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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9-12, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers


Thanks for coming to breakfast


On behalf of the Parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, I would like to thank the community for supporting the annual “Miners Day Breakfast” on Miners Day.
The weather was absolutely wonderful and so were the crowds.

We are proud to be participants in an event that celebrates the Heritage of our great town. A special thanks goes out to the Rotary Club who spent a great deal of time organizing and carrying out the whole day’s events. Also; Amy Marshall, with Starbucks Coffee, Brad Grieve with Nicholas Food Service, Kerry Sullivan with Utah Foods Services, and KPCW. Thanks and see you next year!

Kevin & Kathy Ostler, Chair
Miner’s Day Breakfast Committee

* * *

Reckless cyclist’s behavior was reprehensible


This letter to the Editor is intended for the despicable couple who collided head-on with my wife on her mountain bike in Round Valley yesterday, and then left her on the trail with an unrideable bike, multiple injuries and walking to the emergency room. Your deplorable need to resume your ride, and rip, with little regard for other people’s safety is simply wrong. I hope that you have the opportunity to read this because you need to know the following consequences of your actions:

After the collision you caused, my wife was in shock. Your simple act of asking her if she was alright, finding her sunglasses for her, and riding away was shameful, inexcusable, and would be unthinkable for most people. She suffered a broken nose, two broken vertebrae, a black eye, and a nose bridge laceration.

After an initial evaluation at the Park City hospital emergency room she required transport to a level one trauma center for evaluation by a Neurologist and MRI imaging. She remains hospitalized in Salt Lake City, is wearing a rigid cervical collar and she will need to continue wearing it for no less than the next two months while her multiple vertebrae fractures heal.

Both my wife and I are avid mountain bikers, she is a former elite-level cyclist who competed on a national level for well over a decade. We both have an intimate understanding of the fun and excitement of riding fast. However, there is never any excuse for your fun and enjoyment to put other people’s safety at risk.

If you are so compelled to rip, give up the cross-country bike, get a downhill bike, and stick to one-way trails. If you need to train at an elite athletic level, find another way to keep your heart rate up. Riding Matt’s Flat trail, full-out fast at 10 a.m. is not the place for your selfish training regimen.

Total disregard for other people’s safety shows poor judgment and speaks to your self-absorbed deficient personalities. Leaving my seriously injured wife on the trail, walking to hospital so you can quickly resume your ride is reprehensible, and speaks to your lack of a conscience. Shame on you!

To the caring gentleman who came along after this collision and helped my wife; I thank you. Your act of kindness and goodness is a wonderful and stark contrast to these other people’s uncaring shellfish behavior. Fortunately, our wonderful Park City trail systems is filled with far more people like you than the people who left my injured wife on the trail so they could keep on riding.

Todd Gordon
Park City

* * *

Don’t let UDOT turn Rail Trail into a road


I recently heard that the city and state are conducting a study to see if the Rail Trail would be a possible choice for a transit corridor. At any given time the Rail Trail is packed with people recreating and having fun. I’m having a hard time believing that the Park City Council would even consider this. It is a horrible idea and would ruin one of our entryways. I think the council should be pushing for fewer cars in this town, better public transportation, less large developments with huge parking lots and start thinking out of the box for our transportation needs. Taking one of the busiest trails we have in town and turning it into a road is just wrong.

I wish the leaders of this town would change their thinking and start seeing the bigger picture. If we take away all of the beauty, recreation and attractiveness of this town, will anyone want to come any longer?

If you agree please contact our city council and Steve Quinn of the Utah Department of Transportation at squinn@utah.gov.

Shirin Spangenberg
Park City

* * *

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