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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7-9, 2016


Hop on over to Summit Land Conservancy event


As some may know, the Summit Land Conservancy’s third annual wild hops harvest occurred on Wednesday, August 31st. Over twenty volunteers gathered bright and early at Wasatch Brew Pub to split up and harvest hops on three of the Conservancy’s easements around town. Ray and Matt, the brewers up at Wasatch, led groups up Prospect Ridge and Daly Canyon, while our Outreach and Education Director, Caitlin Willard, led a third group to Virginia Mining Claim. After harvesting all we could, we regrouped to separate the hop cones in preparation of brewing, a task one volunteer related to a community sewing circle.

We at the Conservancy would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in our most successful harvest to date. With your help we harvested 52 pounds of hops and created countless memories. It is always wonderful to see how many people within our community are passionate about getting outside and protecting open spaces through many different avenues. We would also like to extend many thanks to Wasatch Brew Pub for providing a venue for our harvest, a delicious lunch, and for brewing our Clothing Hoptional Wild Hops Ale, which will be released at our Hoppy Hour event on Oct.11.

Alex Miller
Americorps Intern at Summit Land Conservancy

* * *

Parish says thanks to pancake crowd


On behalf of the Parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, I would like to thank the community for supporting the annual “Miner’s Day Breakfast” on Miner’s Day.
The weather was absolutely wonderful and so were the crowds.

We are proud to be participants in an event that celebrates the Heritage of our great town. A special thanks goes out to the Rotary Club who spent a great deal of time organizing and carrying out the whole day’s events. Also; Amy Marshall, with Starbucks Coffee, Brad Grieve with Nicholas Food Service, Kerry Sullivan with Utah Foods Services, and KPCW. Thanks and see you next year!

Kevin & Kathy Ostler, Chairs
Miners Day Breakfast Committee

* * *

Local resident says Libertarian candidates are best choice


This is the strangest national election cycle most of us have ever witnessed. I just turned 70, and can speak from decades of experience. It’s past time to consider a third-party candidate and break free from the constraints of a two-party system, especially considering what the two major parties have to offer now.

Republicans aren’t really Republicans and Democrats aren’t really Democrats. I have researched the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld. Both have admirable qualities and experience. I challenge my fellow Utahns to do some research and learn more about the Johnson/Weld candidacies and consider voting for a healthier, third way.

Many polls suggest that most citizens are dissatisfied with the choice between Trump and Clinton, making 2016 a great opportunity to change the status quo and move our country in a positive direction — beginning here in Utah. Unfamiliar things can be frightening. This election cycle, familiar things are frightening. Take this opportunity to look at the reasonable, sane candidates running on the Libertarian ticket.

Krista Wilhelmsen
Black Rock Ridge