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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2013

Join the fight against Alzheimer's


As we mark World Alzheimer’s Month, now is the time to take action against a devastating disease that affects more than five million Americans. The only top-10 cause of death without treatment or cure, it is a somber reminder that we must do more to find an answer to this disease. Without a medical breakthrough, the number of Americans suffering from the disease is projected to nearly triple by 2050.

More than a third of Americans have some personal connection to the disease. As her main caregiver, I watch my mother being robbed of her mind by this terrible disease every day.

Seeing the devastating effects of the disease firsthand, I decided to join the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, http://www.endALZnow.org . The Registry aims to connect healthy individuals with a vested interest in stopping Alzheimer’s with researchers carrying out prevention efforts to accelerate research. Join me in the fight to end Alzheimer’s before another generation is lost.

Jodi Wagmeister

Park City

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Jack Thomas is the right person, at the right time


First impressions are important!

I met Jack Thomas in the early 1980’s, a few years after moving to Park City. Several things about Jack impressed me.

Jack is an extremely good listener. Jack’s responses are well thought out and logical.

Jack is passionate, creative, patient and collaborative.

Jack does not hesitate to stand up for his beliefs.

Jack possess a delightful sense of humor this could come in handy.

In 1997, Debra, my better half, and I asked Jack and his colleagues to design a straw bale home. The process was fascinating, revealing and thorough. A true collaboration. The result was a simpler, calmer environment in which to thrive, all within half the initially contemplated square footage. We’re forever grateful to Jack and his colleagues for such a brilliant outcome.

Thirty years after first meeting Jack, I remain impressed for the same reasons. I wholeheartedly believe Jack is the right person, at the right time, with the right vision, for Park City.

Peter Cole

Park City

Tough guys strut up Main Street for a good cause


The community stepped up, stepped out, and certainly put its best foot forward for the first annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Park City on Sunday, Sept. 22. Dozens of men clad in high heels walked the mile from City Park to the top of Main Street. The Walk brought blisters to some and cognizance to all, because, what better way to know what someone is going through than to walk a mile in her shoes?

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®: The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence is a playful opportunity for men to bring awareness to their community of the serious consequences of domestic violence. This year’s walk raised much-needed funds for Peace House, a charitable organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse through education, outreach, support services and shelter.

Peace House thanks members of Julie Hooker’s Treasure Mountain Junior High School Leadership Class for making signs, posters and T-shirts, and directing walkers along the route. We also wish to thank Park Silly Sunday Market for allowing the Walk to piggyback onto Silly Fest (the last Park Silly Sunday Market of the season) and for donating prizes. Thank you to Walk sponsors Mary Jane’s boutique and Swire Coca-Cola USA, and to our loyal cadre of volunteers. We are most grateful to Cahoots and Deer Valley Resort, which made last-minute donations of awards and prizes. But we couldn’t have done it without the men of community who were willing to set macho aside, strap on a pair of stilettos and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®.

Jane Patten

Peace House executive director

Walk highlights hunger


The Park City community once again came through BIG with supporting our Hike For Hunger this month!!

Not only was it a great time (even in the rain) hiking, getting our faces painted, listening to Patwa Reggae band and enjoying delicious Deer Valley food (thank you Nicholas and Company) and wonderful wine from Vine Lore, through this event, we were able to raise money that will go directly to help support our Food Bank here in Park City and our new Food Bank in Heber.

Additionally, we partnered with a global organization called International Crisis Aid, giving them $8,000 which will go to purchase about 370 stoves which will help save low income households 173,000 hours of productive time, more than 14,000 trees; avoid more than 3,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the lives of over 2,500 people, likely preventing many from developing lower respiratory disease or dying from the indoor cooking smoke caused by open fires (the #1 cause of death globally for children under 5 years of age). These stoves will be sold by young women recently rescued from the sex industry now training for their new sales jobs (earning salary, commissions and health benefits); and, 100% of the sale proceeds will be reinvested by ICA back into the communities and families purchasing the stoves!

A huge THANK YOU again for making this possible!!

Rob Harter, Executive Director

on behalf of the staff and board of the Park City Christian Center,

There is something we can do about climate change


I just finished the book "The Whole Story of Climate – What Science Reveals about the Nature of Climate Change" by E. Kirsten Peters. The author pulls data from a variety of scientific specialties, including ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, to look at the history of climate change over the last 400,000 years. During that span there have been 4 distinct global ice ages (glaciers down into the middle of the North American continent), and "global warming" brought the earth out of each of them. Each cycle was accompanied by significant rises and falls in ocean levels. And ice core analysis shows that Carbon Dioxide levels rose and fell with each cycle, but interestingly, those levels lagged, not preceded, the temperature changes.

The relatively recent history of our planet has been one of very dramatic changes in temperature, and the data clearly shows that we’re once again in a warming cycle, albeit one that has leveled off before reaching previous peaks. Should we just blow off any efforts at conservation, pollution control, and other protections of our environment? Absolutely not! But perhaps we should also take a look at the history of the last few hundred thousand years to better understand how our ubiquitous "Mother Nature" effects climate change in relation to our own impact.

Ken Miller

Park City

Negativity unjustified in mayor’s race


It is disheartening that Park City has to put up with the innuendo expressed in Clive Bush’s letter of Sept. 25. I thought we were above that kind of politics.

Andy Beerman is an eminently reasonable guy who listens to everyone. You can’t blame him if people on both sides of an issue like and support him. That’s a good thing!

He is not pro- or anti-development: He wants a reasoned approach to each project, not hyperbole and innuendo; he wants a broad spectrum of people to thrive here – all ages and classes; he is forward looking and inclusive; and he sees that our city needs economic opportunity at many levels. I applaud his vision.

He is practical and experienced: He knows Main Street; he is from the outdoor sports world; he is a long time resident (20 years); he and Thea run a successful business; and he’s a respected City Council member.

As far as his environmental credentials; he is so green that I’m envious. I try to follow his examples.

I support Andy for Mayor with enthusiasm.

Dick Roth

Park City