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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 10-12, 2014


Let the public make decision on Kimball project


The proposed expansion of the Kimball Art Center promised: a potential architectural enhancement; direct community benefit; visitor appeal; a potential middle-of-town place-anchor; a sense of aesthetic, stimulating, visual energy in a matrix of (albeit cute) sameness.

Because these are public benefits, I feel that the proposal should reach its final adjudication in the public venue, not in the office of a city department. I greatly respect the staff involved. This isn’t a question of their diligence or accuracy in analysis of the proposal and the LMC. It is a matter of process.

My proposal at this juncture would be for the planning staff and commission to precisely enumerate what would be required to approve this project. In this regard, my thought would be a min-rezoning of the Kimball parcel as an arts district. This would avoid the possible future peril of exemption/exception/variance precedent. (Although the Kimball really is different from other projects: it is truly a quasi-public, community institution.)

The bottom line of thought is simple: this should end, with public input, as a community decision. I propose that city council and the planning commission request from staff, and then publically review possible means of approval of this project.

As a last comment: interested readers may wish to learn of a sister-city’s (Aspen) recent opening, in a near-identical consideration of this precise issue, and less than a month ago, of a new art museum. http://www.aspenartmuseum.org.

Alan Agle

Park City

* * *

Laughs for a good cause


When you spend an entire night laughing, and the full amount of your ticket directly supports the People’s Health Clinic, you fall asleep happily exhausted, knowing you participated in something wonderful. That is the essence of Healthy Laughs.

Many, many, thanks to our effervescent, heart-of-gold emcee David Williams; the Montage Deer Valley for playing host to such a rowdy bunch; the comedians who gave their time and talent; Five Star Audio Visual who made sure not a joke was missed and to all of you who attended and know how wonderful it feels to laugh and do some good at the same time.

Healthy Laughs returns next year. We invite you to be part of this entertaining and rewarding experience.

In good health.

Jenny Dorsey, Fundraising Director

The People’s Health Clinic

* * *

Citizens too lax on showing respect for their country


As I was waiting for the parade to start on Miner’s Day, I noticed how many families were enjoying the day.

What disturbed me was when our country’s flag went by, how many people did not pay respect to our flag. A huge majority did not stand up or take off their hats to show respect. So my question is: what are you teaching your children?

We are so lucky to live in a country where we are free to watch a parade without worrying about getting bombed or attacked by others who do not believe in our country.

When the United States of America’s flag passes by, stand up- be proud, take off your hat, put your hand over your heart, be an example to your children. Teach them how to respect the Red,White and Blue. God Bless America!

Cindy Schugg

Park City

* * *

Kimball Art Center not the only one caught in quagmire


I am disappointed, but not surprised, with KAC’s proposed intention to leave Main Street.

A few years ago, I was caught in the middle of the Bldg. Dept. vs. the Planning Dept. — a tug of war between City inspectors and me, the property and building owner. After his review of the building plans, I was fortunate to have the mayor step up and call a meeting attended by some 12 City personnel, the builder and myself.

The petty issues were quickly resolved and the Woodside Inn became a reality. Perhaps a similiar resolution should be tried to keep the KAC in Old Town/Main Street. I find it interesting that a block away from the KAC corner sits the Sky Lodge, an attractive hotel building with a modern design. If it offends the historical buffs, perhaps they should step up and buy it and then tear it down.


Bob McCallister

Park City

* * *

Open letter to Utah’s Senators: Repeal Citizens United

Dear Senators Hatch and Lee:

Through nearly four decades of devoted public service, Senator Hatch, you have seen from the inside how the wealthy few increasingly dominate the halls of congress.

Four years ago, Senator Lee, you committed to become the voice of regular taxpayers in Washington DC.

You both promised to defend our Constitution against all threats. Well, the wolf is no longer at the door. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has unleashed it into our house. What was once corruption and bribery is now business as usual. "Government by the people and for the people," has become government by and for the 1 percent.

Our founders did not throw off the yoke of monarchy to see it replaced by a new yoke, forged by the vastly rich. As long as corporations are ‘persons,’ and money is speech, a handful of ‘corporate persons’ will drown out the voices of millions of individual citizens as they please.

On September 8th please standup and represent the rest of us. Start the process of restoring the faith of Americans in their government: Vote "Yes" on Senate Joint Resolution 19, to repeal Citizens United.

Posterity will judge your legacies by this critical vote.

Steve Lewis

Park City

* * *

Friends of Library thanks friends in community


The Board of the Friends of the Park City Library would like to thank the community for once again making our Annual Labor Day Used Book Sale a success. Each year the Friends of the Library raise funds that enrich library offerings and services. Our book sale is our major fund raiser, and we couldn’t do it without you!!

We would particularly like to thank the Board of the Senior Citizens Center for generously allowing the Book Sale to take place in their building!! And, thanks to those Park City workers who hauled a year’s worth of donated books from the construction pod to the Senior Citizens’ Center, to Smith’s for donating our refreshments, to all the volunteers who answered our call to help with the sale, and to KPCW and the Park Record for all the publicity leading up to the sale.

Another way to support the library is to attend the Annual Author Luncheon on October 14 at Silver Lake Lodge, featuring Tom Clyde! We hope to see you there. Tickets are available at our Library, at the Miner’s Hospital Building.

Jean Daly, Co-President

Friends of the Park City Library Board

* * *

Please stop for school buses to keep our kids safe


Thank-you to all the people that choose to obey the law and stop when the school bus has its red lights flashing and the stop sign extended. I appreciate your consideration for the safety of our children.

To the man in the black two-door Audi, the blond woman in the black minivan and the driver in the black four-door sedan – all driving through the bus stop illegally in Pinebrook – why would you needlessly put our kids’ lives at risk? The Utah law regarding school buses states: Red flashing lights and extended stop arms indicate that the bus has stopped, and that children are getting on or off. Motorists must stop and wait until the red lights stop flashing, the extended stop sign is withdrawn, and the bus begins moving before they can start driving again.

Please stop when you encounter a school bus that is stopped with flashing red lights. The few extra minutes required of you will save the lives of our children. Thanks.

Shaunna Wall

Park City

* * *

Judge would make a good county attorney

For the first time in many years, we have an opportunity to create real and meaningful change in the way Summit County Attorney’s office is managed. I’m urging you to get acquainted with Robert Hilder and join me in supporting his candidacy for Summit County Attorney.

Utah law requires Summit County Council, elected officials, Boards, and administrative/executive offices to use the services of the County Attorney. They may occasionally hire outside counsel for special purposes, but not for the daily grind of legal review and advice. Civil attorneys work in Coalville at the Court House and advise on land use, contracts and other similar matters. Prosecutors work at the Justice Center in Silver Creek. The elected County Attorney manages both functions and has an office in each location.

We need better, wiser management and Robert Hilder is the perfect guy to get us on the right path. He lives in Summit County and he cares deeply about our community. Other salient points:

-13 years of litigation experience

-16 years experience as a trial judge in Third District Court of which we are a part

-Alternate dispute resolution experience-550 mediations and 120 arbitrations

-Utah Judicial Council-6 years

-Presiding Judge-4 years

-Managing Director of a 20+ lawyer firm

-U/U Law School Adjunct Associate Professor-3 years

-State Bar Judge of the Year-2010

Not only that, he’s personable, affable, responsive and a great communicator. He listens carefully and gives wise, measured advice based upon a lifetime of experience.

If you’d like to be invited to have an opportunity to meet and chat with Robert Hilder, please phone me at 435-640-3759 or email me at sallycousinselliott@gmail.com .

Sally Elliott

Park City

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