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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2015


Sports are integral to education, pass the bond


As a parent, mental health therapist and tax payer in Park City, I am writing in support of the school bond. While there is little doubt in everyone’s minds that it is necessary to expand our schools due to the massive growth we have seen in the last several years (9% in the last three years alone), many individuals continue to balk at passing a bond that also allows for athletic facility improvements saying their tax dollars should not go towards kids being able to play football, lacrosse or soccer indoors.

As a mental health therapist who works with teenagers, I have seen multiple studies in the last several years indicating the direct correlation between athletics and in increase in academic performance for teenagers. In one recent study of 5,000 children, it was found that children who participated in athletics not only did better academically at 11 and 13 but also had higher grades at 16.

Furthermore, the study indicated that every 15 minutes of exercise improved academic performance by about a quarter of a grade. For example, a child who had a C could raise their grade to a B or a child with a B could increase their grade to an A by engaging in 60 minutes of physical activity. These children are the future leaders of Park City don’t we want to give them every opportunity to excel in academics and athletics now knowing it will help them excel as the leaders of our community later? Please vote yes on November 3rd!

Katherine Hoggan

Park City

Gerber will add new perspective to council


Becca Gerber is my friend and a candidate for the Park City’s city council. I initially became friends with Becca through our love of swimming, but I truly got to know and respect her during our year of Leadership Class XX. The Park City

Leadership program turned 30 individual conversations into a common dialogue; through safe environments, chaos transformed into mutual curiosities. Although many voices have dwindled, others have grown stronger. Becca is ready to speak up, and her voice is one to be heard.

I have been very conflicted about publically averring another’s political aspirations what would my town think of me if I uttered an actual opinion, like, out loud? Then I got to thinking, where would my political apathy get me? Can change occur if I remain silent? Obviously not. How will change ever take place without a plan? Becca has a plan.

It is no secret of the underrepresentation of youth in the Leadership of Park City. How can diversity be maintained in Park City, if City Council is not more diverse itself? Becca has the exuberance of youth and the capabilities of doing things that are hard. She is well versed what Park City is. It simply cannot be denied of her that she grew up in Park City. Becca is ready to listen, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one that has something to say.

There is work that needs to be done. Being on city council is a very large responsibility. Becca is a community fixture, she is involved in and served as leadership in various community organizations and boards, but most importantly Becca is ready to serve. Let’s rally together to have our voices heard. Let’s get out and vote.

Holly Erickson

Park City

* * *

The school bond is a long stretch


While attending the school bond public input meeting on Tuesday evening (see video at: https://video.pcschools.us/videos/video/4322/), I noted that Moe Hickey, former School Board President, and Kathryn Hogan both spoke in support of the $56 million bond proposal, the largest bond proposal ever brought before Park City voters, which is scheduled to be on the November ballot. Both Moe and Kathryn are members of the Citizens Bond Campaign Committee, a committee organized to promote the facts concerning the school district bond proposal.

At Tuesday’s meeting both argued that one reason citizens should vote in favor of the school bond was the fact that recent studies show that female students who participate in high school sports or extracurricular activities are 80 percent less likely to fall victim to teenage pregnancy. I was absolutely shocked—twice! How far are they willing to stretch to justify this $56 million bond? Do people really believe that a new football stadium and a new indoor athletic facility will decrease teenage pregnancy rates in Park City?

As a father of a daughter and a son that are students in the Park City School District, I can tell you that I will be voting NO on the school bond come November. This school bond proposal reeks of a rushed process (the master planning process lasted 9 months and 13 days — October 23, 2014 through August 5, 2015), a half-baked effort to collaborate with the citizens, and almost no collaboration whatsoever with county and city officials.

I encourage the school board to take this bond proposal off the November ballot, regroup, take a breath, and embrace a true collaborative effort with the engaged citizenry of Park City, county officials, and city officials to find a better solution for the educational needs of our children. Finally, I encourage everyone to educate themselves on the facts of this school bond, and if the school board does not remove this bond proposal from November’s ballot, go to the polls to vote.

Joe Cronley

Park City

* * *

Council lacks younger point of view


The City Council is unbalanced! In these cynical times it would be easy to assume that I mean "unbalanced" with respect to reason and action. However, I’m referring to the lack of explicit representation for our younger citizens.

Young people are a critical part of any community. They bring fresh ideas, perspective and energy and of course they are literally the people that, in due time, will be the City. Young people in Park City have a particular challenge: how to make a living locally that affords home ownership.

As has been pointed out by many, a critical challenge to our town and community is making it easier for young people to live and work here through all their early life stages. Having a City Council member who is in the early stages of life would be invaluable in sorting our any number of issues, but particularly how to make Park City more accessible to more young people and families.

Becca Gerber is ideal to fill this role and the only candidate running that can do so. She is innovative, thoughtful, action-oriented and extremely bright. Additionally, she is a natural politician; I mean politician in the best sense of the word, that is someone who creates the "art of the possible." Let’s put Becca to work helping all of us to create political art. Please join me in voting for Becca in November!

John Fry

Park City

* * *

School bond is a wise investment in the future


We are writing in support of the Park City School Board to bond for up to $56M over the next 10 years in order to make an investment in education for our children and the future – of Park City.

Over the past three years, PCSD enrollment has increased by over 9 percent. All evidence points to the trend continuing. As you know, five of our seven schools have reached capacity and some have even added mobile trailer classrooms. Our family has experienced this firsthand, as we presently have two children in district schools.

For the average primary residence — recently assessed at $639,000 — passing the bond would increase taxes just $10.27 per month. That is the approximate cost of a cup of coffee and bagel. Isn’t that cost worth enhancing the educational experience of the future leaders of Park City?

This expansion would not only add a 5/6 school at EHMS campus, it would add additional classrooms to the high school including music, dance, drama facilities, and specialty rooms for biomedical, engineering, and technical programs. This expansion, along with proposed athletic facility improvements and MPES student safety improvements will ensure that our school district remains one of the leading school districts in both the state and country. We ask that you to please vote "Yes" on November 3rd.

Michael and Helen Hanahan

Park City Parents (8th and 10th graders)

* * *

Drone pilot harasses moose, should be grounded


I live in Blackhawk Station, and since mid-August, a mother and baby moose have taken up residence in our neighborhood. We all love seeing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, and it has become an annual pleasure every fall.

Last night, these two lovely creatures decided to bed down for the evening in the Swaner preserve along the creek behind our house. How special to see them feel comfortable so close to human inhabitants. Not long after, someone from Trout Creek across from us on the other side of the creek and Swaner Preserve, had the bright idea to fly a drone over them and then proceed to move the drone up and down, harassing and getting closer and closer to the moose, until they were frightened enough that they were scared off and left the area.

What kind of idiotic moron are you to feel the need to participate in such imbecilic behavior? We saw where the drone went after your little "moment of fun" concluded. You can better bet that we in Blackhawk know where you live, and will report you to the authorities if this happens again. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourself. In the future, please let sleeping moose lie.

Diane Naylor

Park City

* * *

Mogul skier asks for community support


Please come out and join us for my 2nd annual Nothing Free About Freestyle Ski Fundraiser to be held Tuesday October 6 from 6-9 pm at the Wasatch Brew Pub, 250 Main Street. Everyone is welcome!

It will be another great evening of appetizers and live music, with silent auction, door prizes, live raffles, and fun. Admission is only 10$ per person at the door. All proceeds will benefit my quest to represent Park City on the 2016 US Ski Team and achieve World Cup Starts. For More information please contact Debbie Busch Carroll at: Debbie@dedpromotions.com . If you can’t attend, please donate online at: http://www.rallyme.com/rallies/2061

Thank you I appreciate your support

Bobby Carroll

Park City Professional Mogul Skier