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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22-25, 2016

Tal Adair is the right choice


Tal Adair, a long-time Kamas Valley resident, businessman and former Francis City Councilman, currently sits on the Summit County Council, approved by members last year. Unlike his opponent, Tal Adair has earned overwhelming support and endorsement of five of the six mayors in Summit County establishing him as the most qualified candidate.

Tal has not only great relationships with members on federal and state level, he has their endorsements too, including Governor Herbert. Tal’s opponent found himself in the ‘hot seat’ last Monday [KPCW Election Forum/Park Record] and suggested “more compact development” for the growing East Side, illustrating a lack of understanding of residents’ long-standing vision.

Tal’s sound leadership history refutes his opponent’s ludicrous accusations of breaking up hundreds of families, devastating employment and, in general, destroying Summit County. Do not be fooled by Tal’s opponent’s rhetoric as he emulates irresponsible, broad-brush scare tactics.

Based on Summit County’s diverse land uses, the County split the Planning Commission into two boards; for the East side and the West. Many agree, the same concept should be incorporated into the County Council. If the entire county is controlled by only West Side residents and Park City’s entrenched businessmen, how is that fair? Summit County is extremely diverse and the governing board should reflect that diversity.

Tal is a proven leader for all and knows what matters to residents on all sides of the county. He has knowledge, experience and established credibility from successfully serving at both the local and county levels. Tal is the most qualified and logical choice to remain in his current council seat, to continue representing East Side’s true concerns. This ensures the Founding Fathers’ Constitutional intent of fair and balanced representation.

A vote for Tal Adair ensures representation for all Summit County residents.

Kristi Major

* * *

Unlike nation, Summit County has great candidates


Thank God that Summit County local politics and national politics are so far apart. In Summit County, we have candidates who are smart, caring, and selfless. We have candidates who truly want to make Summit County a better place, and who are not running for office for self-aggrandizement or to gratify their own egos.

My friend, Glenn Wright, is one of those caring candidates. He is running for County Council. Glenn and I serve together on the Board of Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties. Glenn is by far our hardest working board member. We are unpaid volunteers. Our reward is knowing that we have made our county a better community.

Glenn has done a lot for Summit County already, but as a Summit County Council member, he could and would do even more. I hope that he is elected on my birthday, Nov. 8. That would be a great birthday present.

Park City

* * *

Moe has proven his commitment to kids


I am writing in support of Moe Hickey for school board. I have been a Park City resident for over 20 years, two of my children graduated from Park City High School, and my grandson is currently at Treasure Mountain. Having voted in every school board election for over two decades, I feel very informed about our excellent school district (both its accomplishments and its challenges) and feel that Moe has the leadership skills we need.

In contrast to a recent letter claiming that Moe “vanished,” I would respectfully disagree. Although he moved out of his former district (he served on the school board for seven years beginning in 2008), he has remained very involved. He has been a member of the Park City Education Foundation for ten years and has continued to meet independently with interested parties to promote new ideas to help our students.

While President of the school board, he helped implement our successful preschool program and expanded the Dual Language programs in all four elementary schools and into the secondary level. He also expanded AP classes. Although I was opposed to the recent school bond, I was impressed by Moe’s polite (I saw no indication of a “bully”) and articulate advocacy for it at the Project for Deeper Understanding forum.
Our education system is one of the finest accomplishments of our community. While Moe is very modest, other leaders have told me that his leadership skills, willingness to listen to all voices, and his extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of our community help ensure this success. Experience, drive and leadership are critical at this time. Moe will have my vote on Nov. 8 and I encourage others to vote for him as well.

Mary McEntire
Park City

* * *

Peter Yogman will serve school district well


The future is now and we need people who will help shape the direction for the Park City School District, which is why I am personally supporting Peter Yogman. Peter has the time, experience and the knowledge to run organizations effectively and efficiently. We are in need a board member who is not only interested in the fiscal responsibility of taxpayers’ money but someone who is forward thinking about the education of our students and has had a vested interest in the school district with having his children in the Park City education system. Peter is a collaborator and will work to find common ground and create solutions within the school district that will not only benefit the students of today but our future students.

Ben Castro
Park City

* * *

Out of town? Sign up early for Live PC Give PC


There is a nip in the air and snow is on its way! It is time to head out of town to a warm climate for a while until we can sharpen up our skis and hit the slopes! I am not in Park City on Nov. 4, but have already registered at http://www.livepcgivepc.org and am ready to log on to give to my favorite non-profits. One, I already know, will get matching funds when I give.

Park City is a fabulous place to live. It is beautiful, active, friendly, and people care. I wake up to Leslie Thatcher on KPCW every day, I love the history and the Park City Museum on Main St., I love the arts, I go to the concerts, plays, movies and fabulous performances offered all year. I bike, and hike on the trails. I love the panoramas and the open space around town. This community cares for families in crisis and helps children reach their potentials. We have over 80 non-profits in town that have enriched my life and the lives of everyone in Park City.

Please join me before, or on, Nov. 4 by signing on to http://www.livepcgivepc.org and donate to your favorite organizations that enrich your life and make Park City the place it is today.

Sydney Reed
Park City

* * *

PCSD needs Yogman


Peter Yogman is a breath of fresh air. As retired PCSD reading specialists, we are impressed with the distinctly different way he would approach decision-making on issues like last spring’s dramatic changes in the elementary language arts program and the 2015 school bond.

We were disappointed to see poor public process and decision-making process during the bond issue. The Board ignored the recommendations of its own task force and made unjustifiably positive claims about the bond’s upsides. Then the Board allowed a complete redo of the language-arts program without much in the way of informed questioning of their professional staff. Rather than saying “we need to rely on our PhD professionals” we wanted them to pursue deeper questions about the current methods, the research, teacher involvement in the decision-making process, and how they would gain teacher buy-in for such an enormous undertaking.

Peter has been concerned about these issues. His approach to decision-making is this: strive for clarity by asking, “exactly what are we doing now?,” “do the justification narratives make sense,” “is the research supportive and complete,” and “have all options been fully vetted?” Only when you’ve done that can you rest in the knowledge that you have done your job as a Board member.

Peter has been preparing energetically for this post. For starters, he has attended every board meeting except for one since he announced his candidacy in the spring. He has attended many high school expansion task force meetings. He has held in-depth meetings with many principals, key district staff and parents. He is researching curriculum, mental health, grade level alignment issues, and much more. He is excited about so much that is happening in the district and looks forward to being a part of movement forward.
Please look at his website peterparkcity.net or his detailed brochure.

Sarah Klingenstein, Paula Botkin
Park City

* * *

Skullcandy urges support for Live PC Give PC


Most people know Park City is an amazing spot to visit and some of us are lucky enough to call it home. While Park City is synonymous with skiing and mountain biking and year-round festivals, it also has a little philanthropic secret as the home of over 100 nonprofits.

At Skullcandy we contribute to and benefit from these incredible organizations that are so numerous they enrich nearly every facet of life in Park City, benefiting residents and visitors alike. From youth to sports to music to education, we strive to support the community in many ways and that’s why Live PC Give PC is such an important partner, but I’ll get back to that.

Two organizations we simply can’t do without are Mountain Trails Foundation and the National Ability Center. From maps to maintenance and everything in between, Mountain Trails keeps the trails of Park City – the veins of our outdoor paradise – in the sterling condition we’ve come to expect. The National Ability Center helps people of all abilities develop lifetime skills through both affordable and adaptive sports and recreation. They allow people to live their life at full volume and better themselves.

Live PC Give PC enables us to donate to any or all such organizations that flat out make Park City. So here it is. We’re asking for your help. This November, Park City Community Foundation is leading the Live PC Give PC charge again. Mark your calendars for Friday, Nov. 4. Live PC Give PC offers the opportunity to donate online to your favorite local nonprofit organizations and make an impact in our amazing community. Please join the fun by going to livepcgivepc.org and support the causes that matter the most to you. Skullcandy’s “BORN IN PC” Give Back Program is looking forward to being a sponsor this year!

Lydia Rupnow, Skullcandy Community Relations Manager
Park City

* * *

A vote will make a difference in presidential race


I just filled in the circle next to Bill Barron’s name on my voter ballot. Bill is an independent candidate running for US Senate with the goal of addressing a single issue—climate change. Voting for Bill will not win the election for him but could capture 10 percent of the votes. Ten percent is the tipping point that sends Congress a strong message to urgently act on human-caused climate change.

Bill started the Salt Lake chapter of Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) which, along with 346 worldwide chapters, has the goal of creating political will among policymakers to address global warming’s effect on our climate. Bill has visited Washington many times meeting with members of Congress to discuss a market-based approach to reducing CO2 gas emissions and their greenhouse effects. CCL’s “Fee and Dividend” proposal places a gradually increasing fee on carbon-based fuels, at the source, and returns a dividend to households, offsetting the increased cost of fossil fuels. It would also stimulate jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Take this moment, before you vote, to think about the greenhouse effect you have seen in your own back yard:
•your tree that cost $1K to remove to prevent further spread of the tree-killing pine beetle
•your skis that sit more often on your porch due to fewer days of “cold smoke” powder days, or
•your child’s hospital stay due to asthma caused by carbon-polluted air. .

Many of us have asked ourselves “does my vote count this year?” We have asked this question particularly in this race for the Senate since the Republican climate denier is ahead by 35 percent in the polls. My answer to the question is in the ballot I filled out. Give Bill the 10 percent he needs to make our voices heard in Congress!

Karen Jackson, retired pediatric nurse practitioner
Salt Lake City

* * *

Utah needs to send a Democrat to Washington


We have an excellent opportunity in this unusual political year. We can elect Peter Clemens for Congress. The defeat of Rob Bishop would send the message that we want to protect our public lands from commercial exploitation and therefore we oppose the Utah Public Lands Initiative.

In the Presidential election Utah is in play. This means that straight Republican ticket balloting will be reduced. And that increases the possibility of electing Dr. Clemens. As I write this letter, the Salt Lake Tribune has endorsed Peter Clemens in his bid to defeat Bishop. This endorsement will be a huge boost to Clemens’ effort to unseat Bishop. So please get out and vote on Nov. 8 (or mail in your ballot by Nov. 7) and show your support for our National Forests and Parks by electing Peter Clemens.

Jill Sheinberg
Park City

* * *

Latino resident offers endorsement for Petra Butler


I came to the USA three years ago from Mexico City looking for a place with good quality of life for my family, I found it in Park City so I started my business here. The process hasn’t been easy but I found a lot of nice an lovely people who helped us with the transition, one of the key important people for us during that transition was Petra Butler, who, since the first day we met her, truly understood our inter-cultural and new neighbor situation, maybe because she was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas within a Mexican community.

In my conversations with Petra I noticed that she knows how immigrants think, how they act, fears, obstacles they face in a new country, few people in the community understand this as she does, I think that this is very important to better serve our community with close to 40 percent of Latino students. Additionally, with all those things happening in our local schools, I feel that my kids will be in a safer environment when leaders like Petra are more interested in the security of our kids and the security of the community in general.

I wrote this email to fully recommend Petra Butler as a great person and someone you could fully trust, Petra is already a great leader on this community.

Franco Pedraza
Park City

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