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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 8-10, 2014

Moose situation ‘sad and dangerous’

It looks like wildlife has lost again. A female moose was killed with a semi-automatic handgun owned by a guy walking around Summit Park. The guy said he was trying to shoot above the moose. How then did the moose get two bullet wounds – one to the chest and one to the head? Guess he’s not a very good shot!

The prosecutor decided that the state statute (Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm because of the proximity to the neighborhood) was not violated. What? Wasn’t this guy walking around Summit Park where there are houses and people walking with their dogs when he started shooting? Not to mention that there were hikers and cyclists in the area.

His dog was off-leash and the prosecutor says that "It would thus not be reasonable for the shooter to know or believe that the mere act of walking his dog off-leash would provoke or attract an attack by a wild animal." What? How long has the shooter lived here? If a female moose has a baby, she is going to protect it. Everyone in this area knows that. I have a dog and I have him on a leash because it’s the law and there are moose and deer around.

The statute allows a person to take action to prevent his (how about her, too) animals from being harmed. The best way to do that is to keep your dog on a leash. Therefore, this guy was not protecting his own dog. As for the moose protecting her own baby, that doesn’t apply to lowly wild animals.

So, it sounds like three laws were broken. 1) Wanton Destruction of Wildlife – a third degree felony for taking a prized animal. 2) Breaking the leash laws and 3) Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm because of proximity to the neighborhood. We will see if he is prosecuted for breaking any of these laws.

It is sad that a beautiful moose had to be shot and killed. What is really sad and dangerous in this situation, is that this man was walking around shooting off a semi-automatic weapon in a neighborhood, with other people walking, cycling and hiking in the area. Next time he tries to shoot over the head of something and kills it, it may be one of us…..

Judy Costello

35-year resident, Park City

* * *

Know Payne Know Gain!


Pinebrook area voters, you have an incredible opportunity to elect Doug Payne to our Park City School District Board of Education. Our school board has enormous influence and responsibility in our district and community. Entrusted with financial oversight, this group of elected officials enacts the vision of our district by hiring great leaders and educators and supporting them in their ultimate goal: educating our kids. Doug Payne is the guy!

From my perspective as a veteran teacher, a Utah/Park City Education Association leader, parent of four kids (classes of ’09, ’12, ’14, ’16) and community member, Doug Payne exemplifies the qualities we need on our PCSD Board of Education.

A retired career educator/administrator, Doug brings a perspective that would strengthen the relationships in our district and bring a balance of expertise and experience to the board. As a parent of two sons (PCHS classes of ’13, ’16) and a longtime Pinebrook resident, Doug has the pulse on the community. Doug is well qualified to ensure that our collective values are reflected in how our tax dollars are spent. As a person, Doug is quick to learn and slow to judge. His calm and thoughtful approach would be an incredible asset on our school board.

Sure, I am admittedly biased because Doug Payne changed my life when as principal of Treasure Mountain, he hired me in the fall of 2000. My partiality is grounded in my firsthand experience. I have been a teacher under Doug’s leadership, a colleague on PCSD committees, a parent on the sidelines while he was Athletic Director, and most importantly to me a friend.

Please join me in supporting Doug Payne for PCSD Board of Education District 5!

Heidi Matthews

Park City

* * *

Hilder has skills, experience to be county attorney


As Salt Lake’s City Attorney from 2002 to 2013, I saw firsthand the qualities that make an effective local government attorney. I believe that Robert Hilder is extremely well-qualified to serve as our County Attorney. Thirty years experience as a lawyer and trial judge have given him a broad understanding of Utah law. As a mediator, he has found solutions that brought disputing parties together. As the former head of a law firm, he knows how to manage a law office. And he is a lawyer of unquestioned integrity. As a twelve year resident of Summit County, I am delighted that Robert Hilder is running for County Attorney.

Ed Rutan

Park City

* * *

Vote for Yost for county treasurer


I encourage you to become informed and vote. I’m supporting Amy Yost for Summit County Treasurer. I have known Amy and her family personally for many years. She has been an active member of Summit County and has been a volunteer in many capacities. She knows the county!

She has worked in Finance for over 20 years. With her banking, real estate, mortgage lending and investment experience, she would be an excellent Treasurer. My late husband, Glen Thompson, served as Summit County Treasurer for 25 years and felt his two main responsibilities were to know property taxes and investments. Amy has knowledge and experience with both of these.

Her qualities of integrity, honesty, personality and ethics would serve us well as our Treasurer. I am happy to lend my support for Amy Yost. VOTE FOR Yost!!!

Ellen Thompson


* * *

A Park City native endorses Hendricksen


It looks like the race for Summit County Sheriff is heating up, so its time for me to speak up. I’m very proud that I am a fourth generation "Park Cityite" as my grandma Ruby Dingle used to say. My great grandpa, grandpa, father and uncles worked in the Silver Queen and Heckla mines and my grandma worked her whole life in the various shops on Main Street. I know the value of hard work, I know that I come from working stock and I am very proud of that fact, like my ancestors before me, I have worked my whole life, and so has my siblings… and I certainly admire it in others.

Kris Hendricksen has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. We worked together in the Utah County Drug and Gang Major Crimes Task Force. I always admired Kris for his dedication to a job well done. Kris is fair and always treated those we arrested with courtesy and dignity. He would work the extra hours to get the job done when everyone else was ready to go home.

Summit County is a lovely place. However you all know you are experiencing gang activity, narcotic sales and violent crimes as well as property and personal crime. Kris has plenty of experience working in those arenas. Kris can supervise and coordinate with other agencies to form Task Forces and teams to get a handle on the problems you are experiencing. I have seen him do it, I know he is qualified to do it, and he has the fortitude to do it. I want my families’ county to be the happy place I grew up enjoying. I want my aunts and cousins to be safe and be able to now worry about personal crime. I want you all to enjoy the beautiful county in which you live. And for that to be possible, I hope you will join me and support Kris Hendricksen for Summit County Sheriff.

Patty Wardell-Long

Spanish Fork

* * *

‘Livid’ about moose shooting


I am livid about the idiot in Summit Park that killed the moose with a semi-automatic gun. This whole thing happened because his dog was off-leash and he obviously could not control the dog. This moose was a female. Did anyone check to see if she had a baby with her?

Some questions:

1.Why would you take your dog that you cannot control hiking on a very popular trail.

2. If the dog was stupid enough to go after a moose; doesn’t the moose have a right to defend itself? Should the moose just stand there and let the dog attack her?

3. I hike ALL the time with my malamute. Maybe she is more intelligent than this dog. When she smells a moose, she backtracks. We have come across a lot of moose with their babies. COMMON SENSE tells you the mother moose will and has a right to protect. COMMON SENSE tells you she will and has a right to defend herself.

4. So if his dog went after my dog and I did something to stop it, is it legal to kill me?

I am more afraid now of going on a hike knowing that people are carrying weapons than I am of ANY wildlife. We have a lot of wildlife in our area. Not one time in 30 years have I come across any animal that deserved to be shot. WE are in their territory. They have nowhere to go.

Shame on you for killing this beautiful creature and shame on you DWR.

Ann Kruse

Park City

* * *

More support for Hendricksen


I am writing this letter to support Kris Hendricksen in his campaign for sheriff. I have known Kris for over 12 years. I first met Kris when Summit County recruited him because of his leadership experience to come from Orem PD to help Summit County with their drug task force. I had the opportunity to work by his side on the SWAT Team. I was impressed with Kris’s concern for the safety of all involved (including suspects).

I have became very close to Kris over the past eight years. I have been amazed with Kris’s work ethic. He works full-time at UVU Police Department (the largest university in Utah), he teaches at the Police Academy, and has been campaigning four or more days a week.

I have been with Kris a few times as he goes and talks to the citizens of this great county. What impresses me the most is how he listens to the concerns of the citizens. Even better Kris uses those concerns to help him form his policies. He respects all those that he has talked to, and wants to talk to more citizens. If you haven’t talked to him, you might not have been home when he was in your neighborhood or he has not been there yet. Kris is the type of leader that appreciates input from others, and is willing to look at other points of view. Feel free to contact Kris by email or on his Facebook page.

I know Kris is passionate about Summit County and the quality of life that the citizens enjoy. I know he will lead the Sheriff’s Office in a new found service and integrity-oriented office.

Austin Turner

Morgan County Council member

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