally blocking the sun from their decks the majority of the day.

This action was taken without public notice or comment and is being done under a “low impact” grading permit. I find it shocking that Summit County considers this to be a low-impact action and that it is within Vail’s rights to undertake this long-term, high-impact project without public comment. Imagine having bulldozers working just outside your backyard six days a week for two months and counting, knowing that the result is the destruction of your view and that your home’s value is decreasing more and more each day as the berm gets higher.

We should all get behind the residents of Voelker Court and let Summit County Council know that this is unacceptable. An appeal is in process and I hope you will email the council members to express your thoughts on this action.

Sue Gordhammer
Summit County Resident

* * *

Government needs to step up to the tee


The residents of Voelker Court and nearby streets in the Sun Peak neighborhood are being impacted by work on the Canyons golf course in a way that is hard to believe. Until about two months ago these residents had a view from their homes and decks of the golf course and across to the ski slopes and mountains. Without any notice, their mountain view has become one of an earthen berm that gets higher and higher each day. It’s literally blocking the sun from their decks for the majority of the day.

This action was taken by the owners/operators of the golf course without public notice or comment because it is being done under a “low impact” grading permit. If you take a drive or, better yet, a bike ride down the Voelker Court cul de sac and look to the west to where the golf course used to be visible, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing “low impact” about this action. Regardless whether the work is being done “in accordance with the permit” it should be totally unacceptable for county government to allow commercial interests to trump residents’ interests and degrade their property as this project is doing.

If you think what county government has allowed is unacceptable, let the County Council know. We should all be concerned about what could be approved in our own neighborhoods.

Joe Ray
Park City

* * *

Brothers wants new face on school board

Moe Hickey is running against newcomer, Petra Butler for Board of Education. Moe led the charge in the failed bond-election. Moe pressed hard to get the bond pushed through. Then suddenly, Moe vanished. Resigned. MOE left the district in the lurch with a badly formed battle plan. Now MOE wants back in.

We gotta tell him: NO MOE.

Petra is a fresh voice. We need new. She moved here a few years ago after retiring from the FBI. Her job revolved around catching Internet bad-guys, especially those involved in crimes against children. She knows high-tech. She understands the law. She knows how to work with the Legislature. After that mess at the middle school with that teacher who got fired, we need her brand of help. The district suffered through under Moe’s leadership (he was Board President). There was no coherent plan to help parents in emergencies. Those who tried to help kids with disabilities got fired. Communication malfunction achieved nearly mythic status.

We need to start over. But Moe wants back in. When you cast your vote for Petra, say: NO MO Moe.

Petra understands how to communicate. She is a listener. She has a kid in school too. She’s energetic and willing to work FULL TIME to help us. She’s not afraid to ask questions and dig for answers. She’s not a pushy, do it my way or we will force down-your-throat kind of person. She is thoughtful, pleasant, kind.

We need Petra. Moe had his chance. He bullied. He bailed. He’s back. Let Moe go. Vote for Petra Butler. Return our schools to our community.

Art Brothers
Park City

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