Live PC Give PC thrives on community spirit and everyone benefits |

Live PC Give PC thrives on community spirit and everyone benefits

You know the feeling. It’s dinnertime and the landline rings. After pausing a moment to remember that you have a landline and where it is, you pick it up and listen to an aggressive pitch from a charity you’ve never heard of, in a place you have never been to, and they want you to write a check RIGHT NOW.

Don’t do it. Even though you believe in sharing with the less fortunate and supporting philanthropic efforts, there is a better way to ensure your hard-earned money goes to a worthy cause.

The Park City Community Foundation’s 24-hour Live PC Give PC event begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday and wraps up at midnight. All of the participating nonprofits have been vetted by the foundation and are based in or serve Summit County.

There are groups that offer health care and recreation programs, that maintain trails and preserve open space, that support art exhibits and teach art, that pair kids with mentors and abandoned pets with new homes, etc.

The list of nonprofits registered to participate in this year’s (the fourth annual) Live PC Give PC goes on and on, but for this special day they can all be found on one website: and, with a click of the mouse, you can scroll through 78 diverse groups to find the ones that pull on your own personal heartstrings.

And if you make a contribution within Friday’s 24-hour window, your dollars are likely to be augmented by generous sponsors who have pledged to match many of the donations made during the event.

Live PC Give PC is a boon to small nonprofits whose founders many not be savvy in the art of fundraising or are just too busy carrying out their mission to spread the word. With the foundation’s support and the collective energy leading up to and during the community-wide event, many have found new donors. In the meantime, more established organizations have used Live PC Give PC to rally support for specific new initiatives.

The event’s organizers also hope that Live PC Give PC raises the bar for philanthropic giving in general. So far, they have achieved that lofty goal raising more money each year for an ever-growing group of nonprofit groups. As a result, everyone in the community has benefitted.

So this Friday, unplug the landline and, instead, log onto Pick a favorite cause, or two, and make a contribution. The benefits are sure to ricochet throughout the community all year long.

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