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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14-17, 2016, 2016


Thanks to Our Generous Community


The Board of the Friends of the Park City Library would like to thank the community for once again making our Annual Labor Day Used Book Sale a success. Each year the Friends of the Library raise funds that enrich library offerings and services. Our book sale is our major fundraiser, and we couldn’t do it without you!!

We would particularly like to thank those Park City workers who hauled a year’s worth of donated books from the first to the third floor of the library building in record time, to all the volunteers who answered our call to help with the sale, to Katy Wang and the Park City Film series for generously allowing us to use whatever we needed from tables to coffee pots, and to KPCW and the Park Record for all the publicity leading up to the sale.

Another way to support the library is to attend the Annual Author Luncheon on October 10 at Silver Lake Lodge, featuring Lily Havey, who was incarcerated in a Japanese-American internment camp in 1942 at age 10. Tickets are available at our Library, or online at htpps://squareup.com/store/friends-of-the-park-city-library

Jean Daly and Ann Whitworth, Co-Chairs
Friends of the Park City Library Book Sale

* * *

Rotary says thanks for another successful Miners Day


Last week’s 119th running of Park City Miners Day was a wonderful end of summer celebration for our community. It was fun to see so many local families along Main Street and in City Park.

Most importantly, Miners Day is an opportunity for our Park City Rotary Club to raise money for our many local non-profit causes. Thanks to everyone in the community who participated in the many events, including Running of the Balls, we will be able to continue to support those important causes.

A very special thank you to our major supporters including Deer Valley Resort, DW Healthcare Partners, Park City Medical, Park City Mountain, Utah Disaster Kleenup, Wells Fargo, Wrona, Gordon & Dubois and, of course, the great partnership with Park City Municipal in managing an event on Main Street and City Park.

Most of all, thank you Park City for coming out and having fun with us. The Park City Rotary Club is proud to help our community celebrate its great mining heritage.

Jenni Smith, President
Park City Rotary Club

* * *

UDOT fencing increases wildlife-vehicle collisions


In, “Utah Department of Transportation agrees to install wildlife fencing along Interstate 80”, the Park Record reported that “The Utah Department of Transportation, or UDOT, agreed this week to immediately install half a mile of permanent wildlife fencing along one side of the interstate near Parleys Canyon.”

Yikes! Putting fencing on one side of the highway is more likely to trap animals on the highway side of the fencing and increase collisions. As an article in the Telluride News reported in December, 2015, the amount of road kill increased after wildlife fencing was constructed without wildlife road crossing structures.

By continuing to expand human settlement into elk, moose, and deer habitat Summit County is on the way to losing its local forest health, which these herding animals preserve and, as a consequence, allow its forests to dry out, likely catch fire, turn forest land to desert and cause our local climate to heat up due to reduced carbon sequestration in trees and, thus, destroy the ski economy on which we depend. No more roads should be built in Summit County without wildlife road crossings every 2 kilometers; and money must be raised to build wildlife road crossings every 2 kilometers on Utah 224 and 248 and I40, and I80, including overpasses that elk will use. Wildlife overpasses are cheaper to build than bridges that are engineered for truck traffic. Summit County is risking our own livelihood by irresponsibly killing wildlife on our roads!

Kathy Dopp
Park City

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