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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19-22, 2015


Deer Alerts help protect people and animals


My husband and I have been visiting Park City for the last four summers and absolutely enjoy every aspect of the area except one. We are very saddened and distressed seeing so many dead deer on the side of the roads. We believe this can be somewhat alleviated by vehicles attaching Deer Alerts on the front bumpers. I have used these simple, inexpensive devices in New York, Massachusetts and California and now in Utah, on my motorcycles and autos for years and find they deter the deer from crossing the road in front of my vehicles, thus saving their lives, people’s lives and damaged vehicles,

Hopefully by raising this issue these devices will become more common in the future throughout Utah.

Carel Robin

Park City

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Sponsors of Aqua Affair boost Recycle Utah’s efforts


On behalf of the Recycle Utah events committee, I want to thank the conservation-minded Park City community for supporting this weekend’s Aqua Affair. We enjoyed a beautiful Blue Tie gala with lawn games, a local and sustainably-sourced dinner at Silver Lake Lodge, Deer Valley. Our leading sponsor, BoardDocs, announced a matching grant the night of the event, which allowed us to exceed our goal.

Thank you to the staff, board, and volunteers of Recycle Utah for going above and beyond. It was incredible to see our partners come together to support us, including BoardDocs, the Lund Family Foundation, Gallery MAR, Elite Delivery, Wrona Law, and many other generous sponsors

This month, as we celebrate 25 years at Recycle Utah, we have been looking back at our non-profit’s history. But it is our future that we are focused on, day in and day out at the Recycling Center as we educate students in our schools, at our HazMat collections, through our new glass collection pilot program, and more. Stop in, drop off your recyclables, check out what’s new in the Warehouse, and thank Insa Riepen (our hard-working Executive Director) for her service. Oh, and drop a buck too!

Maren Mullin

Aqua Affair Chair

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Wood-burning ban a solution to a nonexistent problem


banning wood burning devices for home heating the Summit County Council has once again courageously provided a solution to a nonexistent problem. The wood smoke issue was brought up in a Jan. 15 open meeting in Salt Lake City about banning wood stoves. The ban was overwhelmingly opposed at the meeting and the idea was buried.

At that meeting Division of Air Quality spokesman Bryce Bird opined that "About 5 percent of the total particulate can be attributed directly to wood smoke." This in an area noted for its vicious inversions.

The Council ought to revisit the ban based on science, not conjecture.

Thomas Hurd

Park City

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Planned Parenthood – A Light in the Darkness


While attacks on Planned Parenthood (PP) continue to escalate from the conservative right, including all but one Republican presidential candidate, a review of some facts is overdue.

PP is the largest provider of reproductive health services in the U.S., and by far the most effective resource for family planning and contraception for uninsured and low-income women (and men), serving over 3 million people annually. In this role, it has prevented countless millions of unwanted pregnancies since its founding in 1921. This has unquestionably saved millions of women from confronting the terrible choice of aborting a pregnancy.

In fact, 97 percent of PP’s resources are spent on reproductive health services, including family/reproductive counseling, cervical cancer screenings, STD testing, etc. Just 3 percent goes to funding abortions (about 300,000 annually). The legality of abortion was resolved at the Supreme Court by Roe v. Wade in 1973. Yet the moral firestorm rages on. Despite the law, ‘pro-life’ activists insist on the right to impose their ethical and moral judgement on the conduct and life choices those who believe differently.

PP offers women who get an abortion the choice to donate the fetal tissue for scientific research, not unlike the choice we make as organ donors. Many opt to donate. These donations are 100 percent legal, as is PP’s practice of recovering the sometimes-considerable cost of preserving and transferring the tissue to licensed medical research facilities. There is no evidence that PP profits from fetal tissue donation. The research that depends on access to this fetal tissue has significantly advanced the course of medical science, and ‘saved the lives and health of millions of people,’ according to a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Those who created the infamous PP viral video do not deny that they edited it heavily to distort the content of conversations they obtained, under false pretenses, for the sole purpose of discrediting PP. Worse still, Republican politicians shamelessly use this to fuel the fire of one of their best ‘wedge issues.’ As they vilify PP, they feed fear, anger, and most damaging of all, intolerance in their base, with the goal of keeping us pitted against each other, and ultimately earning the votes of the angry and intolerant. This all gets wrapped in patriotism, despite the crippling effect it has on our democracy. So, where does the evil actually reside?

Steve Lewis

Park City