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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 23, 2015


Park City needs a Trader Joe’s


I have heard about the rumors about Trader Joe’s taking the old space of Whole Foods when Whole Food’s moves their store. Many people want Trader Joe’s to come to Park City, but I honestly have not heard of any explanation of why they should. I have many answers to why Trader Joe’s needs to be in Park City.

As the owner of http://www.staceysgroceryservices.com (a grocery delivery service) it makes 100 percent sense to have a Trader Joe’s. Over 60 percent of our clients request organic, kosher, gluten free, and other dietary specialty items. Now I know what you are thinking just go to Whole Foods or another store to get these products. The fact is that these items can be limited at many stores.

Another reason for having a Trader Joe’s would be price. As the president of Summit and Wasatch County Coupon fb group, I have seen the need for more affordable prices on great quality products. Yes you can price match Trader Joe’s prices at Walmart, but you will not get the same quality of products.

Trader Joe’s would not just benefit the Park City locals, but the vacationers and those that live in the Park City surrounding areas. I know people that live in the Heber area that actually drive to the Salt Lake Valley just to shop at Trader Joe’s. To me if a Trader Joe’s was in Park City, it would bring people from the Heber area to Park City.

To me it’s a no-brainer, there is a great need for a Trader Joe’s. Park City locals, vacationers, and the surrounding areas would benefit from the store’s high quality and great prices. For those that do want a Trader Joe’s in Park City, go to this link and fill out their form. The more requests the greater the chance that we will get one in Park City: http://www.traderjoes.com/contactus us/location request

Stacey Conklin, Owner

Stacey’s Grocery Services

Re article "Housing Locales Problematic"


It’s not the housing locales that are problematic it is a City Hall that thinks it is beneficial to scrape city parking lots and redistribute city property into affordable housing projects at local taxpayer’s expense.

Park City is ideally located next to several regional towns like Oakley, Kamas, Coalville and Heber with Salt Lake City (You know, the one just 20 minutes down the all-weather Interstate) These towns and cities already offer people a wide range of affordable housing options. What not available is adequate road infrastructure and the parking needed for our visitors now, let alone the ones attracted to Vail’s added infrastructure and its vast international advertising campaign promoting Park City as the largest ski resort in the US.

Vail must be so relieved to find the majority of their extensive development rights fall outside the control of a city hall that is more concerned with saving 3 sticks of firewood on an Old Town shack than effective and proper planning for the future needs of this town.

Why the hell Jack Thomas and the city council have made affordable housing a priority in Park City when they now face far more pressing issues, such as the increased traffic and its resultant parking requirements, particularly in Old Town.

The fact that they have then identified the Old Town parking structure as being suitable for potential affordable housing projects just shows we now have;

"The lunatics running the asylum."

They claim they need diversity, so want to use the already limited city parking sites at the expense of our Old Town retailers running the wide range of eclectic businesses on Main St, Swede Alley and Park Ave that helped make this town so popular in the first place. A result that will only increase density and reduce parking in the most populated part of town.

Forrest Gump may have had our elected officials in mind when he said: "Stupid is as stupid does." If they really want affordable housing in Old Town to be built at our taxpayer expense. Then let’s agree with the option put forward by one long-time Park City resident at the recent meeting on affordable housing, and that is to use the most underutilized and least productive property in Old Town for their pet project.

The Marsac Building.

Move City Hall with its gratuitous jobs and vacuous ideas out of town, then just maybe during their commute to work, they will at least have time to actually think.

Andrew Morphett

Park City

* * *

Council needs a candidate who ‘thinks outside the box’


It has been my great pleasure for the last 2-and-a-half years to be Becca Gerber’s employer. Over this time I have been able to get to know Becca very well as both colleague and friend. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Becca to the six people remaining in Park City who haven’t met her yet.

A true Parkite, Becca has spent most of her life here and is Park city raised and educated. She is bright, personable, a very quick study who is both a self-starter and willing team member. She is a true leader and consensus builder. Becca is the single most positive human being I have ever met. Faced with the most challenging situations, her approach will begin with a smile and an unrivaled enthusiasm. She thinks outside the box, and enjoys tackling the difficult problems I throw at her on a regular basis.

I believe that Park City has a number of challenges ahead and will need strong leaders moving forward. Leaders with a true love and affection for their community, leaders with a fresh perspective and approach who are willing to make the best decisions for everyone. I believe that Becca Gerber would be an asset to that future, and to the Park City Council.

Greg Ottoson

Park City

* * *

Teacher can’t afford to stay in Park City


I am a teacher who has lived in Park City for 17 years. I have lived in a condo with my two kids for 3 years. Recently I thought about buying a house or renting one. I was disappointed to realize that I can’t afford to buy or rent a garage in Park City.

Homes that use to rent for $1,800 per month are now going for $2,300 a month plus. I saw a home in Silver Springs that was going for $3,100 per month. I was curious to see what it looked like. It was a complete outdated dump. The man that was renting it wanted first, last, and a full security deposit for my family to move in. I need $9, 300 to

live in this over-priced place.

Oh…. I need to win the lottery to stay here … I am not sure how the middle class can stay in this town anymore. Rent prices are out of control. I feel very fortunate to have a good job and a good life but it will be sad to leave here.

Ann Scurry

Park City

* * *

New highway retaining wall causing moose casualties


A Moose Crossing sign is probably a good idea now that we got a nice, new concrete wall on the eastbound side of I-80. I just passed a huge bull moose lying on the side of the road next to that pretty white wall. Kudos to the idiots who did their research on the travel patterns of moose that cross the highway between Jeremy Ranch and Summit Park on a daily basis. Park City sure isn’t the same place it used to be. Truly a paradise lost. What a shame.

Jere Hoover, 20+ year round resident

Park City