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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 11-13, 2013

Local troops need our support

Dear Editor:

My little brother, Steven Dinverno, has once again been deployed to Afghanistan. Steven is an "Army Ranger," and leads an elite infantry unit of the United States Army.

Regardless of our support for the war, it continues, and our youth continue to be deployed. Steven has lost members of his unit and is in dangerous situations on a daily basis. Even so, he enjoys his job, his fellow ranger buddies and would not have it any other way.

I’m writing to Park City because with this recent deployment he made a very small request on his FB account and I thought Park City might enjoy sending him a little love.

He wrote, "Please send nutritious food for my fellow ranger buddies. There will be about 5 guys I’ll be in a tent sharing with and they all eat like tanks too. I love you all and will see you guys around Christmas." (I sent him our Halloween candy last year and he politely said healthy food would be preferred.)

During his most recent visit with us here in Park City he fell in love with our surroundings. He can not wait to visit again. While here, he experienced snow boarding at both PCMR and Canyons. Had an amazing experience on horse back with his niece, Bella ,and guide, Bonnie Wolff, as well as hikes on Robb’s trail. I know my kids love sending him packages. Hoping to give others an opportunity to show their love and support for our youth, with a hidden desire for him to relive his fond memories of his visit here in Park City and get him back for another visit soon.

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We love you Steven and can’t wait for your return!

His address is: Steven Dinverno, PRG 6-3 (3), APO, AE 09354-3005

Renee Miller on behalf of Nick, Bella, Elliott, Scott and Sevi

Park City

Keep kids out of the dog park

Dear Editor:

A plea to parents: please do not allow your unsupervised children to play in the dog park. The dog park is a place for dogs to play, not children. Many times I have arrived at the Quinn’s Junction dog park with my dogs and found unsupervised children playing in the dog park while their parents watch a nearby soccer game — this is a safety hazard and a violation of dog-park rules.

This was the case when I was at the dog park today: the four unsupervised children ranged in age from 2 to 9 (I know, because I asked their ages). They were throwing rocks with a small shovel, chasing each other around and also trying to pet the dogs. Even a very well-trained dog can easily knock over and hurt a child, especially when they are in a place where they are encouraged to run around, and many dogs will take a shovel being waved around as a threat and act defensively. It’s not safe to have unsupervised children running around dog parks!

When confronted, the children informed me that their parents had sent them into the dog park to play while they, the parents, watched a soccer game. I explained the dog park rules to the children and then asked them to send their parents over to read the posted dog park rules. The children left to rejoin their parents, but I never saw any parents come over to read the rules. I also discussed this safety issue with Park City Police Officer Jim Faust — he agreed that unsupervised children in the dog park are a safety problem, and suggested that dog park rules be posted on the part of the dog park fencing that borders the soccer fields so parents have a clearer understanding of the rules. I think this is a good suggestion. But seriously, parents: it’s not safe to allow your children to play in a dog park!

Bonnie Brown

Park City

Christian Center proves there is still some good news

Dear Editor

WARS, floods, fires,and tornados !

We need some good news ! Well, it exists right in the heart of Park City.

And the good news is The Food Pantry of the Christian Center.

Almost 2100 people receive free and delicious food twice a month. This includes meats, eggs, bakery products, fruits and vegetables, etc. Can you believe cats and dogs of the recipients are also beneficieries with dry and canned foods.

What an outpouring of goodness. Most of the workers are volunteers.

You would have to search high and low to find a better organization of giving.

Lucy Dettmer

Park City

Please pay attention, cyclists

Dear Editor,

With beautiful summer days fast approaching it seems the Park City road cyclists have increased in numbers as to get those last few epic rides in. The problem, a large number of them do not follow the rules of the road. I do thank those who stop at the stop signs and use hand signals however, they are over shadowed by the many who don’t. I have seen many cyclists this year on cell phones, with ear buds in, and just assuming the car is going to see them and care enough to stop, allowing them to go. I have had way too many close calls, where the cyclist was in the wrong.

This a simple problem to fix, if you are on a bike stop, pay attention and look both ways. Do not cross the intersection so you are inches from the turning car, stop at the stop sign or light, slow down and give drivers the same respect you are asking from them. Drivers, respect the cyclists and remember we are lucky to be living in an amazing mountain town. Cyclists and drivers check out http://www.roadrespect.utah.gov – it clearly states the rules of the road.

Drive and ride safely.

Jaime Weinstein

Park City

Beerman has skills needed to secure our future

Dear Editor:

We’re now at the crossroads of change that’s more about a paradigm shift than just supporting and implementing specific programs.

Yes, we need to save our snow, save our planet, and continue to be profitable, while proudly banging the drum of an upbeat and active lifestyle, but we also need a new respect for new values on a community level. From mining to skiing and now from skiing to green living. We need a paradigm shift at the level of local governance to make sure our community genuinely adapts.

Andy naturally embodies this new way of thinking. He lives it. He understands and respects the values of genuine change that will lead to a greener, sustainable, more enjoyable, and profitable community outcome.

Andy is more than just an energetic, upbeat leader who will accurately represent and share Park City with the rest of the world. He grasps and lives this new paradigm of change through careful collaboration, a consistent commitment, and a vision of honest hope.

A vote for Andy is a vote for a community that’s built on sustainable principles and practices. Four more years of the same is not enough to meet the level of change that’s needed. We need leadership. We need Andy.

Nathan Vineyard

Park City

A vote for Alex Butwinski

Dear Editor:

It is my pleasure to support Alex Butwinski in his bid to be reelected as a Park City Council member. As an incumbent running for Park City Council, Alex has the experience, knowledge, and integrity to lead for four more years as Park City and Summit County continue to tackle complex regional issues including transportation, traffic, growth and economic diversity.

Having worked closely with Alex for the past four years, I appreciate the straightforward and honest way in which Alex tackles problems and seeks acceptable solutions. Alex makes well-reasoned, thoughtful decisions keeping in mind the best interest of the community always. He is smart. He is fair. And, he always acts with the highest degree of integrity.

I am proud to call Alex my colleague and friend. Please vote for Alex for Park City Council I wish I could!

Claudia McMullin

Summit County Council member