Silly Market’s success is nothing to giggle at |

Silly Market’s success is nothing to giggle at

It would be humorous at this point for someone to underestimate the popularity, and importance, of the Park Silly Sunday Market to Main Street and the wider Park City summertime tourism industry.

The Silly Market’s 2015 season starts on Sunday. The market, which is held weekly into the fall, has enjoyed extraordinary growth since its 2007 debut. It is one of the events that can be credited as a contributor to the expansion of summer business in Park City, which has long been a goal of tourism officials and municipal leaders.

If the weather is nice on Sunday, thousands of people will probably head to Main Street for the first Silly Market of the year. It offers a chance to peruse the work of craftsmen, listen to live music, watch street performers and grab a bite to eat and a drink. It is also one of the great places to mingle with Parkites.

The Silly Market, to its credit, has made adjustments over the years as it fine-tuned the Sunday setup. There was consternation for some time on the upper section of Main Street that the Silly Market acted as a magnet for the lower part of the street, leaving sparse crowds uphill. So, the organizers reworked the event, bringing some of the Silly Market up the street. It was a compromise that has seemed to work.

There were also worries about the vendor mix at the Silly Market. The organizers, again, reached an agreement that allayed some of those concerns by placing vendor restrictions on the Silly Market meant to protect the year-round businesses on Main Street from competition.

This weekend’s Silly Market also offers a chance for the local masses to return to Main Street, perhaps for the first time since the ski season. City Hall-hired crews have been busy with another year of improvements along Main Street. The work is not complete, but one can now sense the sort of investment the municipal government made this year as it continues to support Main Street.

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Take a look at Main Street on Sunday. The success of the Silly Market is nothing to giggle at.