Main Street is open for business |

Main Street is open for business

The Park Record editorial, April 26-29, 2014

There are parking spots in the Main Street core temporarily lost to the improvements underway along the street.

But there are plenty of places still left for someone to park.

There are the sounds of heavy machinery on the street.

But there are also the sounds of bands and DJs performing.

There is heavy construction on Main Street by both the public and private sectors as Park City enters the depths of the spring shoulder season. That should not stop someone from heading to Main Street for some shopping, a meal or to catch a show.

While there are some of the typical closures for a short time to give the hard-working employees a little time off after a bustling ski season, or to finish some spring cleaning and repairs, Main Street is open for business.

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The shoulder season could be a nice time for a stroll on the street if someone has not been there in a while. Parking is not a problem, especially compared to the jammed last few months. There are not crowds to contend with for space on the sidewalk and there are plenty of bargains on meals or merchandise to be found.

Crews hired by City Hall are probably the most visible now as they continue what is a long-term plan for public improvements. There have been some minor traffic delays in the last week but nothing that would be a problem for someone headed to Main Street.

Main Street itself pushed for the public improvements, and the businesses do not seem to be terribly bothered by the crews. They appear to remain pleased with the decision to lobby for the work several years ago. An intersection, a walkway and sidewalks will eventually be worked on this year. A plaza on Swede Alley could be built in the fall. The improvements are needed to keep pace with other commercial nodes that have popped up, mainly in the Snyderville Basin, Main Street has said.

There are also private-sector construction projects on Main Street proceeding alongside the public improvements. Those construction sites seem to be better managed recently after a backlash from Main Street prompted City Hall action.

There are reasons why someone might not think of Main Street this time of year.

But there are plenty more reasons why they should.