Senior class faces complicated world with quiver of local tools |

Senior class faces complicated world with quiver of local tools

We’ve got a lot riding on the Class of 2015. The world they will officially inherit upon graduation this Friday is faced with some of the biggest challenges in history: from redefining global diplomacy to averting environmental catastrophes and from navigating a totally interconnected world to protecting individual privacy, to name just a few.

There will be no textbook answers. We can’t even offer an instruction manual as many of the tools they will need have yet to be invented. But we can hope that we have passed along at least one useful gift, a top notch education that emphasized open-mindedness, community service and compassion for fellow students.

Somewhere in their well-worn backpacks, among the tattered notebooks filled with homework assignments and test scores, we hope they have stashed a few useful lessons about standing up to bullies, conserving natural resources and appreciating other cultures.

As this year’s crop of seniors, decked in red and white caps and gowns, file past their teachers, families and friends, they are probably just beginning to realize how special it was to grow up in Park City. Many will be heading off to college with memories of the countless fundraisers that enabled their special pursuits, from academic decathlons to foreign travel. Others will be sending thank you notes to local businesses for the scholarships that will boost them toward their chosen professions. Still others will be joining the military, looking for jobs or dedicating themselves to one of the sports they honed in this athletic town.

At this point we must stand back and let them go. We have tried to instill in them the confidence to take on tough challenges, to cherish their individuality and to seek out new ideas. Now, with the tools they have been given by the community and the guidance of their teachers, our future is in their hands.

Best wishes from all of us to the Park City High School Class of 2015.