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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25-28, 2014

Different class of marriage is discrimination. Period.


In Sunday’s (10/12/2014) Salt Lake Tribune, Representative Kraig Powell stated he wants "classes" of marriage. This should not be tolerated. This would generate "classes" of people, which would lead to discrimination toward the "different people in the different classes" of marriage.

Representative Powell states "marriage equality" does not mean marriage identity. Does this mean that certain types of marriage cannot be identified, accepted or recognized? This sounds like a new type of discrimination. The state marriage license is not gender or class specific. It is just a license, a civil license that must be obtained before marriage in either a church or before a justice of the peace. The state marriage license indicates all marriages are equal.

He also states that marriage rights are different in his classes. The rights of which he speaks can only be: joint income tax filings, survivor benefits, insurance coverage for spouses, joint property ownership, adoption, the right to have a family, and the right to happiness. The question then becomes: Are these rights granted only to opposite-sex couples, but not to other classes of marriage because they are not in the "first class?" What are the rights of the other classes? What are the other classes?

Representative Powell states that "same-sex marriage is in some ways different than opposite-sex marriage." What are the differences other than being same-sex and not capable of procreation as a couple? Same-sex couples are human beings. They have the same wants and desires as other human beings.

Representative Powell has introduced legislation to update the State’s marriage laws. That is good and necessary. I just hope if this update of laws has his discriminatory classes in it, the rest of the legislature only updates the marriage laws and removes the "marriage classes" agenda.

Wayne Stevens

Democratic candidate for Utah Senate Dist. 26

* * *

Justin Martinez has served his country and his county well


It has come to my attention that I need to make my support for Justin Martinez a matter of record in a manner that reaches out to all of Summit County.

It is my opinion that it is time to move forward, to recognize and applaud the many accomplishments of candidate Justin Martinez. If you do not know this good man or what he has accomplished I suggest that you visit his website. Read about his outstanding education, his impressive military career and the public service he has rendered to this state and Summit County in particular. Read the endorsements, the list of officers and department heads is extensive.

I had occasion to work with Justin directly in my efforts to create a memorial in Utah for the Fallen Warriors. It had become our good fortune to acquire a piece of the World Trade Center footprint wall. The artifact had traveled across the country on a semi-truck. As the procession crossed the Utah/ Wyoming border it was met by an entourage spearheaded by Justin Martinez. He had coordinated the efforts of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Utah Highway Patrol, Park City Police and the Fire Departments of several surrounding communities. He took the time to make this a success for our community. Justin gave me his undivided attention and instructed me in the protocols, the dos and don’ts as we arranged to bring this historical artifact through Summit County with a stop in Park City.

Be an informed voter. Justin Martinez has leadership qualities that are unmatched, he is the person that we need to lead the Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

Raette Belcher

Park City

* * *

Kraig Powell is a friend of education

I have been at the Legislature watching Representative Kraig Powell. He has made a positive difference in the House of Representatives for Education. He became a Representative so that he could help Education. He is a voice of reason in the Legislature and works hard for practical solutions.

Monday night, I talked about education at the Candidate Forum sponsored by The Park Record and KCPW. I thank them for sponsoring the night. I spoke about the decline in percentage of spending by the Utah Legislature for Education in 1994 until 2012, while the income of Utah residents has increased by 179 percent. This was found in a study by the League of Women Voters in 2013. A study by the Utah Foundation Study compared Utah with similar states on their funds spent on Education. The other states maintained their percentage of spending on education while Utah’s declined. The achievement of Utah students has gone down while the other states’ student achievement scores have gone up. The property taxes were lower in 1994 and 96-97. A flat income tax was made law and a law was passed taking money from public education to support higher education thus lowering the percentage of money going to public education in Utah. This decline in the support of education was led by the Senate.

This took place long before Rep. Powell took office. He is not responsible for the decline in funding for education. Kraig Powell has worked hard within the Legislature for education. I am sure he will keep working to increase the funding. He voted last year to increase funding as a member of the Education Appropriations Committee and that increase was made law.

I am passionate about public education in Utah. We have excellent teachers and administrators in our system who need more support. The laws do need to be changed to increase funding percentage for the whole system and not for special interest groups. Representative Powell has worked hard for our schools and supports laws for the general good. He works well with both parties and is trying very hard to improve public education in Utah. Representative Kraig Powell needs to continue his work.

I support Representative Kraig Powell for District 54.

Lynda Simmons

Park City

* * *

A teacher supports Payne for Park City School Board


I am endorsing Doug Payne for Park City School Board because he has more educational understanding and knowledge in education than any other candidate. In the 20 years he has lived in Park City, Doug has served as a teacher, a principal, and an athletic director for Park City School District.

Any school board can benefit from an infusion of new blood and from a different perspective, but there are currently no school board members or candidates with a background and experience in education except Doug Payne. I trust that Doug will be a voice of reason and calm if elected to the school board.

Doug is a person that listens first, then decides. Doug is someone that doesn’t make decisions until he has all the facts. Doug is a person that does not rush to judgment. Doug is someone that works well with others.

If you value these characteristics and if you believe the Park City School Board needs someone with the experience of an educator then vote for Doug Payne.

Ed Mulick, teacher

Park City

* * *

As West side resident, Forsling brings valuable perspective to county

As a Park City resident and Summit County taxpayer, I am glad to have the opportunity to re-elect Corrie Forsling as our county treasurer, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for her. She is currently the only elected department head from Park City, and she represents us well in county government. With the majority of the county population based in Park City and the Basin, it’s important to maintain that voice in Summit County management. Forsling has also brought innovative new services to the treasurer’s office; I find it very convenient to have an electronic property tax bill emailed for our records, and I think it’s proof of her dedication to service.

Corrie Forsling has proven to be an excellent treasurer, has superb education and qualifications, and I hope you’ll join me in returning her to office on Election Day.

Laura D’Anna

Park City

* * *

Vote for the person not the party


"Vote Republican," says the campaign sign. Vote Republican? Straight ticket? No thought about the candidates or the offices? No THOUGHT?

We wonder if this mentality is what has led us into the political mess we all complain about. What we need to do is THINK, about each candidate, about his or her qualifications for a particular job. The Park Record published a terrific voter guide, asking candidates questions about their qualifications and goals. It’s directed specifically at each office and is available on The Park Record website. Letters to the editor are another source for information. So are candidate web pages.

Voters would do well to educate themselves before voting. A straight party vote for any party is a disservice to the whole election process. Let’s make this election count: vote for the person not the party.

Fran and John Craigle

Summit Park

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