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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21-24, 2015


Council candidate Becca Gerber qualifies as both newcomer and local


My parents moved to Park City in 1964 with opening of the Treasure Mountain Ski Resort, so I’ve always considered myself more of a newcomer than a local. Drawn by the promise of snow-fueled riches they had little care for the status quo and a sometime begrudged respect for true Park City locals. Locals with names like Savage, Clegg, Kummer, Butkovitch, Beyer, and Martinez. Hard-rock miners with characters and tempers to match. Newcomers were skiers, hippies, and stowaways from the nine to five. Newcomers, odd balls and change agents who wanted to move an old town in a new direction.

There was a lot of tension in that transition. City government often resembled a night at the fights more than a town council. The communities most important issues often settled at the Alamo over beer and not in the civil environs of my grade school turned council chambers. My own mother served on a council that was filled with language and behavior more fit for the mines than city government.

Despite it all, I’ve watched Park Town blossom from those hard-rock roots into a world-class destination resort. Through the years the people who’ve made a lasting impact on our community and its government have always been those newcomers or old-timers with an eye to the future, a little nostalgia for the past, and a deep respect for each other.

Having just graduated from Park City High in 1998, I’d say Becca Gerber fits the bill as both a newcomer and a local. With a solid grasp of Park City history and fresh enough take to believe she can make a change for the better. I am sure there is no finer candidate than Becca to lead our little ski town into the future. Vote!

Matias Alvarez

Park City


* * *


Rory Murphy will be an excellent city councilman


For over two years, as Board Chairman, I have worked with Rory Murphy in connection with Peace House. I have been thoroughly impressed by his energy, ability to listen and synthesize decision options, and his compassion. He has made a tremendous contribution to Peace House as an advisor to the Facilities Committee, and those of us who have worked with him are truly grateful.

Rory’s experience in local city and county Government is particularly important to me as he seeks a City Council position. He has served on the Park City Planning Commission, the Summit County Judicial Selection Committee, the Wasatch Roads Commission, and the Park City Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Soils Commission. As a longtime resident of Park City, Rory is familiar with our past history as well as our future opportunities.

Over the next few years the Park City Council will make numerous important decisions on our behalf, as to how we manage growth and maintain the unique quality of life we experience in our wonderful community. Rory Murphy will serve us well and provide the kind of leadership, insight, experience, and compassion that defines an "Excellent City Councilman"

I encourage you to join me in voting for Rory Murphy for City Council.

Jim Smith

Peace House Board of Directors Member


* * *


School district should look at alternative facilities plan



I am not supporting the upcoming school bond because I think there is a better school facilities plan for our community, one that will reduce traffic impacts and is better for students and families. Here it is:



  • Demolish Treasure Mountain Junior High School and build a new grade 5-8 "middle school" on the same site with separate wings for grades 5-6 and 7-8.



  • Remodel (as necessary) Ecker Hill Middle school to accommodate a grade 5-8 "middle school" similar to the new Treasure Mountain Middle School mentioned above, and adjust attendance boundaries (as necessary) to balance student populations between the two "middle schools." This two "middle school" plan will keep a ton of traffic off of Highway 224 and Kilby Road and make Park City parents lives and student time on the bus much better.



  • Leave Dozier Field where it is and build a second story on top of the existing one story portion of the west end of the high school and if necessary, an additional two story classroom wing to the south. Expand the gym and performing arts facilities on the rear of the high school as currently contemplated. Rebuild the "home team" bleacher facility to incorporate desired locker rooms, offices for coaches/officials and storage/concessions. Add parking to the east side of the performing arts center as needed.



  • Do not run buses along Lucky John to "help solve traffic problems" on Kearns Boulevard. The street is too narrow and buses will be very disruptive to the adjacent residential neighborhood.



  • If a Field House is needed, then build a joint-use facility at Quinn’s Junction where easy freeway access is available to everyone.


    School facilities for ALL GRADE LEVELS in Park City limits are needed to have a complete community. It will also make us a more walkable and family friendly community.


    VOTE NO ON THE SCHOOL BOND. Let’s think this plan through again and do what is best for our community, families and the students.


    Clay Stuard

    Park City

    Worel’s log list of community accomplishments make her a top choice for council


    I am writing to ask Park City voters to vote for Nann Worel in the Nov.3rd City Council election. I have had the joy of knowing her for many years and had the opportunity to work beside her. Her commitment and passion for this community is evident in everything she does. As past chair, and current member, of the Park City Planning Commission she is very aware of the challenges facing our growing community.

    As executive director of Park City People’s Health Clinic, she has demonstrated the ability to achieve collaborative results between the County and the City as well as other interests. Her past commitments to this community include: Peace House, Library Board, Summit County Public Arts Advisory Board, Arts Kids, KPCW and Zions Bank Community Advisory Board. She is a graduate of Leadership Park City and a founding member of the Leadership Park City Alumni Association.

    Currently she is a member of Park City Rotary and a founding member of the Women’s Giving Fund. Nann is a hard working person who cares about Park City’s future. Please vote for Nann.

    Cathy Richards

    Park City


    * * *


    Gerber will offer realistic plans to solve local challenges


    Affordability, traffic and congestion, and sustainability are important issues that Parkites are facing this election season and Becca Gerber seems to have a strong handle on these challenges.

    As a teacher in Park City I want to live in the town where I work and not be relegated to neighboring counties simply because they are more affordable. I’m invested in this community and I want to be a part of it, yet that’s becoming more and more challenging as the housing market continue to soar. I’ve spoken with Becca about this concern and am encouraged that she has innovative and forward thinking ideas that can be accomplished for the good of the middle class.


    I’m also concerned about the upsurge of traffic and congestion that I’ve seen both on the trails and at weekly grocery trips out to Kimball Junction. The 5 p.m. traffic is just horrendous and I have a fear that before long, every day is going to feel like the 10 days of Sundance, when it’s just easier to stay in and relinquish the plethora events that Park City has to offer because the traffic is just too much of a hassle. Again, when I brought up this concern to Becca Gerber, she instantly offered a proactive and realistic plan on how to handle this issue as well.

    I trust Becca Gerber, not only because she’s a local who has grown up in Park City and is living with these very same challenges, but because she’s smart, passionate, and committed to sustainable growth in Park City. Becca Gerber has my vote for city council.

    Melissa Nikolai

    Park City


    * * *


    Three strong candidates for council: Beerman, Worel, Murphy


    Having served now for almost seven years on the County Council, I understand how local government works and the need to constantly collaborate on solving problems and seizing opportunities that transcend jurisdictional boundaries. County and Park City staff and elected officials weekly meet, serve on joint task forces, and strive together on transit, transportation, recreation, trails, tourism, water, land use, workforce housing, economic development, open space, environmental, sustainability, and other important regional topics.

    It is for these reasons that I now write to share my opinions on this election.If I lived within Park City limits, my vote would be cast in favor of Andy Beerman, Nann Worel, and Rory Murphy. Andy as the incumbent has worked energetically and diligently on the issues before us and has been an excellent representative of the City. Nann and Rory have distinguished themselves as capable, reasonable, engaged, and committed members and servants of our community for many years and would be excellent replacements for retiring City Councilors Liza Simpson and Dick Peek. (Thanks, Liza and Dick, for your outstanding service!)

    I have followed with interest the process leading up to the School District’s $56 million bond (Prop 1). The district’s capital facilities plan has been well vetted by almost weekly public meetings over many months. The strategy behind the plan is sound in dealing with the pressures of inadequate and flawed facilities and a growing student body. The capital markets offer very low interest rates for the time being. And the burden on us primary resident taxpayer is very light. Now is the time and I’m in support.

    Chris Robinson

    Snyderville Basin Resident


    * * *


    Fourth of July has become too commercial


    I have been visiting Park City during the summer for the past six years and love it. Every year we attend the Fourth of July parade. The first couple of years the small town patriotic parade was wonderful. Now, it’s an-advertise-your-business parade. It looked like some of the business floats were just thrown together just to be in the parade. Or, let’s advertise our business by walking in the parade with everyone who works there. Yes there were some highlights but they just seem to be getting fewer and fewer. Getting back to basics might be just what this small town patriotic parade needs.

    Thank you and I look forward to celebrating Fourth of July in Park City in 2016.


    Cindy Schugg

    Chandler Ariz.


    * * *


    Elect Gerber and Worel


    I recently viewed a video produced by the British version of Elle magazine that had edited all the men out of photographs as part of their #MoreWomen campaign. The pictures taken were mostly of political venues, but included media and other outlets as well; women were virtually sitting by themselves in these chambers. Further, a Time magazine article from August showed women comprised merely 19 percent of our House of Representatives, 20 percent of our Senate, and 12 percent of our state governors — women also happen to outvote men, and have done since the 1980 presidential election!

    In our current local campaign, three women are vying for as many seats. Two of them I have known for several years: Becca Gerber and Nann Worel. I could not hold either in higher esteem personally or professionally. I am eager to see what both can do as representatives of the city, and to have more women represented in local politics.


    Diego Zegarra

    Salt Lake City


    * * *





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