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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4-7, 2014

Vote for Amy Yost in upcoming election


Positive politics! Who knew those two words could ever go together

They are synonymous with Amy Yost.

I have known Amy for 15 of the 25 years I have lived here. She is a lifetime resident who loves and enjoys everything about Summit County and truly desires the county to be maintained with financial prosperity. Her integrity, reliability, and hardworking ethics will be more than beneficial to all citizens of Summit County.

Amy’s background in the financial industry enhances her experience and knowledge, to manage the hard-earned citizen tax dollars with integrity and honesty. To maintain, balance, and appropriately disperse the county taxpayers dollars is her financial stewardship. She can change the county for the positive.

Vote for Amy. She is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Be prepared to be amazed with Amy.

Joan Turner

Park City

* * *

Support for vaccines saves lives


Had the vaccine for rotovirus been available for my daughter seven years ago we could have avoided our two-day stay at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Now, the newer rotovirus and pnumococcal vaccines are making sweeping progress possible here and around the world. These vaccines prevent pneumonia and diarrhea, two of the most common causes of death for children under five years old.

The GAVI Alliance, is a public private partnership focused on increasing access to vaccines in poor countries. Generous donors, such as the U.S. government and LDS charities have helped GAVI provide immunizations to nearly half a billion children since the year 2000.

Not only has the Alliance saved an estimated 5 million lives, but they have set up health systems in developing countries. Of the 65 countries that have received support, 22 are set to "graduate" from needing financial support for immunizations by 2020. Also, by working with manufactures and providing a larger market for vaccines they have been able to decrease our cost for these vaccines by 37 percent.

The U.S. should continue to do its part in supporting life-saving vaccines world-wide with a $1 billion pledge over the next four years.

Debbie Baskin

RESULTS volunteer (http://www.results.org ), Park City

* * *

Personal attacks on Kris Hendricksen are wrong


Summit County Voters:

I am disgusted with the inaccurate and disrespectful nature of the attacks on Kris Hendricksen made by Dean Carr in his recent letter to the editor. Perhaps if Mr. Carr really had more confidence in the candidate he claims to endorse he would spend more time talking about what the man has to offer and less time trying to damage Kris Hendricksen’s reputation.

Kris Hendricksen has a long and distinguished law enforcement service record in Utah County. I am only one of many law enforcement officers from around the state (who don’t have political ties to Summit County) but know Kris Hendricksen professionally and would strongly disagree with Mr. Carr’s tainted assessment of his experience, integrity and talent.

Kris performed successfully in leadership positions for many years with a police department that served a population of over 90,000. A department, I might add, that maintained a public approval rating in the 90% range and was widely considered one of the best law enforcement institutions in the state during that time. Mr. Carr tries to claim that leadership of Summit County Sheriff’s Office is hopelessly beyond Kris Hendricksen’s abilities and experience; I would say the facts indicate otherwise.

Sergeant Shane Fredrickson

Orem Police Department

* * *

Martinez has earned my vote


I am a Summit County resident and I am a Republican. I will not however, allow party lines to influence my vote for the Summit County Sheriff. I stand with the Fraternal Order of Police and support Justin Martinez for Summit County Sheriff.

Justin has my vote because he has earned it. As the recently retired Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcment Administration, I have enjoyed a productive, professional relationship with Justin and the Summit County Sheriffs Office. Justin is qualifed, prepared and ready to lead the Sheriffs Office. Justin has an impressive resume, a solid educational background and a proven track record of exceptional performance at the Sheriff’s Office.

Justin understands what the citizens of Summit County expect from the Sheriff’s Office. He grasps that expectations are far more complex than providing safety and security for those who live, recreate and vacation in our county. Justin understands that we as citizens of Summit County expect his office to operate around the pillars of professionalism, accountability, integrity and transparency.

I encourage Summit County voters to visit both candidates websites: justinforsheriff.com and kris4summitsheriff.com. Look at the educational backgrounds of the candidates, who has endorsed them and their command-level experience. The backgrounds and resumes speak for themselves and what they convey is Justin is the only choice for Summit County Sheriff.

Frank Smith

Park City

* * *

Hendricksen is ‘community oriented’


After reading varying opinions as to the qualifications of the candidates running for the next Sheriff of Summit County, I would like to add my own strong opinion of the outstanding qualities of Kris Hendricksen. I have worked with Kris as a fellow Officer for over twenty years in many various capacities. Those years of observation lead me to state confidently that Kris is willing to accept the responsibilities of Leadership, and has the vision necessary to continue being a successful leader. His lengthy career serving in a variety of positions under a wide range of leadership styles has given him the valuable on the job experience to lead a major Law Enforcement Agency. He has served within City, County, State and Federal agencies, this experience should be a quality that each county resident should look at as they make a decision as to the future of their County. Kris has the qualities needed to lead a department dedicated to protect and serve every citizen.

I have had the opportunity to listen as he talks about Summit County, the people who reside there and his desire to make the home where he lives with his family a better place. Kris lives within the County he wants to serve and he wants his future employees to have the same service oriented attitude, which he has developed. Kris has the current on the job experience to understand modern Law Enforcement, but Kris recalls the days that residents knew who "their Deputies" were. Kris wants to regain the trust that citizens of Summit County deserve to receive from "their Deputies".

If the residents of Summit County want a community oriented Law Enforcement agency that serves the needs of the citizens and answers to those needs, Kris Hendricksen will make an outstanding Summit County Sheriff, who will bring these values to your County.

Jeff Lougee


* * *

VRBO is overrun by ‘outsider corporation’


Last Tuesday was a very sad day for me and the 100s of local owner-operated vacation home renters. I logged on to the VRBO site and there were 48 new listings ahead of me all controlled by Wyndam Vacation Rentals. A VRBO listing is ranked by both seniority as well as what package you pay for. How they let these 48 listing in front of the line is beyond me, and that’s 48 just in the "south Old Town section."

Wyndham has 167 total that have been allowed to cut to front of the line in Park City. VRBO needs to be called out for this as they have now let an outsider corporation bully the locals at this very crucial time AKA ski season. So many locals depend on this season to rent and this is going to crush many of them. I would like The Park Record to do the right thing and get this issue noticed. It’s the right thing to do.

Craig and Lisa Orr

Park City

* * *

Hilder would be an improvement for county


Having observed the Summit County Attorney’s office in action for nine years while serving on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, it is my opinion that electing Robert Hilder as County Attorney would be a big step forward for our county.

Hilder understands that sound legal counsel benefits every department of county government. He is committed to establish "a new model of professional law office management in the small ‘firm’ that represents our county" and it’s citizens.

Sixteen years experience as a trial judge, thirteen years of litigation experience, and a proven record of performance in mediations and arbitrations is a enviable record for any attorney. Hilder will bring this level of expertise to our county government.

Hopefully this will reduce the number of costly lawsuits the county has historically faced each year. Many of the lawsuits are a result of an ambiguous land management code, poorly drafted development agreements, and bad advice provided to elected officials. There is a lot of room for improvement.

Mike Washington

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