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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9-11, 2015


PCSD master planning group deserves a round of thanks


The members of the Board of Education want to express public thanks for the work of the Park City School District’s master planning steering committee. This group of educators, design/build professionals, construction and estimating specialists were led by two community members who are parents of PCSD students and highly respected professionals in project development: Sean Morgan and Rory Murphy.

Over the last year, they engaged over 400 community members’ input at regular meetings, workshops and at community forums. In addition subgroups worked tirelessly to research and collaborate with school staff, demographers, county and city officials, specialists in traffic, noise and light impacts to understand the complicated nature of meeting the growth needs of the school district.

It is fair to say that given the enormous volume of work and time involved, this effort is comparable to that of a multi-year process. Their focus and methodical dedication are an exemplary model of community service. The school district is enormously grateful for the work of every member of the steering committee as well as community participants who contributed.

Tania Knauer, JJ Ehlers, Julie Eihausen, Nancy Garrison and Phil Kaplan

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Park City Board of Education

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Zion Curtain isn’t fooling anyone, take it down


Regarding the article entitled "Take down the Zion Curtain" in the Sept. 2 Park Record, I must be missing something because this so called "wall" is ludicrous. "They do not want minors to see alcohol being dispensed." Fine but it is OK that children are out at dinner and mom and dad have a drink. What pray tell is the difference if it is dispensed or served? The kid is still going to see it.

People find it very confusing that they see fake beer taps, and the server comes from the back. Out-of-state people do not understand. To have to buy food to get a drink makes no sense.

As Ronald Regan said "Tear down this wall"! Come on now, this isn’t Russia but Park City, USA.

Wayne Schreck

Park City

A youngster makes a plea to save Library Field


Hi! My name is Max McNulty. I am 10 years old. I live at 902 Norfolk. I have lived in Old Town since I was two. Old Town doesn’t have a lot of great places to play so the Library Field is one of the only safe places where my friends and I can play in the summer and winter. We go sledding, play in the grass, and roll down the hills. Old Town kids LOVE the Library Field. On lower Norfolk alone, there are 11 full-time kids, add Empire and Woodside and there are at least another 18 kids.

PLEASE don’t take away this important community gathering space! Thank you!

Max McNulty

Park City