Roberts: The Woman Card |

Roberts: The Woman Card

While there is still plenty of time for shenanigans and Hail Mary’s, it appears the two nominees for president are all but certain. And as such, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have started going after each other with unabashed force, forgetting all about Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and the other guy no longer relevant enough to toss insults at.

Someone in the Trump camp has presumably told Donald, "Hey, you’ve got a problem with a pretty big group of voters."

To which he likely replied, "That’s impossible. Everybody loves me. Only the losers don’t love me. Who is this weak and insignificant group you speak of?"



Considering women make up roughly half the country and therefore half the votes on election day, Donald seems to finally be paying attention to his image problem with this voting bloc. In his effort to be a bit more appealing to women, he has claimed no one will "cherish" women the way he will. Then he went on to say the only thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is being a woman, and repeatedly said, "she’s playing the woman card."

If there’s a smart political strategy concealed somewhere in this comment, it’s hiding well. The fact is, having a "woman card" in your purse is something all women should be proud of. Because these are the things us card-carrying members get with it:

  • About a 25 percent pay cut.
  • A political party run by mostly old white men hell bent on making our reproductive choices for us.
  • Constant legislative attacks from that same political party who don’t think equal pay should be a law and who want to cut funding to our healthcare access.
  • When we voice our opinion about this and other matters, we’re a bitch or bossy, while men who voice their opinions are leaders and assertive.
  • When we don’t want children, we’re selfish.
  • When we do, we sacrifice our income to spend time with our newborn.
  • We have a 1 in 4 chance of being sexually assaulted.
  • We have a 1 in 5 chance of being domestically abused.
  • If we enjoy sex, we’re sluts.
  • If we don’t, we are prude.
  • If we’re not married by a certain age, something is wrong with us.
  • If we marry someone older than us, we’re gold diggers.
  • If we marry someone younger, we’re cougars.
  • If we’re successful, we slept our way to the top or got there on our looks.
  • If we swear, we’re crass and un-ladylike. If men swear, they’re just being guys.
  • As we age, we’re pressured to get plastic surgery and dye our gray hair. Otherwise, we’re just letting ourselves go. While men who age are distinguished and handsome.
  • If we tout our accomplishments, we’re bragging. While men are considered confident and ambitious.
  • If our children misbehave in public, we’re bad moms. When a father takes his kids out, he’s a great dad so long as his children are not actively on fire or committing a felony.

And that’s not even the worst part. There’s also the bloating, cramping, aching, over-eating and bleeding every single month. That part really sucks. But what comes after it, I’m told, is even worse. My friends who have gone through menopause tell me they’d gladly go back to having a monthly "lady curse" over their hot flashes and weird hair growth any day.

It’s all enough to make Donald say "Eww. That’s disgusting."

But accusing Clinton of using her gender as an unfair advantage is what is truly disgusting. We’ve come a long way since the bra burning days and the 19th Amendment. But women still have to work twice as hard to earn half the respect men enjoy. Sadly, being a woman is rarely an advantage.

So all I can say is, if Hillary Clinton or any other woman for that matter wants to "play the woman card," they should. They have earned the right.

Amy Roberts is a freelance writer, longtime Park City resident, and the proud owner of two rescued Dalmatians, Stanley and Willis. Follow her on Twitter @amycroberts.

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