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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26-30, 2016

Glenn Wright understands dangers of climate change


We have known Glenn Wright for many years as a progressive community leader. Glenn will be a great addition to our County Council. He is an enthusiastic supporter of clean energy and is a leader in the fight against climate change. Glenn will work to increase access to clean energy and electric vehicles and to expand employment and affordable housing so that more can live and work here and not have to commute, which will also reduce our traffic and pollution issues.

Climate Change is likely the most important issue of our time. If you care about our community and your children and grandchildren, then Glenn is a voice you want to have on our council. All of us that have lived here for many years have seen our winter snows decline. Hopefully we can get our ski resort neighbors to step up and use their enormous clout to help in the fight for our snow, their long-term business viability and the future of humanity. We all live here because of our fabulous environment and community. Please vote for Glenn for Summit County Council to preserve and improve what we love.

Dan and Carol Syroid

* * *

Treasure Mountain – ‘Just like a Polaroid’

Sometimes I see things differently. In 1986, Polaroid instant cameras were all the rage (“Shake it like a Polaroid picture” by OutKast). In 1986, Kodak was at the top of the picture film business. Like Polaroid, they were too late to understand the disruption of the digital photography business. Where are they now? Essentially out of that business.

Now picture this, in 1986, the Sweeney family was given an approval for their Treasure Park City project. Like Polaroid and Kodak, they failed to seize the moment. They did not move on the project even while Salt Lake City/Park City were preparing for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

In the past 30 years, Park City has grown, as small thriving towns tend to grow. The infrastructure has grown up near the proposed huge development and built to support the small town, not a million-square-foot development that is now out of place there.

Of course, the family points to Montage and the St. Regis developments’ size without seemingly understanding that there is not one place in Old Town where any person could view either development. Whereas, this monster development would overwhelm a small historic town, not just in views but also in infrastructure.

The family — and their very secret partner (I think we guessed it when we heard where the dirt was headed) — are only thinking short-term gain. The city needs to think of the impact on future generations.

Unfortunately, the time has passed for any development on that mountain, just as the time has passed for Polaroid and Kodak.

Bill Humbert
Park City

* * *

Hikers’ afternoon ruined by reckless cyciist


Tuesday Oct 11, three of us were hiking on the Park City Resort trails. It was a beautiful day. The sky was an impossible blue, the weather fantastic, and the fall leaves incredible. We were wandering through a particularly amazing stand of aspen oohing and ahhing and taking photographs when we suddenly heard someone shouting “BIKE, BIKE!” We looked up in time to see a mountain biker wearing a Cole Sports Jersey flying down the trail toward us. We all jumped off the trail as he raced by, not even trying to slow down. It was a bit of a buzz kill to say the least.

So we would like to say three things to this mountain biker:

1. Hikers have the right of way over bikers on the trails. Always. Most of us very nicely step aside to let you pass so you don’t have to get off of your bike but we do this because we are courteous not because you are entitled.

2. We don’t believe that you are so important that you cannot spare the several seconds needed to slow down when you approach and pass others on the trail.

3. If you are going to ride like a total arrogant jerk you really should not wear a Cole Sports or for that matter any logo’ed jersey. We are quite sure that they do not want you representing their brand.

Celeste Raffin, Kimberlee Barrett, Brooke Barrett
Park City

* * *

Moe Hickey’s commitment is already proven


As a former school board member who served with Moe, I heartily and without any reservation recommend his election to the School Board in November. Moe and I disagreed on many issues, but, in almost every instance, he turned out to be right. More importantly, Moe was a consensus builder, finding common ground and always putting the interests of Park City students first.

There is no way to convey the amount of time and effort Moe put into his role as an advocate for Park City students and excellence in public education. His tireless devotion to the district, his unparalleled understanding of istrict finances and affairs, and his tremendous leadership skills truly warrant his election.

Charles Cunningham
Park City

* * *

South Summit Trails group asks for Live PC Give PC support


Imagine if there were trail options right out your door. Instead of loading up the car and riding to the nearest trailhead, you could spend more time on that scenic walk with your family or riding single-track within the community where you live. Imagine safe paths for your children to enjoy the outdoors and connect with neighbors away from busy streets and traffic. This is our vision too. We want to bring more trails to you for hiking, biking, running, walking, horse riding and more.

To see this vision become a reality, we need your help!

Friday, Nov. 4, our community will come together for Live PC Give PC, and we invite you to support South Summit Trails Foundation. Live PC Give PC is 24 hours of non-profit giving for all of Summit County — and it’s your chance to make a real difference, right here, in our community.

In just one short year, South Summit Trails Foundation has made a difference. A few of our accomplishments include:
-New trails: SSTF not only helped with the physical addition of new trail at High Star Ranch, but lobbied for public access and approval from the city for the trail system.
-Maps: We created useable electronic and printable maps of current trails in our area. Maps are on our website, southsummittrails.org/maps and are available for free to the public.
-Community support: We gathered 700-plus signatures to show support for trails and open space through new development in Kamas Valley.
-Trail improvements: Thanks to many volunteers, long needed improvements have been done to the Oakley Trail and Shingle Creek Trail.

Part of the magic of this day is the incredible impact donations of all sizes can make. Together we can shape the future of our valley!

To find out more, please visit livepcgivepc.org

Raeshell Sutherland
South Summit Trails Foundation

* * *

Petra Butler is ready to serve PCSD

Petra Butler is ready to hit the ground running when she wins the Park City School District board seat for District 3. Having re-involved myself in district issues, I believe Petra has the commitment and drive to be an important voice for, first and foremost, our children, closely followed by parents and district taxpayers.

She has deeply immersed herself by getting to know citizens and patrons, interest groups, local foundations, non-profits, physical and mental health organizations, ecumenical groups, youth groups, city and county elected officials as well as departments (including public safety), housing organizations, district teachers, board members and administrators, PTOs, community councils and so many more while preparing for this all important position. Her knowledge of our community brings a new set of eyes to our issues.

Petra’s experience as a 25-year veteran of the FBI and Secret Service specializing in the welfare of communities and its children adds to her credentials. She knows how to work in diverse and challenging environments. She has worked for us in her governmental roles at national and local levels. Let’s put her to work here where she can share her expertise to improve school safety, fiscal responsibility, leadership, academics and enhancing community partnerships.

I highly value the work of the PCSD administration, and I believe that they perform best when they are challenged by citizens and the school board. That requires our citizens to gain knowledge, and the board members to conduct independent research, so that they may ask pertinent questions. When our Board members ask the right questions and welcome the public’s questions and input, we challenge the professionals to more fully develop their academic or administrative proposals. Everyone performs at their best in this environment.

I believe Petra welcomes this dynamic style of leadership and collaboration. I encourage you to support her and call her (435-659-5658) with questions.

Chuck Klingenstein
Park City

* * *

A question for all school board candidates

To one and all:

1. What is your position on arming teachers and how do you propose to protect our children and teachers? Please don’t suggest the police because every town that has had student killings has a police force, and a good one.

2. What is your position on having a Pledge of Allegiance every morning be mandatory and having it also be mandatory for each student to stand during the pledge?

David G. Clark
Park City

* * *

Tal Adair would be a hard working council member


I have known Tal Adair for 11 years. We first met working at the same Mortgage Brokerage Company in Park City. Over the years I have observed the man Tal Adair both professionally and personally. He has shown commitment to both work and family even in the most difficult times. He has been recognized by Park City Board of Realtors as being great at what he does in the mortgage industry and has always been a committed dad to his family in spite of life struggles at times. He not only executes his work with honesty, integrity and commitment, but from a perspective of caring for the people he comes in contact with.

The character of a man is making the right decision when no one is looking and I can say without a doubt that Tal Adair is that man. In a world that is lacking these attributes, Tal has character, conviction and dedication. When a decision is to be made he analyzes all aspects thoroughly with all parties’ concerns considered and never makes the easy decision, but the right one.

Tal Adair is the type of person that we need in local government in order to make the right decisions for what is best for the people he serves. Supporting Tal Adair for the Summit County Council position is not only the easy decision for me, but the right one for the people of Summit County. So please join me in Supporting Tal Adair for Summit County Council, it will be your best decision.

Karl Gage
Park City

* * *

Moe Hickey’s return to school board is welcome


We heartily support Moe Hickey in his attempt to return to the Park City School Board. To be clear, Moe’s departure from the board in 2015, after serving from 2008, was purely due to his moving his personal residence. Prior to joining the school board Moe founded, or was involved in, a number of non-profits, including MOM (Men of McPolin), and the Park City Education Foundation. During Moe’s previous school board terms, the board started pre-K programs, dual language, expanded AP offerings, started the PCCAPS program as well as Latinos in Action, among others. Moe has worked closely with and developed relationships with the city, the county, law enforcement and a variety of non-profits, including, of course, PCEF.

More importantly, Moe understand the needs of our school district as well as anyone. As the PCSD has eliminated numerous administrative positions, he recognizes gaps that urgently need to be filled. Among the positions that need to be filled are: a full time early childhood coordinator, a dual language coordinator, and PCCAPS leader to name a few.

There are no other candidates that come close to having the knowledge, experience and relationships that Moe has. Moe’s devotion to our kids and to our community is unparalleled. We’ve known Moe for 10 plus years and strongly vouch for his enthusiasm and generosity of his time. Please support Moe Hickey for the school board.

John & Mindy Halsey
Park City

A vote for Moe Hickey is a gift to our children


Moe Hickey is the clear choice for the Park City School Board in District 3. He, like all parents and teachers, always thinks and acts in the best interests of the students.
Moe’s integrity, superb analytical skills, and single-minded focus on excellence-in-education are second to none. He lives and breathes Park City education and wants to improve its delivery to our children. He will bring his vast experience and intelligence to addressing our many challenges in regards to enrollment growth, funding, staffing, and policy-making.

Our students and our community need Moe Hickey on the Board.

Michael Boyle
Park City

* * *

Caplan is a good fit for school board


I write in support of Andrew Caplan for School Board District 2. Of the two candidates, only Mr. Caplan demonstrates a recent record of achievement in supporting our children.

He serves on the Board of the Park City Education Foundation which raises and donates huge sums to support the schools. At the recent Red Apple Gala, he raised his paddle frequently to donate to the district. His wife Courtney and he are leaders in the EATS Park City movement which has improved nutrition in our schools.

His opponent Mr. Yogman, when asked about his district involvement in the 6 years since his youngest child graduated, reported that he has “spoken with friends” about school board issues. He has also attended school board meetings. But his signature accomplishment is his advocacy against last year’s facilities bond. Mr. Yogman’s efforts helped to derail a months-long public process and delayed necessary improvements. As the father of a young child moving through our overcrowded and outdated schools I don’t believe that his efforts should be rewarded.

Finally, after listening to the Oct. 17 debate, I continue to be impressed with Mr. Caplan’s demeanor and comportment. His respect for opposing viewpoints and dedication to listening and learning is precisely what the district needs after the bitterness of last year’s bond election.

For these reasons I hope you will join me in voting for Andrew Caplan for School Board District 2. If you’re not a registered voter you may still register online before November 1 at http://www.vote.utah.gov.

Alex Natt
Park City

* * *

Adair’s endorsements are proof he’s the right candidate


Many times when it comes time to vote I wonder who I should vote for. While I don’t have all the answers, in fact, this election cycle I have more questions and concerns than ever before, But I do know who has my personal support for Summit County Council seat E, Tal Adair!

I served as a BSA Scout Leader with Tal and I have witnessed the dedication and standards he lives every day.

Tal has many impressive endorsements listed on his website including Governor Herbert, Congressman Bishop and Senator Van Tassell. He is also endorsed by the Park City Board of Realtors and the Mayors of Francis, Kamas, Oakley, Henefer and Coalville.

The people of Summit County, especially on the East side where Tal Lives, can count on Tal Adair to be their voice in Council matters.
Vote for Tal Adair!

Robert Petty

* * *

Candidate Colin DeFord brings new tools to the table


For years, information in Summit County has been disseminated through The Park Record and KPCW. Both do a great job but they can only do so much to inform the public. Luckily, some public servants are taking communication to the next level.

During the past year, Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner and candidate for the County Council, Colin DeFord, has been using social media to keep neighbors updated on important events that may effect them. For example, during a recent Planning Commission discussion about the Boyer Tech Park, Mr. DeFord notified the neighborhood about the need to hear from the community. When a person had a question about the meeting, he answered it online. When someone said they couldn’t attend the meeting, Mr. DeFord provided a written summary of the meeting only hours after the meeting ended.

While I’m sure it is more work for our elected leaders to use social media, in addition to their other duties, isn’t that what we should expect in today’s world? Perhaps it’s an age thing. Perhaps Mr. DeFord represents a younger generation who believes in constant, open communication. If so, I celebrate that. It makes me wonder what other ideas the younger generation may have regarding our critical issues like traffic.

Should Mr. DeFord win in his bid for the County Council, I look forward to how he will use successful communication to make our county better. Regardless, I hope all elected officials take a cue from what he is doing.

Josh Mann
Jeremy Ranch

* * *

Yogman sets record straight


A kind letter of support for my candidacy for Park City School Board in last Saturday’s paper was misleading due to a dropped word. I have “had” two children go through the Park City schools. I have many friends with children currently in the schools, from elementary to high school, but my children have graduated.
Thank you:

Peter Yogman
Park City

* * *

Doug Clyde: Experience really does matter


I met Doug Clyde five years ago in connection with some land planning work involving a local non-profit. Doug had been highly recommended by Bob Wells and generously volunteered his services. He continues to advise the project today, and to say that he has made a major contribution is an understatement.

Doug has an extensive background and knowledge of land planning issues, local government, and our community, and has greatly impressed me with his ability to identify and consider both sides of an issue and to offer solution options that reflect both wisdom and compassion.

We are fortunate, as citizens of Summit County, to have exceptional talent on our County Council. Doug Clyde’s added presence will only make it stronger and more effective. The Summit County Council has real and important issues to deal with, near and long term. We need Council members with Vision, Fairness, Integrity and Experience, to represent us. Doug Clyde represents all of these qualifications and personal characteristics.

In an election season that seems to be focused more on negative, rather than positive attention to candidates, I am genuinely excited about casting a vote for Doug Clyde. I know, first hand, what he is capable of, what contributions he can make, and the experience he has to represent all of us in a fair and impartial manner.

Irrespective of party affiliation, I urge you to thoughtfully consider a vote for Doug Clyde for Summit Council Seat B.

Jim Smith
Park City

* * *

Reminder: Live PC Give PC is just a week away


My family and I moved from Connecticut to Park City in 2012 and we have never looked back. This community is a uniquely fantastic place to live. One thing that makes it great is the presence of so many local non-profits that work tirelessly to help the residents and elevate the quality of life we enjoy. Since moving here, I have supported the Park City Community Foundation’s Live PC Give PC as a volunteer and member of the planning committee. I feel compelled to give back with time and money to the groups who have been invaluable to my family and me. All of the non-profits, from fledgling to well-established, rely on us to keep them in business. I urge everyone to show their passion and appreciation by participating in Live PC Give PC, happening on Friday, Nov. 4 this year. Please donate generously online at livepcgivepc.org to help the causes that matter most to you.

Steve Spaulding
Jeremy Ranch

* * *

Incumbent councilmember McMullin endorses DeFord


Colin DeFord is my choice for County Council Seat B. I have known Colin for eight years having appointed him (twice) to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and sponsored his membership in the Park City Rotary Club. Indeed, I recruited Colin to run for what has been my seat on the Summit County Council for two terms.

Why? Because, as he proved chairing the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission during more than a few thorny and controversial applications and General Plan/Development Code re-writes, Colin has the temperament, tenacity, and collaborative skills for the job. Colin is also open–minded, unbiased, well prepared and thoughtful. He has no agenda. He is a true problem solver. And, problem solving is exactly what Summit County needs with the constant pressure we face on many fronts including growth, traffic, affordable housing and mental health.

In sum, while I consider both candidates for Seat B to be friends and qualified for the job, Colin DeFord is unequivocally my choice for County Council Seat B. Please vote for Colin DeFord!

Claudia McMullin
Summit County Council member, Seat B

* * *

Bad move: Park city swaps CNG for diesel


In an environmentally backwards move, Park City has lost its only CNG station to make way for more Diesel. Clean burning natural gas isn’t as profitable as diesel, even though diesel creates unsightly exhaust that is a proven carcinogen.

The Top Stop on Park Avenue removed its CNG pumps this month, and replaced their gasoline pumps so now they all offer diesel. Previously, only a couple of the pumps offered diesel, and one whole side of the station was frequently blocked off by Allied Waste garbage trucks fueling up on CNG. Those trucks would sit there for a long time, 20 minutes or more each, discouraging others from trying to stop.

It will now be way easier to fill up diesel vehicles in Park City. As for all those garbage trucks, you can find them at the remaining CNG Station in Summit County, the Sinclair in Silver Creek.

Allied Waste should have its own CNG fueling station. The public stations are designed for passenger vehicles and don’t have the capacity to fill those large trucks efficiently. They have already run CNG out of Park City proper, a loss for all in a place that needs to be environmentally responsible.

Mark Lindemann
Park City

* * *

Moe Hickey knows how schools work


A couple of years ago, I made a point of introducing myself to Moe Hickey, who was then serving as President of the Park City School District Board of Education. While we’d never met, I knew more about him than perhaps he realized.

“I am the daughter of a former school board president,” I told him. “So I wanted to thank you and your family for your time and dedication.”

Moe has, of course, served gladly. He’s dedicated. He left the board only because he moved out of the precinct where he was elected to serve. He’s running again. He knows there’s more to do, and that he has the experience and relationships—in the schools, and in key constituencies in town—to get it done.

Since our first meeting, Moe has become a friend, a mentor and a colleague. His patience impresses me—we are not a town of shrinking violets, and few of us are impervious to the urge toward “ready, fire, aim” debate. Moe’s capacity for both pragmatic and creative thinking about big issues is an asset to our district. His ability to listen to the details of a situation without becoming mired in them is, too. His passion for the underserved population means he will work toward closing the achievement gap—something that is key to the success of all children in our town.

I would encourage voters in Precinct 3 to vote for Moe. He can see the way forward, and has the experience and temperament to work toward consensus in a group of passionate people who may not always agree. We need his experience and his commitment to our kids, back on the board.

Bari Nan Rothchild
Jeremy Ranch

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