Recycle Utah kicks off cleanup season |

Recycle Utah kicks off cleanup season

At the risk of causing a stampede, The Record would like to remind all local residents that, this morning, Recycle Utah is hosting a free hazardous waste collection event in The Canyons resort parking lot near the intersection of S.R. 224 and Canyons Resort Drive.

Admit it you were horrified this spring when you began digging around in the shed for last year’s gardening tools among the miscellaneous leftovers of weed killers, house paint, insect sprays and gas cans. Now you feel as though you are living in a potential Superfund cleanup site of your own doing. Hopefully, though, Park City area residents are smart enough to know that none of the previously mentioned substances, nor any of the ubiquitous unlabeled jars of kerosene, ski wax remover, oven cleaner and motor oil should be tossed out with the regular weekly trash.

Thankfully, twice a year, Recycle Utah takes the guesswork out of what to do with those noxious chemicals by offering a convenient, guilt-free drop off location. Today’s event (Saturday, May 6) takes place from 9 a.m. to noon. If you aren’t ready to gulp your breakfast down in time to gather up a trunk load of hazardous waste this morning, there will be another opportunity Oct. 7. The important thing to remember is that there are a lot of products that don’t belong in the local landfill and should be disposed of by professionals in the field of environmental hazards. According to Recycle Utah’s Web site,, some of the materials that will be collected today include: "liquids like petroleum distillates (ie. oil and fuel), paint, stain, antifreeze, cleaners and pesticides." Other items that contain pollutants include fluorescent lights, car batteries, gas cylinders, mercury thermometers, alkaline batteries and some smoke detectors."

The group is also willing to collect expired prescription medications that could pose problems if washed down the sink and into the local water system.

Once the really nasty junk is out of the way, Park City and Summit County are offering further incentives to clean up local yards and surrounding open spaces.

Park City will be placing Dumpsters in strategic spots around the city from May 13-29 so that citizens can more easily get rid of oversized items like worn out furniture and broken appliances.

Summit County is doing the same in North and South Summit from May 1-13, in the Snyderville Basin (Jeremy, Pinebrook and Silver Creek) from May 29-June 10 and in Summit Park, Timberline and all cabin communities from June 12 to 23.

In addition to asking residents to participate in these community cleanup activities, The Record would also like to encourage everyone to look over their castoffs with an eye toward recycling. While it is often easier to throw something out, many items including discarded homebuilding supplies can be recycled or reused. Check out Recycle Utah’s Good Wood project or look into donating unwanted but still usable items to a local charity.

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