Living in vacationland |

Living in vacationland

The Park Record Editorial, June 12-14, 2013

Park City’s sparsely populated off-season has blossomed into shoulder-to-shoulder crowds almost overnight. The Park City Farmers Market and Park Silly Sunday Market kicked off last week and, by this coming weekend, all three local ski areas will be open for summertime activities. And, if last weekend’s crowds are any indication, the next several weeks, brimming with special events, will be equally busy.

That is great news for merchants, who will likely spread their good fortune to an array of local nonprofits and public agencies. After a spate of lean years, the uptick in business is most welcome.

The steady stream of traffic is a well-deserved reward for event organizers and others who have been working hard to extend this ski town’s tourist season beyond the confines of winter. But, of course, there is no time for resting on our laurels. Other ski resorts around the country also are refashioning themselves as summer vacation Meccas, so the competition is fierce.

One way to stay ahead of the game is to ensure that local residents and employees are well informed about all of the available activities so they can be good ambassadors in the field.

To that end, the Park City Chamber Bureau is hosting a Summer Kickoff Party and Activities Expo tomorrow, Thursday, June 13, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m at Park City Mountain Resort’s Legacy Lodge. The event is offered to everyone who is interested as a one-stop overview of all the creative activities offered around town, from star-studded outdoor concerts to bike races and art festivals.

But with the crowds come some challenges, too, and traffic is at the top of that list. To be truly effective ambassadors, locals should make an effort to learn more about the city’s public transit system, and, even better, use it themselves whenever possible.

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Part of Park City’s charm is its narrow streets and wooded hillsides. Parking lots and wider streets would diminish that ambiance so it is imperative to drive less and to help our visitors do the same. Information about Park City’s free transit system, which extends from Old Town all the way to Jeremy Ranch and Highland Estates, is available by logging on to

Park City’s special events have something to offer everyone from symphony fans and foodies to hard-core athletes. But no one wants to miss out on the fun while circling through the China Bridge parking structure looking for a parking space. Bone up on the upcoming summer schedule at the Chamber/Bureau’s Expo and then take a moment to review the city bus schedule. That way you will have a lot more time to enjoy those events, and our visitors will too.