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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 5-8, 2015


Taxi driver says rules and regs aren’t equally enforced


I am a taxi driver and have been driving in Park City for over two years. I have not had to do a background check until now. This job is my livelihood and my only income. I was informed that I must have a background check to be able to drive in Park City, plus I’m to have a taxi sticker on my vehicle.

I have the sticker and never had a problem with my clients or just people off the street. And yet for these years I have been driving I have seen others without the sticker nor the proper documentation to prove citizenship. I have worked hard and helped to pay the required taxes to be able to drive. I have helped local bars get people out when there have been problems.

I just want to do my job to keep people safe and to be able to continue doing a service to the community. How can I when illegal drivers are out there not being made to follow the same rules as the small companies out there. I’m in total agreement with Fastaxi and her views. We as drivers need to stop this injustice and force others to do what we local companies have been doing for years pay the taxes and all do background checks or make it equal for all to work without paying.

Cody Anne Arko


* * *

Senator Hatch, please help Utah families


What do hard-working, low-income Utah families need to keep up? Cash. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit provide low-income families with a once a year cash bonus. A recent interview by the United Way of Salt Lake and Community Action Partnership of Utah shows how some Utahns use this money to: pay medical bills, pay off debts, save for a home, provide educational opportunities for their kids, and — for some families — simply buy necessities, such as shoes.

Since being implemented in 1975, the EITC has received broad bipartisan support. Additionally, in 2009, during the Great Recession, three provisions were temporarily added to the EITC. These provisions eliminated a marriage penalty, provided families with more than two children with additional tax credits, and eased qualification requirements for families with very low incomes.

These temporary provisions help 115,000 families with 258,000 children here in Utah. Sadly, we risk losing these vital provisions if they are not made permanent.

Your voice is needed: call Senator Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, at (202) 224-5251 and ask that he make permanent these key provisions to the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Debbie Baskin, RESULTS volunteer

Park City

* * *

The Silent Story of Horse Abuse


Last Mother’s Day, I reported to the Midway Animal Control Department a situation I witnessed in Midway of a horse that was severely emaciated. Animal Control assured me it would investigate. I recently visited the property again and found the same horse in a worse condition, its ribs and hip bones sharply protruding beneath paper-thin skin. The temperature was 92 degrees. I looked more closely. There was not one drop of water in its trough. I called Animal Control. I was told, again, that someone would talk with the owner.

I have since been informed by Animal Control that a staff investigator, Belinda, investigated and requested of the owner a veterinarian’s report within 48 hours. Bravo Belinda! Hopefully, this horse will be rescued. But it cannot go without mention that this horse was not hidden in the trees or behind a stall door, but in plain view of at least 5 other homes in the area and an adjacent busy street. And, without intervention, I have no doubt this horse would have eventually died a slow and painful death attributed to "natural causes."

Mahatma Gandhi said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. How much more does it say about a community that would turn a seemingly blind eye to an open and obvious abuse of one of this nation’s most noble and historic creatures. I respectfully request that this letter be published so that your readers will take a moment, look around their neighborhood, and give attention to this important subject of animal abuse.

Katherine Campbell


* * *

Moe, please Raise My School Taxes!


Moe, I just read that you are going to head-up the Citizens Bond Campaign Committee. Seventeen years ago, my wife and I spent two years looking at every ski resort in the west. Our children were just 7, 5 and 3 years old, but a quality education for them was at the top of our list. We chose Park City over every other ski resort, because of its highly ranked schools and we made the right decision to move here back in 1998.

As our children completed their high school years, we learned from the college recruiters at the best colleges that Park City was one of the three schools on their short list, across all of Utah. And we knew again, that selecting Park City for our family was the right decision.

Today, we are again discussing schools and their importance to our children in Park City and their futures.

Please raise my taxes Moe! The high quality of education in Park City sets us apart from other ski resorts and gives our children the best path towards reaching and achieving their largest dreams and highest educational goals.

Ernest Oriente

Park City

* * *

Swimming with sharks at the MARC


On Friday August 28th, the PC MARC put on a wonderful family event that my children will never forget! Cleverly called the Dive In, the PC MARC had an outside showing of the movie Jaws to be watched in inner tubes and noodles in the pool. Children played, watched the movie, reenacted scenes playing in the movie and pretended over and over again to be Jaws with their friends! I don’t think any of them will forget the night they swam under the moonlight while a "scary" movie was playing. The staff at the PC MARC deserve a standing ovation for their commitment to the community and the lifeguards for swimming with the kids for THREE hours! It was a fantastic event and I hope it will become an ongoing tradition for the families of Park City.

Nicole Taylor

Park City